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Where do the Eagles go in the Draft? LB?CB?S?WR?QB?

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  • Where do the Eagles go in the Draft? LB?CB?S?WR?QB?

    The eagles have great depth on both sides of the offensive and defensive lines (maybe pick up a DE late).....But where will they go in the Draft? They are Probably losing Stallworth, Lewis, Garcia, Hood, and possibly Juqua Thomas, Dawkins made the pro bowl again but is still getting older with what do they need most?......i believe that they can deal with just having Brown,Baskett, Avant, Lewis.....they've done that for years with mediocore WR's...The Eagles Feel Strong About Gocong as a OLB along with Gaither but still could be a possiblity to draft a MLB or OLB to Work into the rotation with them till Trotter is gone (Willis, Beason). Garcia is Gone so maybe get a 2nd or 3rd round QB because Donovan can't seem to stay healthy and he's in the 30's already so i'm thinking Stanton or Kolb or even Troy Smith. And at CB they have two solid starters but nothing behind them if Hood leaves like he's expected to. So i'm thinking Chris Houston or Eric Wright in the first or second. And at Safety Considine is not big enough so maybe Trade up and try and get Landry or Nelson late because his Stock is Falling because of a poor combine. Or even a bigger back behind Westbrook because Buckhalter is most likely leaving and maybe get Michael Bush, Chris Henry late as a back up..

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    First off, welcome, if no one has done it yet, but make sure to post stuff in the right forum. Found this out yesterday, Juqua is back with the Eagles, so you don't have to worry about that, along with Mikell if you are unaware. The rest of the guys you have on there are gone though, I agree there. I don't think we will for OLB early in this draft, maybe even not at all. MLB, however is a need, I agree there. I would love Willis to be the pick if he is still left, but if not, I could see us going Safety with Griffin or Nelson, hopefully Griffin, I think he is a better fit for this offense. Nelson is very rangy and showed he has less than stellar speed. I also don't like Jon Beason for some reason. And I would absolutely hate it if we did draft a QB on the first day. We have too many needs on defense to worry about a QB who won't even play. We will likely go after one from the 6th round on, or even in UFA. If we don't get a safety in the first, John Wendling would be a great pick. I don't think we will trade up in this draft to get Landry. He is too far out of our reach now and is likely a top 12 pick. We would have to sell the farm to get him, and like I said before, we have too many needs to lose so many picks, most likely next year's first (hopefully #32) and this year's second, at least. I don't want a CB in the first either, we can cultivate talent at that postion in the later rounds. I have learned Chris Henry's running style is not that of a big back, but I still like him anyway. The only RB I see we could get on day one is Brian Leonard, and he could be our FB on passing downs as well.
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