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  • 4-3/3-4 Discussion Thread

    I was thinking today and I have done a complete 180 on my thoughts regarding defensive scheme. I think its time to go back to the 4-3. Tomlin is here for his defensive to reach full potential we need to be in a 4-3. Lets remember the Steel Curtain was a cover 2, Noll and Carson actually were the inventors. I really am in favor of a change next year to a 4-3 cover 2. In this formation of Cover 2 a quick fast LB is required to drop back into coverage...a perfect fir for Lawrence Timmons. Woodley and Foote can both play either SLB or WLB. As many of you feel Farrior may not be a Steeler in a year or two so having a rotating LB for a year will help keep the core fresh. Our 4 down lineman will be DT Hampton, DT Hoke, DE, Smith, DE Keisel. If we do decide to switch to this scheme of cover 2 O-line should still be out focus but a stud DE or DT should be a first round target.

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    i know what you mean and i feel ya talking about Steel Curtain days. but i love the 34 too much to agree to wanting to change. I don't know though, it is a tough decision. either way i think we can whoop ass so whatev.

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      It's kinda weird when you think about it because the Steelers of the 70's basically were the original innovaters of the Tampa-2 scheme (tony dungy played on that team and based his scheme off of it) and the teams of the 90's revolutionized the 3-4 and made it what it is today. Maybe LeBeau and Tomlin will develop some crazy new scheme that will become the next new force in the NFL.


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        I'm all for a solid Cover 2.. as long as it's more Steel Curtain Derived than that pussified Indy style. I want to stop the run and make people fear us. People don't fear Indy's defense.

        I wouldn't mind a Hybrid Style, which I outlined in my mock.

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