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  • Whhooooo raayyy for a running game....draft a power back that can catch or just a power back...Tony Gerheart.


    • We could get Blount in the mid to late rounds.


      • Why doesn't Omar Gaither ever see the field?

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        • Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
          Why doesn't Omar Gaither ever see the field?
          Because he broke his foot and is out for the season.


          • Don't ya wish you could just turn off injuries like in Madden? I can't wait to see all of our LB's once they are healthy. Bradley and Witherspoon will be great together.


            • Originally posted by cunningham06 View Post
              Don't ya wish you could just turn off injuries like in Madden? I can't wait to see all of our LB's once they are healthy. Bradley and Witherspoon will be great together.
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              • Michael Vick!

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                • Eagles extended Winston Justice's contract


                  The Eagles have signed right tackle Winston Justice to a four-year contract extension through 2013. Justice's rookie contract was due to expire at season's end.

                  Justice grabbed hold of a starting spot on the offensive line in 2009 with a strong off-season and training camp, and he has started all 10 games at right tackle for the Eagles this season.

                  Justice has credited staying in Philadelphia during the off-season to work closely with offensive line coach Juan Castillo as one of the biggest reasons for his improvement, and it appears he'll be staying in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future.

                  Drafted in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft (39th overall) out of Southern California, the 6-foot-6, 320-pound Justice spent the majority of his first three seasons plying his trade behind long-time stalwarts Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan.

                  Justice will be made available to the media at 2 PM.
                  Thoughts? He has really impressed me this year so I like the move. Gives us a good solid RT for the next 4+ years. What does this say about Shawn Andrews?


                  • He's been much, much better than I anticipated. Nothing exceptional, but definitely solid. I really liked his block to spring Mike Vick against the Bears. Who would have ever thought we'd see this day? Good for you, Winston.


                    • I told you guys not to give up on Winston Justice... The team didn't either and it is paying off. He can improve yet, but that will come with more playing time. I'm glad my view on him is beginning to be proven, and glad he is being rewarded for his play. Hopefully he continues his improvement and continues to help the team.
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                      • This means this is the end of one of the Andrews brothers, I don't know who though. Shawn Andrews might be moved back inside to RG or they might cut ties with Shawn and keep Stacy despite his play quality. One of them is gone.


                        Shawn Andrews:

                        Shawn, the bulk of the value of the contract extension that he signed in 2005was paid in a pair of $5 million bonuses that year and in 2006. He also got a large base salary in 2008 as a result of a performance escalator in his contract that was triggered by his Pro Bowl seasons in 2006 and 2007. From a cap perspective, though, all but $1 million of those bonuses have already been amortized, with the last proration hitting the potentially non-existent cap in 2010.

                        Stacy Andrews:

                        Stacy's contract was reported to be a staggering (for a guy coming off of knee surgery who as it turned out was going to be moved to guard) 6 years and $38.7 million. But the Eagles didn't put in much guaranteed money. In fact, "all" they are on the hook for during 2009 is $1.62 million of base salary, a $3 million roster bonus, and a $500K workout bonus, for a total of $5.12 million. They also put in a $31,250 per game appeared in roster bonus, for a potential additional total of $500K. The remaining 5 years of the deal are worth about $32.9 million. If the Eagles decide to move in another direction, they are off the hook for that money in its entirety.
                        One of them is gone, and I'm pleasantly surprised with Winston Justice, he struggled a little bit at first but now that he has his feet under him he is doing a very nice job and he completely shut down Brian Orakpo, Justin Tuck, Anthony Spencer, Shaun Phillips and Adewale Ogunleye in 5 consecutive weeks, he is doing a nice job out there. If you keep an eye on him, he is doing a fantastic job getting to the second level which the Eagles have lacked at RT due to Jon Runyan's age and he allows the Eagles to be much more creative in the run game because of his athleticism. Also if you pay really close attention to the line, you'll see Winston Justice throwing his weight around in the pile, he seems to be more agressive as of late. He is not a world beater RT and lacks the power of a typical RT but he is more athletic and he definitely has potential, the entire issue with him was all confidence. He could definitely improve in the run game because so far this season when the Eagles run on the right side of the line they average 3.94 yards a carry and when they run outside the tackle the Eagles average 3.55 yards a carry. I think those numbers could improve just with an upgrade at RG (I really want Mike Iupati), a blocking TE (Colin Peek please) and when and if LeSean McCoy learns to take what the defense gives him and just run straight. He has straightened things out and plays the RT spot fairly well, he showed the commitment to improve his game and he deserves the contract extension. Plus he has been the most consistent lineman this season playing every game next to a rotation of right guards (Stacy Andrews, Nick Cole and MJG).


                        • I still loves me some Shawn Andrews

                          Thanks Eaglez.Fan

                          For Everybody:

                          R.I.P. JJ


                          • Originally posted by camp_eagles View Post
                            I still loves me some Shawn Andrews
                            I don't... he is a whiney player who doesn't like football and only plays for the money, plus he is injured all the time. He should go sing somewhere because that is his dream, go out there and 'Get your Michael Phelps on' or whatever the hell that song is called. He deserves to be run out of town he is a mentally weak, injury prone, whiney player who serves no purpose aside from eating up cap space.


                            • Originally posted by Todd Bertuzzi View Post
                              21.Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missou
                              Value was way too good to pass up here. Also fills a need as Witherspoon isn't young and Gocong is set to become a free agent.

                              53. Jason Fox, OT, Miami
                              Eagles don't really have any big needs, but with Shawn Andrews health a big question mark I went with the top OT on the board in Fox. He's had a great year so far in Miami and is a good fit in Philly.

                              74. Noel Devine, RB, WVU
                              With the Eagles declining the option on Westbrook's contract it appears his days as an Eagle are limited. Westbrook has been plagued by injuries and at 31 he isn't getting any younger. The Eagles bring in Devine who will play a role similar to Darren Sproles of the Chargers. Devine will take some carries off of Shady's hands and will also return kicks/punts. Just another explosive weapon on the Eagles offense.

                              85. Lindsey Witten, DE, UConn
                              Juqua Parker is 32 and Victor Abiamiri can't seem to stay healthy so I opted for the best DE on the board. Witten has proved he can get to the quarterback and will look great lined up opposite Trent Cole.

                              Stacy Andrews, RG
                              5th round pick
                              Charles Tillman, CB

                              Contracts are equal, but with Ellis Hobbs due to become a free agent I brought in Tillman as a replacement. Andrews was 2nd on the depth chart behind MJG.
                              Now what do you think of this trade? We all saw how useful Tillman can be at causing turnovers on Sunday.


                              • The only way Im letting Shawn Andrews go is for a trade. Maybe a pick, or a player, doesnt matter to me. I love our left side of our offensive line and our right side hasnt been playing that bad.

                                Stacy Andrews is good depth, but thats about it. I'm going to give him until next season, when his injury is fully healed, to start calling him a waste. He got absolutely abused by Jay Ratliff though.

                                Nick Cole and Max Jean Gilles are both solid and could start on most teams. They do a solid job whenever we need them.

                                I want to see a little more of King Dunlap though. Hopefully I dont, because that would mean Jason Peters is hurt, but Im interested in his development.



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