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  • Kolb Signs

    Figured this was worth discussing. Please, let's keep it as courteous to one another as possible.

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    I'm happy everyone is signed, without a 1st rounder I wasn't expecting a holdout but its good to know


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      Not necessarily on topic, but Kolb looked impressive to me on Monday in the preseason game. He was accurate and seemed confident on the field. He would have had a lot better numbers if his receivers would have been able to hold on to the ball. He had a lot of dropped passes and a lot of drives ended due to turnovers. I don't know whether it was his or Ilaoa's fault in the fumble, but if that could have been avoided, along with all of the other turnovers, he would have had an even better game. One more thing that is underrated in this, it seemed that he handled getting under center well.
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