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  • The McNabb Commemoration Thread

    Last year when the Eagles chose to let Brian Dawkins walk I was truly upset. Dawk had been a big impact player on our defense and by far our biggest vocal leader for so long I just couldn't picture the team running out of the tunnel, not being led by number 20. Then the season came and went, and following an unusual first round exit at the hands of the Cowboys I was ready for another uneventful offseason in Philly. My assumptions would soon prove to be wrong when the Eagles began with their big youth movement. It started with the cutting of Westbrook. Then came the likes of Will Witherspoon, Shawn Andrews and Kevin Curtis and finally it ended when the Eagles traded Sheldon Brown to the Browns, or so I thought. Amidst all these players being released and Brown being traded were the ongoing rumours that McNabb was going to be dealt. I didn't buy them for one second and I had faith that Andy was going to stick to his guns and keep number 5 in Philadelphia. I thought the longer it went, the less likely it was that a trade would happen, but I was wrong. I was shocked to learn that McNabb had been traded and to the division rival Redskins at that. It's a sad day to be an Eagles fan no matter how you feel about the trade. McNabb was THE greatest player to ever have dawned the green and silver and although many Eagles fans didn't always show their love for him, I know they feel the same way. Since being drafted back in '99 Donovan McNabb has been nothing short of the class of this organization and I wish him nothing but the best. I can't help but think next season I'll be secretly rooting for the Skins even when they play my beloved Eagles. I wish you nothing but the best Donovan and it's just a shame that you weren't able to finish your career in green and silver and deliver this city a long awaited Lombardi trophy like many Eagles veterans before you. Thank you for making this decade infinitely better than the last for us Eagles fans. You will truly be missed.

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    Just to add to this sentiment, I wish McNabb only the best of luck, health, and success, even though its in Washington. I will miss him, he is the QB I grew up with, and whenever I think of an Eagles, QB, I'll have Donovan in my head. The Eagles will not be the same without him.
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      Originally posted by Todd Bertuzzi View Post
      Last year when the Eagles chose to let Brian Dawkins walk I was truly upset.
      I liked how at the Washington press conference, McNabb referred to the Eagles letting the "Ultimate Eagle," Brian Dawkins walk last year was a sign of the nature of the business. He's a class act. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, McNabb is a great QB and as a football fan, it's sad that the Eagles traded him.


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        Hey fellas, im actually a 49er fan, just wanted to say that when I think of McNabb the first thing that comes to mind was how pretty his deep throws were. I always loved how he just flicked his wrist and the ball was down field. Classy guy and a hell of a Qb...kinda wish he was on our team now that i think about it..


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          TB, I simply knew you would start this thread and thank you for taking the time to do so. I share many of the sentiments you expressed on your post as well. I was blessed with the opportunity to have been able to him play at Syracuse, and be drafted by the Eagles at #2 overall. We had endured horrible seasons, and the only reason we had the second choice, was because the Browns were an expansion team and given the first overall. McNabb quickly turned things around, snd became a staple at QB. I will root for McNabb, and will always associate him with being Mr. Eagle. Thanks for the memories.

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            Despite my Kolb campaign, I really do like McNabb and I appreciate everything he did for Philadelphia and everything he did for the franchise. He has been nothing but a class act in the face of the most adversity probably ever faced by a QB. I really do enjoy McNabb, I'm glad I got to watch him for so many seasons. This chapter of Eagles history is closed and it was a good chapter, not a great one, but a good one. Thanks McNabb for being a good guy on the field and off the field.



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