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    I was wondering with Clark Haggans is going to be 31, and his contract is up, will he be resigned? Woodley has played good when given chances, so will Haggans be released. If he is released then that would mean either we sign a backup vet, or draft another olb.

    I think he might get resigned to a short contract 2 maybe 3 years, with no real big chances the steelers have to take. He did not get injured like Porter, and has been playing pretty well. He plays next year, and get injured you have Woodley who would have a season and some under his belt, to take his place. Then Haggans could get cut, next year.

    any thoughts

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    He wont be resigned.


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      I wouldnt mind either way...but i want Woodley starting a.s.a.p. He's a beast!


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        He has said he wants to resign but I doubt he will. They drafted Woodley to replace him and they won't want to pay Haggans much to be the backup.

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          Originally posted by Smooth Criminal View Post
          He has said he wants to resign but I doubt he will. They drafted Woodley to replace him and they won't want to pay Haggans much to be the backup.
          Yes, he has said that he wants to re-sign with the Steelers, so who knows, depending on how much he wants to end his career with the Steelers, he may re-sign for next to nothing. Personally, I would only want him re-signed if he came cheaply, as he wouldn't be a bad back-up to have. We also have Arnold Harrison and Andre Frazier as other young OLB's, so at the end of the day, when it comes down to it, the Steelers may send him packing to give these young guys an opportunity. Also, it doesn't help Haggans case when we currently have his replacement on the roster in LaMarr Woodley.

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            I think someone will overpay him. (think NE)

            We'll think he's too expensive for his skill-set especially in a veteran backup role. The fact that he's only starting now because of Woodley's experience and the whole unit is playing well.

            It doesn't sound too well considering we still have 4-5 OLBs on the roster.

            James Harrison, WOLB
            Andre Frazier, WOLB
            LaMarr Woodley, SOLB
            Arnold Harrison, SOLB ( Personally I think he'd be an awesome Mack. He lacks pass rushing skills but is solid in coverage and has the strength to shed blocks efficiently.)

            Then if we draft a rookie or sign one.

            I'm looking at Titus Brown as SOLB depth and then a guy early in 2009 like..

            Phil Merling of Clemson (6'5 282lbs 4.72)
            George Selvie, South Florida
            Jermaine Cunningham, Florida
            Philip Merling, Clemson
            Brian Orakpo, Texas
            Matt Shaughnessy, Wisconsin
            Jamal Westerman, Rutgers
            Ricky Sapp, Clemson
            Greg Hardy, Mississippi
            Auston English, Oklahoma
            Brandon Graham, Michigan
            Eric Norwood, South Carolina
            Everette Brown, Florida State
            Maurice Evans, Penn State
            Jeremy Geathers, UNLV

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