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  • Revised Newbie Steelers Mock

    I have read up more on players that will enter the 2008 draft and the comments my Steelers faithfull made at my last mock. And I believe I have made "THE GREATEST MOCK EVER"! HaHa

    RD1- Branden Albert OG Virginia
    I actually watched a game Virginia played against VT I still had tivo'd. He had three pancakes in this game alone. Two in one play at the goal line. Faneca is a stud but is getting older. I would love to get rid of Kendall Simmons but the rerards in the front office re-signed the worst guard in the NFL to a long term deal. Maybe Albert can play so well he'll make up for the horrible play at RG!

    RD2- Kentwan Balmer DE North Carolina
    Gives good depth and a future starter at the DE position. Has a lot of athleticism but needs someone to light a fire under his butt.

    RD3- Heath Benedict OT Newberry
    Guy has great quickness. Moves well. Dominated his weak competition. HAs a ton of upside. Hopefully our future at LT.

    RD4- Jordy Nelson WR Kansas St.
    This is a tall Wes Welker. Kid is 6-3 215lbs so has the size Big Ben would like. He has soft hands. Finds open stops in the defense. Has a monster Senior season with 122 catches for over 1,600 yards! He's a former DB learning the WR position. I think a couple of years of learning from Ward would make this kid a steal and a replacement for Ward.

    RD5- TOmmy Blake OLB/DE TCU
    Had first round ticket all but punched until some kind of nervous breakdown midseason. Said to be due to the pressures of his play. Well, hopefully the pressures of a 5th round pick won't be too high and he'll end up playing like the 17 tfl 7 sack player he was just a season ago. ANd had 8 tfl and 4 sakcs in just 8 games last year.

    RD6- D.J. Parker FS VT
    Played both CB and FS in college. Had a real nice last two seasons with 7 PBU's in each of his last two years and five picks in that span. Real athletic. Benches 340's at only 190 himself. Will push Smith and give us depth if Clark can't come back at 100%.

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    balmer wont be there in the 2nd most likely,

    everything else is pretty decent

    thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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      nice mock, but post these in the draft/offseason thread



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