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We decided on a scheme?

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  • We decided on a scheme?

    I see an article at saying that we have settled on a defensive scheme, I'm not asking you to copy the whole article (copyright laws) but if you do know which scheme we'll be running next year I'm sure many of us would be interesting in knowing that.

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    im a insider at scout and it says we are LB hungry
    to re stock the 3-4


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      I'd like to see us stick with the 3-4. Just because the HC doesn't run the 3-4 doesn't mean the team can't. Cowher didn't run a 3-4 as the D-coordinator of KC.

      As long as we have a DC to play a 3-4 it would work.

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        From what I read on

        We're asking all the 3-4 capable DE/OLB's if they think they can play the Rush Backer spot.

        Moses, Spencer, Timmons, Moore, Bazuin were all spoken to.

        Check the discussion thread for my mock.

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