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verron haynes resigned

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  • verron haynes resigned

    With Parker hurt, we have resigned Verron Haynes. Does anybody think that Gary Russel will see any time?

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    Nah I think Carrie Davis will get more carries.
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      will verron haynes take his old role at 3rd down back?


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        In his PC, Tomlin said Davenport and Russell will carry the load. He also said he didn't even know if Haynes will suit up or not. He did say that Haynes is a good 3rd down RB though, but never specifically said if he would come in and play on 3rd downs. As I said though, he doesn't even know if he'll suit Haynes up or not against the Ravens. He said he'll know a whole lot more about the teams situation as a whole and who's going to suit up and who's going to play against the Ravens after the Chargers/Broncos game depending on what happens.

        Personally, I'm hoping to see Davenport, Russell, and Davis all getting carries against the Ravens, obviously with Davenport carrying the load, though with Russell getting a few carries here and there and Davis also getting a couple of carries possibly in short yardage situations.

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          Well good for Haynes. I have to say that last year I had some sort of unreasonable hate towards him, not so much because of him, but because we ran 3rd and long screens to him about 6 times a game and it was completely predictable and never did anything. He is a pretty good 3rd down back and hopefully he can stay with the team and play next season.


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            verron haynes is good at picking up blitzes and that could help in pass protection on 3rd downs.


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              Haynes is a great 3rd down back, especially in our pathetic excuse of a 3rd down offensive gameplan.

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              Haynes did well for what he was asked and wasn't too shabby average YPCarry/Catch considering other teams knew what we were going to do.

              I like the signing, but with us locking up the AFCN. I want to see us run mostly Carey Davis and Gary Russell at Baltimore.

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                I'm hoping we are able to field enough of a rushing attack to bring it to JAX when we play them again in the AFCWC.

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                  I like him even though I spend a lot of the time yeling at him on those 3rd and a million draws we run.



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