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  • Eagles Needs - More Draft Picks

    Unless all hell breaks loose in FA the Eagles need more plaers than they have draft choices.

    They need a safety to replace Lewis, a coner to replace Hood, a WR to replace Stallworth (Bethel Johnson isn't the answer), A MLB to take Trot's spot in 2008, a developmental QB, an upgrade an back up TE, a RB to replace Buckhalter, and a LB or 2 to take Barber's and D. hones roster spots. That's 8 or 9 roster holes that need to be filled.

    How can that be done - trades. Our 1st can get us a 2 and a 3 and Tre Thomas can get us a #4. That would be 8 picks. Using 2008's two extra picks - 6 (Fraley) and 7 (Parry) can get us another #5.

    That would be 2-2's, 2-3's a 4 2-5's a 6 and a 7 - 9 picks and here's how I'd use them -

    2- WR Jason Hill - Washington State (replace Stallworth)
    2- CB Fred Bennett - South Carolina (replace Hood)
    3- S Sabby Piscatelli - Oregon State (replace M. Lewis)
    3- TE Ben Patrick - Delaware (upgrade TE)
    4 - MLB Zak DeOssie - Brown (Trotter's eventual replacement)
    5 - RB Chris Henry - Arizona (replace Buckhalter)
    5 - LB Antwan Barnes - Florida International (replaces Barber)
    6 - QB Jordan Palmer - UTEP (3rd QB, Garcia's roster spot)
    7 - DE C J Ah You - Oklahoma (seeya McDougle)

    Gocong relaces D. Jones
    Bloom or Bethel johnson replace Mahe
    Justice replaces W. Thomas

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    wow, um lets see hmmm Bethel is only for ST, a mlb to take Trots spot is Gaithers apprently, we do have GoCong, Dhani, and McCoy, so two LB are actually needed one for MLB and one for OLB

    We have too many WR to take one in the draft especially first day, a veteran WR would be better, though i do like Jason Hill but he doesnt play to his fast speed he has

    We have William James or Peterson and as of right now i dont think Hood is getting that great offers so he might be back

    S yes thats a need, i would rather get one in the second like Merriweather or Wendling-can probably be had in the third

    Wow the TEs are mostly all blocking TEs and there is no need to take him that high in the 3rd i think Schoble is fine

    MLB is fine i like that pick

    RB Henry is another fast back we need a guy who will fall forward and pick up those tough 3-4 yrds, you never know we may get Dillion hopefully not for a crazy price

    I like Barnes also, but even though he has that speed he is not that good in coverage, and Barber was our best LB in coverage

    QB i guess that is a nice pick dont mind him, maybe Timmy Chang might get a shot who knows

    DE yeah i think this might need to be a higher pick

    so we dont need really need to trade down, not having that forth does hurt but

    6 picks address S, OLB, DE, MLB, cb maybe or RB, QB

    Yeah i do think that William Thomas maybe be traded pob for a 4th though hopefully for a 3rd


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      Last years roster had 6 LB's to start - Trotter, McCoy, D. Jones, Gaither, Barber, and Short. During the year Short was replaced by Daniels and Roper was adder to the active roster. So it's 6 or 7 LB's - Trotter, Gaither, McCoy, Gocong are pretty much pencelled in - that leaves a need for 2.

      I'm not sure I understand the Bethel signing. If he's a special teamer then Bloom isn't oing to make the roster. In any event I don't think he's even a #3 WR. We need a solid wideout - I agree if we sign a solid vet that need gets minimized. Let's hope the Curtis thing works out.

      I'd love to have Hood back - if it happens that need diminishes, but if it doesn't I;m not ready to put my eggs in James' basket. He hasn't been healthy for 3 years. Figure on a hign pick for a corner.

      You and I disagree on Schoebel so I still say it's a 1st day need.

      Henry is big - 235. Combine withthe 40 time at the combine and he could be the steal of the draft.

      Like I said - if things stat breaking in FA then the landscape changes. Your scenarios need that to happen - Hood back and signing a wideout.

      Let;s the wheeling and dealing begin.


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        We don't need a WR early, not even first day. Our main needs are S, MLB, OLB, and CB, with power RB in the mix as well as DE or DT. I think if Griffin is left in the first, which he should be, he is our future SS, with Considine moving to FS when Dawk retires. In the second, there are plenty of good players left when we pick, so here is the spot when we would get a RB if Leonard is available. If not, expect DE or LB depending on what is left. In the third, Anthony Waters would be a great pick, but many people have him sliding down draft boards, some are even saying he may be available in the fifth or sixth, but I doubt that. He has too much potential to last that long. I'm not so sure we get rid of Thomas. Our FO saw how well they played last year and may not want to mess with a good thing. CB does not need to be addressed until day two. We will not draft a CB early just to be our Nickel, at best. And don't try to say we did it with Lito and Sheldon, that was a completely different situation. DT can be addressed later as well, along with QB. I doubt Palmer lasts that far, mostly because of his last name. TE does not need to be addressed early either, we have a solid starter in L.J. and a decent backup in Schobel.
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          Considine isn't good enough to start specially at FS with his poor ball skills. And we do need a WR early. Atleast in the 3rd round.


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            Considine's poor ball skills, are you kidding? He doesnt have good hands but he plays the ball extremely well.

            Rob, I think the exact opposite. The Eagles have tons of young players. They're going to re-sign Buckhalter or bring in another RB. They don't NEED a corner early anymore. If they let Stallworth sign somewhere else it shows they are complacent with what they have. They'll probably bring back Barber or sign Fowler.

            I think the Eagles will trade up in the draft. They have tons of young players on the bubble. Jeremy Bloom, Bethel Johnson, Bill Sampy, Dedrick Roper, Tank Daniels, Reno Mahe, Jason Davis, Dustin Fox, Greg Lewis, Pat McCoy, Jerome McDougle, and Scott Young. You want to throw more later round picks into that mix? Why? In an ideal situation, out of those 12 players, you'd want to keep 8 or 9. Then you'd just be adding tons of guys on the level of someone like Jason Davis.

            Also, just on DeOssie...what have you seen that convinces you that the Eagles could bank on him to be the future MLB? He seems somewhat stiff and isn't a whole lot quicker than Gaither, if at all.

            Thanks to jkpigskin


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              I really don't know what you're talking about insinuating that the Eagles need more players than they have draft picks. The Eagles are one of the few lucky teams in this league that don't have a vast majority of needs. Here's a breakdown:

              QB - A 3rd string QB is needed. I wouldn't mind drafting someone on the 2nd day to begin molding.

              RB - A power back is needed, whether we get one through the draft or free agency. I would prefer drafting someone like Tony Hunt, Michael Bush, or Brian Leonard just because they can provide us with a solid 1-2 punch for many years. I wouldn't mind if we got someone like Corey Dillon, but he would only do us good for 1-2 years at best.

              FB - None needed

              WR - The Eagles have their eyes on Kevin Curtis, and even Stallworth for that matter. If we don't get either of them, I don't see the Eagles making WR a top priority. As of now they have Reggie Brown, Baskett, Avant, Bethel Johnson, and Greg Lewis. I really like Bethel Johnson. The guy broke numerous records at Texas A&M so he obviously has the talent. He's a devout Christian, so it's not like the guy is Randy Moss and will give up when he wants to. We know what Brown and Baskett can do. Avant played seldomly, but he showed that he's going to be a threat when he got full time against the Falcons in the last game of the season.

              TE - This is tricky because I'm not sure what the Eagles plan on doing with LJ Smith. I assume they will do whatever it is they can to sign him during the season. But maybe he'll want to test the free agent waters? I'm not sure. Schobel is a solid #2, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to address the position in the draft. I think this draft class has good, not great, prospects that can grow.

              OL - The Eagles have one of the deepest, most talented offensive lines in football. They drafted incredibly well there last season that they do not have to address it in this draft.

              DL - McDougal is out of here soon. That leaves us with Kearse and Juqua manning the left side, and Darren Howard and Cole manning the right side. The Eagles would love to add more depth I'm sure, so we'll give DE a spot in the draft. Darwin Walker may be cut, but even if he isn't, the team needs a fat mess to plug the middle and take up space. A guy like that can be filled through free agency. If they chose to go through the draft though, that wouldn't be until late 2nd day.

              LB - Trotter mans the middle, but Gaither will be his eventual replacement. McCoy is on the weakside and Gocong and Dhani Jones are on the strong side. Jones should be cut, in my opinion. The Eagles really like Torrance Daniels, who will probably compete with Gocong. I see the Eagles drafting an OLB definitely to push McCoy.

              CB - Not necessary for the draft. We have Lito, Sheldon, just re-signed Will James, and Joselio Hanson. Hanson competed for a spot on the team in camp and earned his way onto the team. The Eagles will do that again.

              S - Considine will be this team's future at SS. I don't think he'll be ready for full time duty this season though. He needs some more polishing, so the Eagles will draft a versatile safety to share duties with him this season, and to eventually be Dawkins' replacement. A lot of us can agree that Michael Griffin from Texas could be this guy. Take into account that we also re-signed Mikell this offseason. The guy proved to be a tremendous value to our team last season, but he'll never be a starter for this team unless someone is hurt.

              So according to my calculations, the Eagles could address QB, RB, TE, DE, DT, OLB, and S in the draft. And I'm saying we address all of these positions as worst case scenarios. We could just as easily sign a RB and DT. We'll have plenty of picks. I have no doubts with this team on draft day. They are 2nd best team in terms of drafting talent and depth, after the Patriots. We'll be just fine.


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                Considine is our future FS, not SS. But everything else I agree with machoking. That was probably just a typo anyway.
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                  Dillen - I think you and I are on the same wave length but looking at it from different angles. We need to upgrade those dimea a dozen guys. Bring in competition and if you end up with one gen (like Herremans) and the rest journeymen then bring in more journeymen in the hope of finding yet another gem.

                  Machoking - you're putting alot of faith on a 5th round pick that played ok last year at another position. Let's not anoint Gaither to anything just yet.

                  Both of you guys feel alot better about WR than I do. Brown is solid, but what was it about Baskett that convinced you. I'll admit, I'm optimistic, but I'm sure not convinced. Avant couldn't even get on the game day active roster for most of the year so I just can't look at him through rose colored glasses.


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                    Originally posted by eaglesalltheway View Post
                    Considine is our future FS, not SS. But everything else I agree with machoking. That was probably just a typo anyway.

                    i agree, considine sucks at tackling in madden


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                      What does madden have to do with this?
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                        Originally posted by eaglesalltheway View Post
                        What does madden have to do with this?

                        im very frustrated


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                          Originally posted by Jimmy View Post
                          im very frustrated
                          Why? I don't get it. Madden had basically nothing to go by for him this year anyway. This was the first time he got any real playing time. I am now confused.
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                            Originally posted by eaglesalltheway View Post
                            Why? I don't get it. Madden had basically nothing to go by for him this year anyway. This was the first time he got any real playing time. I am now confused.

                            I am confused by what you just posted.


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                              Nvm, i just don't like considine. Lets leave it at that.



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