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    I've heard good and bad about this guy. What is your realistic take on him? Did he get benched for Considine because of poor performance or for other reasons? I'd love some insight on him.

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    Lewis is very stout against the runs as a SS, but his pass coverage is pretty poor. He was benched because he was getting beat on deep balls that were costing us points. He is very good at making plays though. If he can get his hands on the ball, it is most likely an interception. He was in the Pro Bowl two years ago, so he has talent.
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      I wouldn't be surprised to see Lewis to improve his play next season now that he isn't a guaranteed starter in the NFL anymore. He could work his way up to being solid in coverage, but he will never be above average at it.


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        I remember his pro bowl year and thought "what gives with him now"?

        I think the injuries were hampering with him and he could be a solid player once given a healthy 2nd chance.

        I would be all for the Browns signing him, but we have Sean Jones who is starting to be a stud.


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          When you have a dominant or very good pass rush and/or an excellent run-stopping defense, any deficiencies you may have with your safeties and corners can be disguised. During Lewis' Pro Bowl year, the Eagles run D was pretty damn good. They forced a lot of third and longs, which are obvious passing downs. When there is obviousness, most players can excel in the right scheme.

          Lewis is an above average run-stopping safety, but he is a little stiff in the hips and is also prone to bite on play-action. He blows more than his share of zone coverages as well. He can be a starter in the right system, but I don't think he can start for the Eagles anymore. I wish him the best regardless. He played hard and as well as he could for 4 seasons as an Eagle.

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