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Raiders now talking to Quinn

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  • Raiders now talking to Quinn

    POSTED 3:41 p.m. EDT, April 24, 2007


    A league source tells us that the Raiders aren't talking only to quarterback JaMarcus Russell and receiver Calvin Johnson about a contract at the No. 1 slot in the draft.

    Per the source, discussions are also being conducted with the representatives of quarterback Brady Quinn.

    It's still unclear whether the Raiders are presently leaning toward any one of the three guys. One league insider believes that Quinn is in the mix solely for negotiating leverage. But the source also says that he wouldn't be shocked if the Raiders take Quinn instead of Russell.

    "They're taking a quarterback," predicted the source.

    We still think Johnson is the safest bet. But what the hell do we know?

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    Well, there is reports saying Kiffen perfers Quinn, so i'm not entirely surprised.


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      that is great, i hope we get a deal done with Tampa. we draft CJ and trade down for Quinn and a couple of picks.


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        man, im so torn on this. i really dont think one is better then the other. they both have game just differnt ones at that. all i know is that i will be happy with which ever one we grab.

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          Brady Quinn to the Raiders?

          This could very well be a negotiating tactic for Calvin Johnson and Jamarcus Russell, but as I said in the general draft forum, that's what many said last year when the Texans were talking to Mario Williams.

          Now, that said, if the Raiders ultimately feel Brady Quinn is their best chance at a franchise quarterback, if Al Davis feels he can sleep softly at night knowing his franchise is in the hands of a film-rat and gym-rat like Quinn who will make the most of his abilities as well as be a darling of the media like a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady, then all the more power to them for trying to draft him. Go for it, Al.

          Of course, whether Quinn can be as successful as a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, well we'll see. But maybe after meeting with Russell a few times, Davis feels in his gut the better option is Quinn, I have no idea; I'm willing to bet though that come Draft day, Davis will trust his gut, right or wrong, which has lead him to a great deal of success in the realm of football.

          Quinn's biggest issue is probably accuracy, and that's something that can be "fixed." His athleticism is actually underrated in the wake of Russell's cannon of an arm, Quinn is in ridiculously good shape (as the large number of shirtless photos somehow available on the internet can attest) and can do a better job of gaining yards on the ground than Russell. Throwing the ball deep on the run like Russell, not many, Quinn included, can do though.

          Let's consider for a moment that having a big arm isn't necessary for success in the WCO, much as we love Brett Favre in his prime, as being able to progress through multiple reads and knowing what to do on the field with that type of offense. That's partly why Michael Vick, who has an amazing arm, struggled to succeed in his three years with the WCO and some offensive members of the Falcons coaching staff wanted Matt Schaub instead.

          I'll say this, if Quinn is in fact their pick, then he should start from day one imo. Let him take every and all snaps from training camp on, like Peyton did. He's going to need to gain experience no matter what, and no disprespect to Tim Rattay and Andrew Walter, but I think after walking in the door that Quinn is the best quarterback on the roster.
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            I don't particularly want either top QB, but if I had to choose one, I would definitely opt for a trade down and taking Quinn. The one certainty with him is that he will work hard to maximize his potential.


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              I agree with pretty much everything you said Geo. Al Davis is allegedly the guy pulling for JaMarcus Russell, but these days "allegedly" could mean legitimate and it could mean some reporter thought it sounded nice.

              I think Russell is just as suitable a quarterback for Kiffins pseudo west coast offense as Quinn. A lot of Quinn's accuracy problems are apparent in short throws, and while Russell has some timing issues in the mid-range game, he is typically wonderfully accurate on the slant and out routes. Another nice plus, as was the case with Elway and Favre, is that Russell can complete deep out routes and there's very little corners can do about it. This would likely not be the case with Quinn.

              Ultimately it's going to come down to Al's judgement of character, and in that he is typically as good as it gets.


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                How can you guys just assume Tampa will trade up? They allready believe trading up to #2 is ahrd enough much less #1. Also if you traded down to #4 what makes you believe Cleveland wont draft Quinn?


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                  very good point JoeMontainya but ultimately i think the raiders should opt to draft jamarcus russell because how often do QBs with as well-rounded a game like him come around not to mention as much upside. whoever thinks brady quinn is more athletic than jamarcus russell should take a look at some more tape!


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                    Originally posted by JoeMontainya View Post
                    How can you guys just assume Tampa will trade up? They allready believe trading up to #2 is ahrd enough much less #1. Also if you traded down to #4 what makes you believe Cleveland wont draft Quinn?
                    We're not assuming anything, we're merely hypothesizing. I think that, right now, a quarterback appears very likely. I think both Quinn and Russell stand a good chance at going #1, but if a team tries to trade up to #1 to procure a player, I think Oakland would have no trouble trading down.

                    I also think that if Cleveland doesn't get Russell, their going to pass on a QB, but that is just my opinion.


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                      Yah if Oakland was trying to trade down a couple spots I am guessing they would be doing so at a much lower price than in most years. The problem for Oakland will be finding a dance partner and trying to get the most out of the #1 pick without asking for too much.

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                        An interesting article about the two top quarterbacks, courtesy of Bob McGinn at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

                        I thought Colts GM/President Bill Polian's candid thoughts on Brady Quinn were interesting:

                        Two unabashed fans of Quinn are Indianapolis President Bill Polian and San Diego general manager A.J. Smith, neither of whom is in that market.

                        A four-year starter, Quinn completed just 58 percent of his passes, a figure below that of Russell (61.9 percent), Stanton (64.2 percent), Beck (62.4 percent), Kolb (61.6 percent) and Smith (62.7 percent). Of 22 scouts offering opinions on Quinn, six brought up minor to major reservations about what they viewed as his inaccuracy.

                        "No, that's (expletive)," said Polian, quickly acknowledging that his son, Brian, coaches special teams at Notre Dame. "At least in my view. First of all, he had no protection this year. Secondly, because my son coaches there, I know he's taught to throw the ball up in a lot of jump balls."

                        Polian called Quinn "a winner with the capability of leading you to a Super Bowl."
                        Considering that's coming from the man who notably selected Peyton Manning over the superior physical prospect in Ryan Leaf in 1998, maybe it's food for thought. One would think that Polian hasn't been exposed to overanalysis of Quinn, given the unlikelihood of drafting him, and his opinion reflects that.

                        Also, something I'd have liked to see the article mention is that Quinn's accuracy in the past two seasons, with the offense built under Charlie Weis, was 64.9% in 2005 and 61.9% in 2006. Two factors in that drop-off imo are:

                        (1) The play of the offensive line in protecting Quinn 06, as Polian mentioned above. They were times when he just had to throw it even beyond the reach of his tall receivers just to get it out of his hands. Quinn had defensive lineman from a variety of schools, not just Michigan and Southern Cal, in his face. Anthony Spencer probably had his best game of the season against Notre Dame.

                        (2) The loss of NFL talent from 2005, especially skill position players WR Maurice Stovall and TE Anthony Fasano. Yes, Rhema McKnight was healthy for all of 06 unlike in 05, but he's maddeningly inconsistent and his hands are even moreso imo, which obviously doesn't help a quarterback's accuracy, and honestly I think Stovall is just a superior receiver prospect. The Fighting Irish do have a promising young TE in Carlson who stepped up in Fasano's absence, but he was learning as the season went on.
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                          i hope you guys get a player that puts your team up top


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                            I don't agree with Polian about the protection issue at all. Quinn was sacked a lot last year, but over their respective careers, Russell has actually been sacked at a higher rate than Quinn has.

                            I also don't think you can put all of Quinn's accuracy issues on that either. A lot of his crappy throws were with very little pressure present, and over his career has a 58% completion percentage, as opposed to Russell's 62%.


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                              The guy from came on the Dan Patrick Show today and said that the raiders have made a low-ball offer to Brady Quinn. I dont know what this means though. Is this some sorta strategy?



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