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Rookie Poster's 2008 Steelers Mock Draft.

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  • Rookie Poster's 2008 Steelers Mock Draft.

    Primary needs: OL
    Secondary needs: DE depth, LB depth, CB depth, WR
    Non-needs: RB (can be addressed another year. No need to mess with the best running attack in the league when we have more prominent needs)

    1. Michael Oher: Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss
    Offensive Line is the number one need. I love Oher. He has such tremendous footwork and speed, and add to that hes just plain nasty. Everyone talks about his upside, and he can wait and learn at least a year behind Marvel, so he will be even better by the time he will need to start for us. Will he declare? Will he fall to us? I dont know, but I hope the answer to both is yes
    2. Jeff Otah: Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh
    I heard tons of positive things about him from this and other boards, and then I watched him play and started to believe the hype. Hes strong, and everywhere on the line. What a great pick-up he would be as our monster RT for years to come.
    3. Kendall Langford: Defensive End/Tackle, Hampton
    Aaron Smith goes down and the defense nearly falls apart. Kenny Watson consistently popping those 8-yard runs against us made me a believer that we need better depth at DE. Langford is a bit of a sleeper. Hes big, fast, and rock-steady as a tackler.
    4. Darnell Terrell: Cornerback, Missouri
    Speedy, tall, strong corner with some upside. Will he need to contribute right away? Probably not a whole lot with the emergence of G-a-y and the hopefully continued education of B-mac. Can he contribute right away? I believe he can. Did I mention that he is 62 and runs in the low 4.4s?
    5. Jeremy Leman: Inside Linebacker, Illinois
    People have him listed as late third-round to sixth round. Why? He tackles everybody that comes near him, he gets sacks, hes a team leader, and he does it all basically without any other help on defense. While Timmons runs around covering TEs, rushing the QB, and everything else they might have planned for him at ILB, Leman stays home and tackles everyone.
    6. Andy Studebaker: Outside Linebacker, Wheaton
    Does anybody know more about him? Hes 63 245 lbs, and runs a 4.5. I want to know more about him, but what I do know is he sacks almost everybody that he plays against. In 12 games he had 17.5 sacks and 24.5 TFL.

    I do recognize that we need an elite pass-rushing OLB, but if you look at next year it is full of these types of players (George Selvie, Ian Campbell, Brian Orakpo, Willie VanDeSteeg). We also need a second WR to replace Hines, but next year is also full of players to fit this position as well.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks. Go Steelers!!!

    Thanks to Jakey for the sweet sig

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    I like it...I'd be happy with the day one picks(even though i would like another OLB). I cant really comment on the day2 picks...because i dont know anything about them. On the whole a not a bad effort! Grade B-
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      J Leman in the 5th?

      Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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        We dont need a pass rushing OLB. We have Harrison who has been a terror in that area and Woodley on the bench who has 2 sacks and a FF on 3-4 snaps.


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          Originally posted by Man_Of_Steel View Post
          We dont need a pass rushing OLB. We have Harrison who has been a terror in that area and Woodley on the bench who has 2 sacks and a FF on 3-4 snaps.
          But for a 7th round pick its not a bad depth choice.

          By the way, I like the positions addressed and I think DL depth really is a necessity.



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