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  • 07 Starting Lineup

    QB - McCown (Russell holding the clipboard for a little while)
    HB - Jordan/Rhodes/Fargas (Bush probably wont see many carries til later in the season)
    FB - Griffith
    WR1 - Porter
    WR2 - BMW
    WR3 - Curry
    WR4 - Higgins...I expect that all 4 receivers will see the field a lot as we package in different players. Porter should be the only one constantly on the field.
    TE - Miller
    LT - Sims (Henderson could possibly emerge as a starter sometime in the 2nd half of the season)
    LG - Carlisle
    C - Newberry...Grove could see his way into the starting lineup at C/OG
    RG - Boothe
    RT - Gallery

    LE - Burgess
    RE - Brayton/Moses (moses for passing downs)
    DT - Sands/Kelly
    DT - Sapp/Kelly...Kelly will spell both
    SLB - Howard (I think we are planning on moving him, I could be wrong)
    MLB - Morrison
    WLB - Robert Thomas/Sam Williams....If Williams starts he'll probly play SLB and Howard would be at WLB
    CB1: Fabian
    CB2: Asumgha
    CB3: Routt (is he in for a breakout year?)
    FS - Schweigert
    SS - Huff

    RS - Carr
    K - Janikowski
    P - Lechler

    Honestly that doesnt look too bad and I feel like we have a pretty deep roster also. I love the depth we have at the skill positions.
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    Here is my two cents

    QB-McCown-Russell will see action in the fourth quarter of games out of reach and will make a start or two if we are completely out of it by the end of the year)
    RB-Jordan/Rhodes/Fargas (Bush will see action later in the year)
    WR-Curry (when we go 3 wide Curry will play the slot)
    WR-Higgins (I expect him to play quite a bit)

    RE-Kelly (Moses or Huntley on passing downs)
    DT-Sands (Kelly on passing downs)
    FS-Stu (this is his breakout year, if he struggles you could see Huff at FS and Frampton at SS)
    SS-Huff (5 picks and two ff's tisyear)

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      OP, I think that BMW, for the time being, is our #3 wideout. Also, Kelly has apparently move outside while Brayton has moved inside.

      And Mario Henderson is nowhere near starting.


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        I personally think Ronald Curry would be a better number 2 reieiver than MW will be.

        Thanks to jackalope


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          I would really like to see Bing win the job and I think Tommy Kelly will be moving to DE



          I like that front seven the best.
          Taking a Knapp.


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            I like Robert Thomas over Bing or Williams right now.
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              i think curry will be our 2nd wr

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                from what Ive heard it looks like Brayton will move to the inside and Kelly will move to the Outside.
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                  I would like to see Bing win the job. Also i think BMW will be our 3rd receiver and Cury our no. 2...baring injury of course

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                    Curry is a stud when healthy, he definitely should be the #2.


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                      Quarterback - I'm calling Josh McCown to start the season, but once the Raiders are eliminated, say around week 9 or so, Russell will take over.

                      Runningback - I have no idea how his MCL is doing, but LaMont Jordan should be the guy to start the season.

                      Fullback - Pretty much a no-brainer. Justin Griffith.

                      Wide Receiver - I think Jerry Porter has a lock on the #1 spot, and I don't see anyone beating out Ronald Curry for the #2 spot either. I think Williams and Higgins are the next in line.

                      Tight End - Less of a no-brainer, but I'd wager big money on Zach Miller.

                      Left Tackle - Seems to be a battle of Sims and Gallery. I'm going to say that Robert Gallery will win the spot.

                      Left Guard - Should be the most interesting battle in all of camp. McQuistan, Boothe, Husley, and possibly Grove all have realistic shots. In the end, I say that Brad Hulsey ends up the starter.

                      Center - Treu is still around, but this appears to be between Grove and Newberry. If he's healthy, I think it's a slam dunk. Jeremy Newberry.

                      Right Guard - I think this one's pretty cut and dry. Newcomer Cooper Carlisle is an experienced cut blocker.

                      Right Tackle - Loser of the LT battle gets this as a consolation prize, so that means you Barry Sims.

                      Right Defensive End - This spot is likely going to see a lot of rotation. Both Moses and Brayton figure to see some time here, but I'd bet that Tommy Kelly is the official starter.

                      Nosetackle - I don't think there's any question after the contract we gave him. Terdell Sands.

                      Undertackle - No question here either. The still effective Warren Sapp.

                      Left Defensive End - Hmmm. This is a tough one. I'm gonna guess and say Derrick Burgess.

                      Weakside Linebacker - Robert Thomas and Sam Williams are going to get their shot with Howard moving to strongside, but I'm going to reach for the sky and say that Darnell Bing wins this spot.

                      Middle Linebacker - Shouldn't be any doubt in anyone's mind. Kirk Morrison.

                      Strongside Linebacker - I'm assuming the team will do the right thing and move Thomas Howard to his real position.

                      Right Cornerback - He goes by many names: Alphabet Soup, Scrabble, etc, and he might end being called one of the top 5 highest paid corners in the NFL. But for right now I'll just call him Nnamdi Asomugha.

                      Strong Safety - I kinda doubt Mr. Frampton is going to unseat the studly Michael Huff.

                      Free Safety - He catches undue amounts of flak, and probably deserves as much recognition as anyone for the secondaries success. The secondary call-maker Stuart Schweigert.

                      Left Cornerback - I have high hopes for this kid, and I think he'll make that leap to playmaker this year. Fabulous Fabian Washington is my pick.

                      Nickel Cornerback - This is kind of a weakspot, with many possible options. I'm going to be optimistic and say that Stanford Routt wins the job and legitimizes his high draft selection.

                      Special Teamers - Do we really need to think about this? Seabass the Raver Polack is going to kick, Lechler the Great is going to Punt, and Chris Carr is going to return kicks and punts.


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                        Is Courtney Anderson going to be our second TE or is Tony Stewart?

                        Thanks to jackalope


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                          Originally posted by portermvp84 View Post
                          Is Courtney Anderson going to be our second TE or is Tony Stewart?
                          I'd bet money on Anderson. He's a good enough blocker to beat out Stewart for the spot.


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                            Im just curious how you think that Hulsey will beat out both Boothe and Grove.
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                              Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
                              Im just curious how you think that Hulsey will beat out both Boothe and Grove.
                              I'm not entirely sure Grove is going to get many snaps at guard, so that means Husley, a fairly classic ZBS guard has to beat out the terrible McQuistan and Boothe, who was only drafted because Cornell ran Shell's blocking system. Boothe is going to take a step back in this scheme, McQuistan might take a step forward, but the ZBS requires experienced and intelligent linemen, and Hulsey fits that description fairly well.

                              If Grove gets a fair shot then I think he could walk away with the job.



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