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MY HOF Pre-Season game Writeup

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  • MY HOF Pre-Season game Writeup

    First off I'll say that it was hard to really scout what was going on..
    1) Commentators were Cris Collinsworth and Bryant Gumbel.. hard to focus
    2) They were so interested in constantly overplaying Michael Irvin getting in to the HOF.
    3) Finally it got to the point where they would just cut after every play to HOF stuff or Collinsworth career.

    I'm going to get a copy of it and rewatch it a bunch.


    Ben: Looks like he's grown significantly, timing was down and he's on the money. Last year he was afraid to sit in the pocket. Ben stood in there and made his reads.

    Charlie: Solid looks like he normally does.

    BSP: I normally want him out. He's not a big deal.. if they keep him, he's certainly better than Maddox. He started slow, but made some plays later. He doesn't have a great arm, but he threw some beautiful balls. He just needs more consistancy.

    Randall: Has a cannon.. a beautiful pass to the corner of the end zone near 50-60 yards.. Fowler just tripped up and fell down.. I think BSP Gets cut because he's out of PS eligibility and we keep this kid.


    Najeh: He looks a bit quicker, he just still doesn't seem to run with overpowering.

    Carey Davis: Bowling ball. He drops his shoulder and runs people. Not nearly the strength of earl campbell but he is looking for people to hit. You can see on his long run that he doesn't possess great speed. He is perfect for SYB.

    Gary Russell: He has "it". He has the explosion, cutback and the non-stop motor. He constantly keeps going. He doesn't go down on first contact. He just keeps pumping his legs. I think he'll make the roster.

    Larry Croom: Again I'm disappointed we have too many good RB's because I think if we were a Gary Russell short Croom would make it. He's got good speed, is shifty.. doesn't dance around.. he flies into the hole. I think he'll make a great PS player.

    Kevan Barlow: Stick a fork in him.. he doesn't want it enough.


    Dan Kreider: Looking solid as normal

    John Kuhn: Blew up a few defenders.. definitely more consistant this year.


    Ward: Still Ward.

    Wilson: I think after this game Wilson changed anyones opinion about cutting him. He had like 3 catches for 80 yards. He completely blew by McKenzie and kaevishaern. He caught everything and didn't give up. His only "whining" he barely complained, but he had a legitimate complaint.. Bullocks jumped on him and clubbed him in the back of the head.

    Holmes: Holmes was wide open everytime they threw to him. Had Pierre had a bit more of an arm he'd have 2 Td's.

    Reid. Reid is going to be a monster as a #4/#5 as a Bubble Screen. He showed why we picked him. I wouldn't put 1-2 Td's from KR and quite a few big gains. As a PR he needs to get his confidence back.

    Walter Young: Made 2 amazing catches. Though he tends to do that and putter out in the Regular season.

    Nate Washington: He needs to get his head in the game.. amazing athleticism but he seems to drop the ball too much. He needs to hang on to the ball.

    the rest of the group didn't do much.


    Didn't really use a TE, though Boyd looked good as a blocker.


    Marvel Smith: Marvel shut down Will Smith all game.. 3 of Smiths 4 tackles were about 4-5 yards downfield. His only mishap was the first sack of the game. He seemed to just get lazy.. Will pushed him off balance and slammed him.

    Jason Capizzi: The second team RDE didn't even challenge Capizzi.. he sealed off the left hand side.


    Alan Faneca: Playing Possessed.

    Chris Kemoeatu: He seemed a little lost on the left side. I think he's getting it down, just needs more practice.


    Chukki Okobi: Played solid, Not Dermontti or Hartings good, but he didn't make any mistakes.

    Marvin Phillip: Was solid, but didn't make any plays to get him noticed.


    Kendall Simmons: I take back all the bad things I said about Simmons. He looks more slim and more bulked(Muscle). He played absolutely possessed. He was the key to our big plays. He was the one that opened up Carey Davis for his 56 yard Rumble. He was also the guy that locked everyone to let the Carey Davis screen play.

    Brandon Torrey: Torrey is listed as a LT on the site. He wasn't as dominant a blocker as Simmons, but he didn't get blown up and he was showing why he played RG. He made great plays sliding down the line. He was the one opening up the holes for Gary Russell and Larry Croom.


    Max Starks: Starks had 1 issue early, but after Grant almost beat him.. Starks had him locked down.

    Willie Colon: Colon Owned Grant and the 2nd teamers.


    Aaron Smith: Still not much of a penetrator but he pushes the pocket.

    Ryan McBean: He's getting a good bit of penetration. He is still very raw but with a bit of experience he should be making plays for a while

    Nick Eason: He tallied the most tackles of our DL, I have to rewatch the game because he didn't really stick out.


    Casey Hampton: Hampton was dominant as usual

    Chris Hoke: If Hokie was just a tad bit faster he would've ended the day with 1 TFL and 1 Sack.. He is getting into the backfield. I love this guy.


    Brett Keisel: He's looking great... even more athletic and bigger than last year.

    Derrick Jones: Jones just needs experience. He would've had 2 TFL's and 2 sacks if he would stay at home. He's got great potential, he was getting into the backfield all night (2 against Jammal Brown)

    Scott Paxson: Didn't stick out.. gotta watch it again

    Shaun Nua: Read Paxson.


    Clark Haggans looked like a leader. He was vocal and he's very quick..

    Rian Wallace: Wallace played a bit soft.. but he showed that he can get in the backfield. He beat the LT, The FB and RB on a pass play.. Koonce just didn't get in coverage in time. He did make a nice play chasing a play to the other side and making the tackle.


    Larry Foote: Solid player as usual

    Ronald Stanley: I think he's PS this year, but he was playing pretty good.

    Marquis Cooper: I think he could eventually be a good coverage MLB.. he doesn't provide much in the run game.


    James Farrior: I mistaked Woodley for Farrior 3 times. Farrior is still looking in good health, great shape.. I think he's going to lead this young defense.

    Richard Koonce: This kid is a beast. He is still learning the nuances of our coverages.. but he is a tackling machine. Whether ST or at LILB.. he's just a 2 down thumper.


    LaMarr Woodley: He will be a starter by the end of the season. I was completely wrong on this kid. He was constantly double teamed in this game and he was still penetrating. He was in coverage twice and was lock down. The first time he was covering the TE.. he was giving him a small cushion and he dove in.. nearly picking it off.. Which is why I thought he was Farrior.

    Arnold Harrison: Very strong.. Seems more confident. He was getting some penetration and was also solid in coverage.. will make a good backup OLB.


    Ike Taylor: He was giving cushions but he closed on the recievers fast. He almost had 2 picks. He's back to form.. in fact I think he's improved.

    Bryant McFadden: Was solid in coverage but didn't stick out.

    William ***: Player of the Game IMO. Saints brought in Meachem/Palko towards the end of the game.. Palko throws a bullet.. Meachem catches it in the air and as he's coming down.. *** just BLOWS HIM UP. I mean.. Anthony Smith like hit, They went to commercial it took him that long to get up.. Then the next play Palko tried it again. Meachem was so scared he ducked and didn't go after the ball. Later *** gives Meachem a little space... and *** just picks it off. *** is a lock for the roster.


    DeShea: Looks great. He's the jack of all trades... he was blitzing great and playing great zone coverage.

    Iwouma: I don't think he's got a roster spot after ***/Madison.

    Madison: The big hits didn't start or stop with ***. Madison uprooted the Saints FB.. full front flip. Madison then jacked the next WR to catch a pass near him. Hines wasn't kidding when he was talking about the punishment of our DB's.


    Ryan Clark: Jack of all trades, master of none. He's solid and consistant.

    Anthony Smith: didn't do anything to stand out. I have to watch the game again.

    Jovon Johnson: see An Smith.


    Troy: He made some stops but barely played.

    Tyrone Carter: didn't stand out.

    Mike Lorello: I didn't see him in coverage much.. but he could very well turn out to be one of the best run stuffing and blitzing safeties in the league.. he came flying in.. 2 pressures and a Pass breakup.


    Jeff Reed: 2/3 FG, 2/2 XP. He needs to work on his 40+ yards. I think this may be a position we look to draft next year. With our dedication we could certainly upgrade our Kicking situation.. I'd like to have potential to make a +45 yarder.

    Connor Hughes: I'd like to see him get some work.. He does better on kickoffs.


    Daniel Sepulveda: His opening day he punted 3 times with a 37.3 average. Yea it sounds pretty sucky, until you mention that he had 2 punts inside the 20. He never had the opportunity to boom it.. the one he did.. went for 49 yards.

    Mike Barr: 1 kick for 50 yards. didn't look like a good kick.

    After all that I'm going to rewatch it and look for the guys I missed. Again read the beginning.

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    i watched 75% of the game and agree with what you wrote. i'm really excited about this year, i just wish Timmons was showcased. that is all.

    Silverback....still the best.

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      My brother noticed that Sepulveda's first punt had a flat spin (whatever that means) and wasn't very good, but his second one was good. I really couldn't see a difference, but my brother is a punter so I guess he knows those things pretty well. I thought Sep did pretty well and not only had some decent placement, but good hangtime as well. As a whole I think our Special Teams looked much better than last year.


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        I agree with just about all of this. I love Anthony Madison and relaly hope he makes the team. I saw him make some great plays at camp last year and have been lobbying for him to make the team since.

        LaMarr Woodley and William *** really impressed me. Woodley made a good play in coverage on the Saints TE and *** made plays all night. If Woodley can cover like that he shouldn't have any problem changing over to an OLB from a DE.

        Wilson looked very good which puts a damper on me wanting to cut him. Wilson had always had talent and made some big plays but he is a whiny ***** and I just hate that about him.

        Holmes looked good aswell. Hopefully he looks good enough to take the starting job that he deserves.

        I want to see more out of the TEs, Baker, Fowler, and Reid returns.

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          I think we all saw a great performance from our guys, hope it carries to the real games. agrre with almost all your assessments. Biggest flop on the field was Max Starks though, more than just one mistake. He was getting beat on the right side then the left, he has such slow footwork. His best move was helping the qb up after he let him get knocked down. Colon should really start at rt. Simmons wasn't making mistakes but didn't have the push that Kemo had. I'm still concerned about the O-line. I didn't notice Mahan at all. The dbs were impressive. I know we argued their merits at draft time and I am going to give kudos to both Ike and Deshean for their improved play. However, Colclough is still a bum, only noticed him when he ran into his own punt returner. G-ay was Asmith all over again, that gives us some real depth in an area I was worried about. russell looks like fast willie #2, but Carey Davis looks like a robot. Just think what fun willie would have against this defense.


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            O-line is ou biggest concern at this point. Only time will tell if this group can return to the form that it was in when we won the superbowl.

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              I'd agree. The pass rush and secondary looked much improved over last year, and Ben looked amazing. That leaves the O-line as our only remaining problem. Simmons looked really good, and if he continues he might make up for his horrid play last year, but Starks didn't look so hot and I'm not sure the whole line is as cohesive as you would like to see. I think if Colon can win the starting job and the line can bond a little, we could see some improvement by the end of pre-season.


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                good video. Carey Davis makes it in there twice.

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                  I think when you rewatch the tape you need to take a closer look at Aaron Smith, he did penetrate the little he played and on one play penetrated so far in he made the RB take it back and to the sideline making it an easy play for the D.


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                    I'm downloading the game now. A revised version.

                    it wasn't easy trying to read all my scribbled notes. I will look at Aaron Smith.

                    I'm really going to look at the OL.

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                      Where did you find it to download?

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                        [QUOTE=Mr. Stiller;548361]


                        LaMarr Woodley: He will be a starter by the end of the season. I was completely wrong on this kid. He was constantly double teamed in this game and he was still penetrating. He was in coverage twice and was lock down. The first time he was covering the TE.. he was giving him a small cushion and he dove in.. nearly picking it off.. Which is why I thought he was Farrior.


                        Tried to tell you this all spring, Glad you came around.


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                          i use bit-torrent. piratebay is my poison.

                          Silverback....still the best.

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                            Are there any rumors of a contract talk with William *** yet?


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                              Originally posted by Buckeyes View Post
                              Are there any rumors of a contract talk with William *** yet?
                              He's already signed.

                              Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]



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