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  • Originally posted by superman8456 View Post
    but what do you remember? You remember the good because he was a bright spot on a very bleak defense.
    did you just question Snipers Fanhood

    Thanks Eaglez.Fan

    For Everybody:

    R.I.P. JJ


    • Originally posted by superman8456 View Post
      Why do people here think I'm trying to knock the guy down? I just dont think he is going to be as productive of an NFL player as you guys think he will.

      Edit: Do you guys expect me to say "there is nothing wrong with his game, but he is only going to be a 6-10 sack a year for his career kind of guy"?

      Doube Edit: His flaws are not as bad as I might make them sound, but thats only because I'm magnifying them by pointing them out
      It comes off as you are knocking him down, even if you don't mean it. You say he is limitted athletically, but he put up similar numbers athletically at the combine as any of the other top DEs, including the physical freaks. And on top of that, his production, facing competition as good or better than the other top DEs, is better than the other top DEs. His upside isn't limitted because of his size or athletecism, he has plenty of that, as well as the drive and motor to be successful.
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      • I dont particularly remember him doing anything in the Notre Dame game, but then again I was amazed Michigan found some offense.
        When he wasn't being blatantly held by ND's offensive line, Graham lived in ND's backfield. wicket, arguably the biggest Domer fan on this site, will agree.



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