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    Reggie Brown and Juqua Parker to St. Louis for Torry Holt

    This way we don't have to give up a draft pick, Reggie goes to a place where he'll get some time, and Parker is united with his former coach. Holt still has some gas in the tank and would automatically have the best hands on our team

    Free agent signings
    Will Heller, tight end, Seattle

    Not sure what his agent is asking for but I'd bring him in for 2 years. This way we have a dominant blocking 3rd tight end and have an excuse to cut Schobel

    1a. Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State
    A big reliable target who at worst will be a great blocker

    1b. LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh
    A shifty scatback who in time will replace Westbrook. Can catch and is willing to fight for extra yards. To be honest he's a hair behind Moreno as the best back this draft

    2. Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State
    I always thought of him as a sleeper before the combine and afterwards I now have a full blown man crush on him. Decent size, speed, and hands

    3. Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson
    One of the more underrated safeties in this draft, I wouldn't be surprised if someone takes him in the 2nd. Knock on wood we can get him here. That being said, he'd be an excellent insurance policy for Demps. Can play free and strong, though there isn't much difference in JJ's D

    4. Fenuki Tuopou, T, Oregon
    I watched him this season and I honestly don't know why he's not considered a first day pick. Good size and has room to grow and apparently per reports I've read he has a great work ethic.

    5a. Tony Fiametta, FB, Syracuse
    A true fullback. Not great but solid. Good size and blocking ability. Also has reliable hands. Need I say more?

    5b. Ramon Foster, G, Tennessee
    Deceptively nimble for his size. Good guard for depth purposes

    5c. Mortty Ivy, LB, West Virginia
    Decent outside backer in pass coverage. At the least, he'd be a special teams asset

    5d. Gartrell Johnson, RB, Colorado State
    Not as swift a foot as I'd like my backs to be, but he is a tough running horse type back. Kind of a poor man's Marion Barber

    6. Terrance Knighton, DT, Temple
    A huge body to plug up the middle on running downs and goal line situations

    7a. Graham Gano, K, Florida State
    Not sure why he's never mentioned, but this kid can kick the living piss out of the ball and he's accurate as well. Akers should be fine now that Segrest is out but a little competition never hurt anyone

    7b. Chris Morstead, P, SMU
    Competition for Rocca

    Danny Amendola
    Tank Daniels
    Kyle Eckel
    Mike Gibson
    Amon Gordan
    Charleston Hughes
    Winston Justice
    Dan Klecko
    Shaheer McBride
    Byron Parker
    Chris Patrick
    Dmitri Patterson
    Matt Schobel
    Tracy White
    Trae Williams

    Depth chart
    QB - McNabb/Kolb/Feeley
    FB - Fiametta
    RB - Westbrook/McCoy/Johnson/Booker
    WR - Holt/Baskett/Robiskie
    WR - Jackson/Curtis/Avant
    TE - Celek/Pettigrew/Heller
    LT - Herremans/Dunlap
    LG - McGlynn/Foster
    C - Cole/Jackson
    RG - Andrews/Jean-Gilles
    RT - Andrews/Tuopo


    LE - Abiamiri/Howard/Clemons
    LDT - Patterson/Laws
    RDT - Bunkley/Knighton
    RE - Cole/Smith
    SLB - Gocong/Ivy
    MLB - Bradley/Mays
    WLB - Jordan/Gaither
    LCB - Samuel/Hanson
    SS - Jones/Hamlin
    FS - Mikell/Demps
    RCB - Brown/Ikegwuono


    K - Akers
    P - Rocca
    LS - Dornbos


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    Put it in the mock draft thread...

    Not a good off-season, IMO.

    We don't address LT, AT ALL, and waste picks on interior OL depth when we already have similar calibur players or better in there. I'd take an LT somewhere in this draft as insurance.

    The trade.. well you know how I feel about it.

    Best pick...Fiametta (though I prefer Johnson a bit over him)

    Worst pick...Probably Robiskie, though i really like him. But if you have the Eagles trading for Holt, there is now way we draft one as well.
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