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Meriweather vs. Griffin

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    Originally posted by Eagles02 View Post
    From what I read, this "shootout" occured when somebody broke into his house and shot Willie Cooper, then Meriweather pulled out his handgun, which he has a permit to carry, and shot back at the guy.
    OK...doesn't sound weird at all...and what about his Albert Haynesworth impression?


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      the shootout was because he got shot at first and I think the gun he had was registered, but im not sure about that. as for the on the field stomping, hes not the only player that got involved in that and just because he did it once doesnt mean he would ever do that again. especially because brawls like that dont happen in the nfl. also if anyone has ever seen the tape of him driving around the injury cart pumping up fans he seems like he would be very entertaining. if you cant tell, id prefer meriweather :D as long as they dont pick a WR im ok with it


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        The only thing I can say about the stomping is it happened in the middle of the brawl, not during a play. If you want to put a really positive spin on it, he was just trying to protect his teammates. LOL.

        There's no question that Meriweather has some character issues, but I think he'll be okay once he gets away from "The U."


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          What about the run-stopping issues. Can he handle it?



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