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  • thoughts on the ohio state tackle boone?

    i think hes declaring after the game monday

    thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


    • Originally posted by mikehop05 View Post
      thoughts on the ohio state tackle boone?

      i think hes declaring after the game monday
      i for one am not a fan. I know 1 or 2 guys from the Steelers that aren't impressed with him.

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      • Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
        A center would be good, but I have read that we might move Simmons to center.
        Some suggested if Faneca were to come back.... that we Move him to Center.. Colon to battle Kemo for LG and Simmons at RG.

        To Me, I think we can get John Greco round 3 and he could start as RT rookie season.

        Starks ~ Kemo/Colon ~ Faneca ~ Simmons ~ Otah/Greco

        Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


        • I posted this in a new thread, but just realised that we actually have a discussion thread about the offseason, free agency and the draft, so I thought I may aswell post this in here since this is where all the talk is. Anyways, here's my post, tell me what you think:

          This is going off of an article I read (above), which means we make an effort to re-sign Faneca and Starks and we succeed in doing so. So here we go, my hopeful Steelers o-line for next season:

          LT: Max Starks
          LG: Kendall Simmons
          C: Alan Faneca
          RG: Chris Kemoeatu
          RT: Willie Colon

          What do you think?

          Starks has played well at LT in limited action and this may be his true position considering he was a LT in college and he is left handed. Also, with Smith and his back problems now, you don't know if he's going to be able to return 100% and he only has 1 year left on his contract here anyways.

          Shifting Simmons to LG may improve his play as a whole. With Simmons being more athletic and being good on the move and pulling, this may ultimately be his true position considering the LG in our scheme has to pull occassionally and generally has to be the more athletic guard of the two.

          With Faneca at C, there's a very good chance this move may very well improve our o-line play as a whole. I made this move keeping in mind what Zierlein said, that being he thinks Faneca's very smart and that he could see Faneca ending his career as a C in this league. I personally think he could make for a great C and could improve our o-line play as a whole. IMO, this would be a very good thing for our o-line.

          Kemoeatu finally finds himself in the starting lineup. He's a big road grader that will pave the way for the running game on the right side of the line. With some fine tuning and some starting experience, he could be a force to be reckoned with at RG. Also, IMO, he's a better fit on the right side then he is on the left, which is why he's the RG and Simmons the LG.

          Colon has shown a fair bit of potential at RT. People say he's better suited inside at guard, and though that may possibly be true, he's shown he can handle the RT position and with this only being his 1st season starting, he still has a heap of time to grow and improve as a player. I think making him make the transition inside to guard would only prolong his development, so keeping him at RT where he has shown potential to be a really good player is the best thing to do IMO, and I think with Colon entering his 2nd he's only going to get better and improve. I think he could potentially be a great RT in this league.

          With our o-line being in place for the next few years, we will have much more flexibility come draft time, which is a very good thing.
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          • Quick Mock v2

            Round 1: Jeff Otah - OT - Pitt - 6'6" - 340 - 5.30

            Round 2: Devin Thomas - WR - Michigan St - 6'2" - 215 - 4.50

            Round 3: Brandon Flowers - CB - Virginia Tech - 5'10" - 190 - 4.47

            Round 4: Kendall Langford - DE - Hampton - 6'6" - 295 - 4.97

            Round 5: Darrius Reynaud - WR - West Virginia - 5'10" - 205 - 4.45

            Round 6: Jameel McClain - ILB - Syracuse - 6'1" - 253 - 4.79

            2008 Depth:

            QB: Ben Roethlisberger ~ Charlie Batch ~ UDFA
            FB: Carey Davis
            RB: Willie Parker ~ Najeh Davenport ~ Gary Russel
            TE: Heath Miller ~ Matt Spaeth
            WR: Hines Ward ~ Devin Thomas
            WR: Santonio Holmes ~ Nate Washington

            LT: Max Starks ~ Marvel Smith ~ Trai Essex
            LG: Alan Faneca ~ Chris Kemoeatu
            C: Kendall Simmons ~ Sean Mahan
            RG: Willie Colon ~ Chris Kemoeatu
            RT: Jeff Otah ~ Marvel Smith ~ Trai Essex


            RE: Brett Keisel ~ Ryan McBean
            NT: Casey Hampton ~ Chris Hoke
            LE: Aaron Smith ~ Kendall Langford

            ROLB: James Harrison ~ Arnold Harrison
            RILB: Lawrence Timmons ~ Larry Foote
            LILB: James Farrior ~ Jameel McClain
            LOLB: Lamarr Woodley ~ Jameel McClain

            CB: Ike Taylor ~ Brandon Flowers ~ William ***
            CB: Bryant McFadden ~ Deshea Townsend ~ William ***
            FS: Anthony Smith ~ Ryan Clark/UDFA
            SS: Troy Polamalu ~ Tyrone Carter

            This would give us a beastly O-Line, with good depth...good young talent at WR...much beter D-Line depth...great, physical corners. The only weakspot would be depth at OLB...but that could be easily addressed. Tell me what you think, thanks guys.


            • Jakey, depending on what happens with the o-line, Otah seems like a very good selection in the 1st round. Devin Thomas in the 2nd is great, nearly as great as Brandon Flowers in the 3rd. Drafting Flowers in the 3rd is just criminal. It's just plain stealing. I don't mind Kendall Langford in the 4th as it gives us some much needed d-line depth. You could also possibly look at Nick Hayden. I think Hayden would be a very good fit in our system. Hayden reminds me a whole lot of Aaron Smith, you know the guy that's currently injured and without him our defense suddenly looks pretty average? Yeah, that guy. Anyways, Darrius Reynaud in the 5th is a good selection as it gives us a good return man, and lets just say it's about time we got one. Last but not least is Jameel McClain. I think McClain in the 6th isn't a bad selection either, as he also gives us some much needed depth, but this time at the LB position.

              Overall, really nice mock Jakey. I'd definately take it. :)
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              • Thanks allot man...the only reason i think Flowers falls to the 3rd, is that facebook picture. I think that will raise some character issues...but i dont see Tomlin caring that much about that, so he would be a steal in the 3rd. I love Otah and that would be an awsome day 1 IMO :)


                • No problem man. I really like your mock and could only hope for something like this come draft day. Drafting Otah, Thomas and Flowers in the 1st 3 rounds would just be awesome.

                  Anyways, once again, nice job. :)

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                  • My mock 1.0

                    1. OT Sam Baker (6'5 305 USC)

                    I think we need to go OT in round 1. There are plenty of choices. Obviously Long and Clady will both be gone, as I believe Ottah will be too. So, look for Baker, Cherilus or Williams. I prefer Baker as I believe he is the best LT in the draft. While he may not be a strong run blocker his ability to pass protect Ben's blindside is crucial.

                    2. CB Tracy Porter (5'11 185 Indiana)

                    First and foremost I would take Owen Schmitt as this position, however, I think he will already be off the board. The value at this pick seems to be either at OT (which we took in Round 1), at CB or for a dynamic WR/KR guy. Whether or not Porter is still around or not I don't know, but there's also Trae Williams, Patrick Lee or Rodgerrs-Cromartie. This will give us a good young compliment of CBs for time to come.

                    3. DE Dre Moore (6'4 311 Maryland)

                    We need solid STRONG backups along our D-line, and maybe someone who might even be able to push Keisel as the starting 3-4 DE. I like both Moore and Kendall Langford out of Hampton. I think either would be a great pickup at this position.

                    4. WR Paul Hubbard (6'4 215 Wisconsin)

                    Hubbard's production is low since he played in a run-heavy Badgers offense. He has a big frame and should run a sub 4.5 forty time. I think we really need to add some height to our WR corps. Hubbard should be able to come in and push Wilson/Washington for either the #3 or #4 spot. I like WR in this round, so other guys would be Eddie Royal (although I think his draft stock will rise pushing him higher to a Day 1 pick), or All-American Jordy Nelson. Also a WR/KR could be a good option here, maybe Darius Reynaud.

                    5. OT/OG Jeremy Zuttah (6'4 295 Rutgers)

                    Either Zuttah or his teammate Pedro Sosa would be great pickups if they last this long. Zuttah started out as a LG and then moved to RT for the last couple of seasons. These 2 guys are the main reason on why Rutgers was near the Top of the NCAA the past 2 years in sacks allowed. Either would provide great depth along our O-line.

                    6. DE/OLB Brian Johnston (6'5 275 Gardner-Weber)

                    A guy I have read up alot on lately. He will be at the HULA Bowl. A big guy with great athleticism for his size. I'd like to pick up another pass rusher no matter what at this spot and I like Johnston's size. Another option would be Rudy Hardie. At 6'2 270, out of Hampton, he also has great athleticism.

                    7. To Atlanta in the Allen Rossum trade

                    I think this mock accomplishes alot. We get a starting LT and place great depth players at DE, WR and O-line. For of yous guys worried about our C position, next year keep your peeled to Alex Mack of CAL. He's the best C prospect I've seen since Nick Mangold. Definitely my #1 choice for our 2009 1st round pick.


                    • Palmer, I like picks 1, 2 and 3 and don't mind 6. I don't know much about Zuttah so I can't comment, and I'm not 100% sure about Hubbard. I need to watch a little more of him.
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                      • When all juniors declare, I will have a mock done I promise.


                        • I'm expecting a good one Hines ;)


                          • Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                            When all juniors declare, I will have a mock done I promise.
                            Sound good.

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                            • Palmer26... i like Porter, Moore, Zuttah and Johnston, i think they would all be good picks. But i personally like Chris Williams over Sam Baker...Baker is abit overrated in my opinion. Not a bad first mock tho'


                              • Originally posted by Jakey View Post
                                Palmer26... i like Porter, Moore, Zuttah and Johnston, i think they would all be good picks. But i personally like Chris Williams over Sam Baker...Baker is abit overrated in my opinion. Not a bad first mock tho'
                                I liked your mock. It has a player that I am really high on in the later rounds.



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