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  • Eagles Off-Season Contest

    I think it would be a great idea to get an off-season prediction contest going for the Eagles. The idea is to get the FA and Draft as accurate as possible while helping the team the most. I am going to start mine here. Anyone who wants to post one of their own can add their's to the contest and we'll take a vote on it in a week. This includes all aspects of the off-season, including trades, FA pickups, resigned players, etc. We will pick the best by how accurateit is, and how much it helps the team.

    Free Agency

    Quintin Mikell, S
    Juqua Thomas, DE
    Will James, CB
    Ian Scott, DT
    Koy Detmer, QB/Holder
    Saverio Rocca, P
    Rob Morris, OLB
    Andre Davis, WR

    Players lost
    Jeff Garcia, QB
    Donte Stallworth, WR
    Shawn Barber, OLB
    Michael Lewis, S
    Reno Mahe, RB
    Rod Hood, CB
    Correll Buckhalter, RB


    Round One
    Michael Griffin, S-Fills our biggest need on a defense that could use a player like him. This should be agreeable to most.

    Round Two
    Brian Leonard, RB/FB-Our only offensive need will solidfy this offense for years to come. Gives us the two back attack that is necessary in today's NFL. Even has versatilty to play FB on passing situations.

    Round Three
    Fred Bennett, CB-Fills another big need on defense that will have the opportunity to battle for the Nickel spot. Has the size that the rest of our CBs lack.

    Round Four
    Trade Darwin Walker to move our fifth to an early fourth.
    Anthony Waters, MLB-The eventual replacement for Trotter. Has size, speed, and athletic ability. Injury concerns may throw some off of him. A potential first round talent until his ACL tear. Also great in pass coverage, something Trotter is not. High risk, high reward, and hopefully, a great pick to take over for Trotter. I think Gaither is our future WILL, so that makes this pick even better. Our LB corp will look like Waters, Gaither, and Gocong in two or three years, and I am excited to see what they can bring.

    Round Six
    Jared Zabransky, QB-Possibly could be our QB of the future, if not an adequate backup. Depending on how everything pans out, Detmer could be let go and no longer be our holder if Zabranski
    can be our third string QB

    Round Seven,
    Mike Otto, OT-Face it, we will most likely draft an O-linemen at some point in this draft, no matter how deep it is. Its just the way Andy works.

    I think this off-season would help the Eagles out in a big way, we get the guys we need back in Juqua, Mikell, James, and Detmer. We get a big run-stuffing DT to use in our rotation, a veteran LB to use in case Gocong doesn't pan out, (I think he will be great, don't know why, its just a gut feeling.) a speedster at WR to help fill the hole left by Donte, and a punter to boot Johnson out of town. We get a great player in the draft who fills our biggest need in the first round who will start by the end of the season, although not right away, unless he kills at minicamps and all the pther off-season practices, which he could do. We complete our offense with a pounding RB who is PERFECT for our offense because he can also receive spectacularly and block well enough. We get our possible Nickel and one of our biggest needs in the third. A great pick who will be of great value to our defense. Is a fine guy to put up against Burres and you know who, in terms of height. Our future MLB with immense talent and a nose for the ball. A QB to groom for the future is at least good enough to be a backup and is a good pick in the sixth round. And a very sensible pick in the last round because Andy loves those big hogmaulers out there.

    This is a complete and realistic off-season IMO. Tell me your thoughts, and make one of your own, lets see what you guys want, and how you think we can improve this team. Have fun and enjoy.
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    Does anyone even want to do this? If not, at least comment on what you think of my mock.
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      It's a little too time consuming for me at the moment, but that is a pretty good mock FA. Andre Davis is good, but I would rather us pursue Ashley Lelie. If we lose Stallworth we need a reliable deep threat, which Lelie certainly is. Ian Scott is a good pickup. But you don't think McDougle gets cut?

      As for the Darwin Walker trade, I am all for us getting rid of him, but we could get more for him and our 5th round pick than a 4th round pick. We could probably get a 4th round pick for him without trading our 5th round pick.

      As for the draft, good first round pick, but while I do like Leonard our need for him there just isn't big enough need for him there IMO. Should Tim Crowder fall (as UT players tend to) to us in the second round, he would be a good pick. Ikaika Alama-Francis would also be a good pick here. In the third round, I love Bennett, he's in my top 5 favorites for this draft. He really does a good job in just about all areas, he would be a very solid nickelback. Anthony Waters is a fantastic pick. In the 6th round, I am not a fan of taking a qb in this draft because we really don't need to. We would be better served going after good special teamers and role players here. 7th round- Andy probably will draft a OL even though we don't need one, so I won't fault you for taking one in the 7th.


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        The reason I have us getting less for Wlker is because draft day trades are hard to pull off. We really won't find a trading partner unless they think they are getting a great deal, which what I have is. He might get traded before the draft though, in which case a fourth rounder would be a good trade for him. I have us taking a QB in the sixth for a few reasons. Even if Koy returns, he is just basically our holder and emergency QB. Koy might lose third string (second, technically) to a guy like Zabransky because of the talent he has. He would be a great sixth round pick. But you're right, it isn't that big a need, we may even go Undrafted FA for a QB. As for OL, it is nearly inevitable. AR will draft one in the later rounds, maybe cut one of our existing ones after the draft if the one we draft can prove himself, but we may go Undrafted FA. If we would us Undrafted FAs for those positions, expect maybe another run-stuffer at DT and a special teams ace. (This would be a good spot for the safety from Hawaii, Leonard Peters.
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          Lets get some more opinions in here. Tell me what to improve or do another one for yourself. I thought it was a good idea, but maybe we don't have enough people to do something like this...
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            I think I may give this a try, but it won't be until tomorrow. I don't follow college football in depth enough to be that great doing drafts past the first 2-3 rounds, but I think I'll give it a shot. But that will be tomorrow.


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              Thanks, its great to have someone on board.
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