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Rumor Bucs make offer

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  • Rumor Bucs make offer

    Just posted it in the draft forum wanted your thoughts.

    "There was speculation that the Bucs had already offered Oakland all four of their picks in the first three rounds (Nos. 4, 35, 64 and 68 overall) to move up. The Bucs received the No. 64 overall pick after trading defensive tackle Anthony McFarland to the Indianapolis Colts last season."

    Just a rumor but thought I would post it anyway. I would love to do this as a Raider fan. We could snatch Quinn or Russell whoever falls to #4 (most likely Quinn) and have the picks to rebuild our O-Line. 8 picks in the top 100 would be amazing. Doesn't work out perfectly on the trade value chart (3,000-2,880 or something like that) Thoughts?
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    i like the trade but if quinn or russell dont fall, we would be screwed

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      I doubt its true, but I would make that trade in a second. I don't even care if we get Quinn or Russell, we can pick Edwards in the 2nd [Bucs pick] and it is not a waste of pick at all....Oh man imagine the possibilities with all of those picks. I wonder who we would draft if Quinn/JR weren't there. Thomas....AD? Okoye??

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        even though if this was true im sure the raiders would take that offer on the drop of the dime. I just dont see how the bucs would give all those pics just for one player its not that they are one player away to make the superbowl they have alot of needs they need to address as well.


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          i think this would be great for the raiders. i would be be so happy if this were to happen.

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            What a complete crock!

            These "reporters" must sit on this rubbish, until they are so desperate for a "story".

            Personnel men?

            An executive?

            "Three weeks ago, Tampa Bay general manager Bruce Allen said he had been in contact with Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis"....about what?

            "Al talked to me about what he wants to do, but I'm not sharing that with you," Allen said with a smile" did Allen contact Al, or the other way around?

            IMO, it sounds like Davis possibly wants to trade out of the #1 pick, and by "fueling the fire", hopes to get some offers.

            This ain't gonna happen!


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              I doubt this will really happen, the Bucs wouldn't give up that much for CJ. He is the best player in the draft IMO, but after listening to several Bucs fans on these forums WR is not their biggest hole. Why would a team give up an entire first day for a position that isn't the most pressing need?



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