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  • Stillers Hula Bowl Review

    I apologize that my notes aren't as organized as Jim's.

    Intro: Very very few of the guys playing in this game will be drafted (Guys likely drafted will be denoted with a *** before their name.)

    Guys I love for the Steelers will be in Bold.

    Hula Bowl:


    ***O'Connell Is Ben Roethlisberger and needs some work on his passing accuracy, as most of his passes were short, but excellent mobility and avoidablity. Possible WR Candidate?

    Ricky Santos. Lacks great size/strength, but another good player. Reminds me of Doug Flutie. DE came unblocked and he did the ol' pumpfake and frose him to take off. 2 plays later, they faked an end around and Santos had no issue throwing a block on a big DE. He's just making good throws. Right to Darrell Strong who dropped it. He threw a pick and may a hell of a tackle. He took a perfect angle, and looked a lot faster than the CB runing the pick back. he was so fast he outran the DE being the lead blocker and made the tackle. Bad Intercepion..but makes it less of a bad play by the play he made up for it with.

    ***Paul Smith is a physical QB. He's undersized. He's not "fast", he doesn't have the biggest arm. But he has all the tools plus he's a smarter guy. He has a firm understanding of the game. Solid and accurate, smart with the ball. Not afraid of big DL, 2 rushes for 3 + yards and touchdowns going head first.

    T.C. Ostrander has an amazing arm. Seems almost effortless throwing the ball. But he couldn't hit anyone in his colored jersey. Doesn't provide ball security.

    ***Bernard Morris is looking to be the best qb in this game. He's making smart plays, can do it with his feet. He knows when to throw the football away. Good zip on his pass, very accurate hitting QB's in stride. Very very hard to get a hold of. He is very quick and elusive.


    Jalen Parmele of Toledo looks like a great sleeper. Most would assume that he's only a north south guy but he showed the speed to get the edge. Not afraid of taking the hit. He doesn't have a great final gear, but it's better than you'd expect from looking at him. He drops the shoulder and hits hard. I'm going to be looking for his receiving ability. Beautiful. Delayed draw. He makes 2 guys miss in the backfield, skips through a tiny crease. I think he is the perfect RB for us. He honestly reminds me of Bettis, He runs low, probably nearly 4-5 inches. Good Knee bend, he runs full speed and can change direction at the same time. When I said bettis, I remember his tiptoeing through holse he had no realistic way of getting through, yet did.

    Keon Lattimore is another interesting RB. He doesn't have breakaway speed. But he doesn't go down on first contact, and more often than not, he doesn't go down on second contact either. Wide open for a TD and just missed the ball, needs to work on his hands.

    Andre Callender, I may sell this kid short. I never look at him for the Steelers, but for a quick, shifty 199lb RB he's very very physical.


    Jabari Arthur is a 6'4 225lbs WR that may not have 4.4 or low 4.5 speed, but he's big, willing to block, physical, great route runner and has good field awareness and vision. Knows where and when he should be. QB's best friend? 35 yard reception, Arthur beat the jam easily, had 2 steps. Watching it you'd think it was too far ahead and uncatchable. Arthur dives out and makes a huge catch. No one can tackle him. It takes the CB's slowing him down so the LB's can tackle him.

    Ernie Wheelwright looks like interesting development project, He's not as developed as Arthur and seems lathargic at times.

    Josh Morgan had me soured earlier this season for his actions after the play twice. But he's a big fast physical receiver. He struggles with consistency. He shows that he has the ability to be very subtle about pushing off, He literally threw the FS to the ground getting to a ball that could have been picked off. Even though he missed the catch, it's impossible to see him make that push in real time. He made a great catch off a tipped pass (Basically Ricky Santos threw a fleaflicker, it bounced off the CB and Morgan caught it) My issue with the play was, Morgan saw it was underthrown and just quit. Made no attempt to come back for the ball, or break up the INT. if not for luck, thats a INT and I'd put that one on the WR for lack of effort.

    Marcus Fitzgerald, yes he is Larry's little brother. Unfortunately he's more speed at 5'10 202lbs. He has a tendency to wait for a ball to get to his chest instead of using his hands to pick it out of the air. He's very good jumping for the ball. Shows a lot of promise as he struggled early but played much better as the game went on.

    Bruce Hocker. Quick, strong and explosive. He needs to work on pass routes, but he holds on to anything near him.


    ***Adam Bishop is an excellent quick and hands receiver, He lacks bulk to handle every down TE. More of a pass receiving specialist, but a good one. Definitely a wise project.

    ***Joey Haynos lacks deep speed, but physical, great blocker inline. He's pretty much solid as a 10 yard or less receiver as he knows how to shield the ball from defenders with his body.


    James Blair is a very interesting prospect. I'm interested to see if we bring him in, Hampton and Blair one on ones. Immoveable object vs. unstoppable force? In Pass pro several times he was the only one not to get pushed back. He seems the prototype RG. He may not have the RT feet to play RT in the pro's, but he has no problems eliminating the other teams SDE. He looks very agile for his 337lb frame and have fairly quick/decent feet. If he whiffs he struggles to make up. Once he locks on, better luck next time


    J.T. Mapu is a straight up football Player. NFLDraftscout has him listed as the #50 overall DT. He was a pretty decent freshman, then went on a Mission and became a backup. He's got the size, is very quick. He's certainly a guy I'm going to consider. He's had a sack, and another sack that caused a fumble giving his team the ball at the 4 yard line. Their Double teaming and he's still making plays on TC Ostrander at this point.

    Jason Shirley is still a prospect I'm interested in. If he re-dedicates himself, drops about 5-10lbs and gets some cardio, he could be a dominant 3-4 DE. I mean extremely dominant. Think Faster Ty Warren.

    Gabe Long playing NT is interesting. He'd probably be a 3-4 SDE. He gets up and under the pads, and plays with excellent leverage and push.

    Carlton Powell of VT looks like he could play a Hoke like NT in the 3-4 or more of a decently athletic backup LDE.


    Jordan Dizon is a machine. 6'0 220lbs and he explodes. He's playing strongside, but he is shedding blocks, flying to the ball, and he put a huge hit on Marcus Thomas. Excellent ST/ Nickel LB option.

    Anthony Hoke is possibly "My" favorite guy for UDFA. He's 6'1 235lbs, 4.5ish speed. Watching him he can mirror slower recievers and irritate quicker ones. He can also get down the field on St's. He was the first guy in on 4 ST kickoffs, 1 of which he sniffed out the reverse while everyone else bought it. Could play Gunner for punts, cover STs, develop as a Mack ILB Backup, and play Nickel ILB. This kid has "it". Later in the game he's about 10 yards off the ball on the snap, the center/QB exchange created a fumble. he was the 2nd guy there.

    Rob Jackson seems like a guy that could be an excellent strongside 3-4 OLB Candidate. Not overly fast, but he has great potential and explodes off the ball. Recovered one of Mapu's 2 fumbles. He gets into the backfield nearly every play. Needs to work on recognition because he sometimes loses containment. Kid just makes plays. 2 sacks. JT Mapu pushed the pocket and Brian Johnston got the FF/Sack, he recovered the fumble.

    ***Angelo Craig, the 6'4 230lb DE from Cincinnati, He's very fast and provides elite speed off the edge. Needs to add bulk and get stronger. He knocked the ball loose from Marcus Smith earlier. Makes a play later as they tried to play action, he didn't bite and smacked the QB. He oculd be an interesting late day 2 pick. He spent 2 years at LB, then 2 at DE, excelling at both. his frame could add another 20-30lbs. Very big guy, very solid frame.

    Scott Derry. A do it all LB. he's quick, athletic, and is all over the field. Could play WILL, MIKE, SAM in a 4-3 and either ILB slot in a 3-4. Very active and just constanly keeps moving towards the ball. Makes plays.

    Martail Burnett the Utah DE. Had a disappointing Senior season, but the kid is big and athletic. Could play ROLB in our scheme. Has a couple passrushing moves, his technique needs refined. Looks much better as a standup DE than as a hand down End.

    Nick Osborn looks like a more athletically and physically gifted version of Clark Haggans. He's quick off the edge and can speed around the RT.. but thats about it.

    ***Brian Johnston... He's 6'5 280lbs. He looks like a prototypical OLB speed/agility wise. He runs in the 4.6 40' . I think he could be an excellent Jumbo ROLB. His speed off the snap is very impressive and he has those long rangy arms. Very strong. Our Merriman?

    ***Marcus Howard may not be capable playing 3-4 OLB, but he made a beautiful play. He beat a double team to smash the qb.. Teams are going to find it incredibly difficult to keep up with his speed off the edge. I'd like to see his agility drills at the combine. He's going to be a special player.


    Haruki Nakamura is like Visa, Everywhere you want him to be. Key Fumble recovery, and 3 pass breakups, 2 almost picked early. Looks ot have potential as a KR/PR. Very quick, shifty. Looks like a WR. Stopping and going. This guy is just so impressive. He underthrew a WR a tad, The corner just bumped the ball. Nakamura had 1/2 second to realize he could catch the ball. In that short amount of time, he managed to shield the ball to guarantee the INT. I want this guy on our Roster. He looks like a physical FS with great hands in a Slot WR's feet/body and speed. Flew into the backfield to push Amir Pinnix out on the edge for a 2 yard loss. Seems one of the best techinical guys. He knows the angles and where to be. Seems to be in on every single tackle. This guy would look great in black and gold.

    Dominic Patrick is an interesting UDFA looking FS. 6'0 210lbs 4.5 speed. He seems to know where the ball is going to be, and is not afraid to throw his helmet in the ring to provide run support. Full of big hits. Very good Special teams coverage player.

    Jerrard Lawson. He is a CB for Oregon State. I think he is the bigger, more versatile Anthony Madison. The guy is great ST's contributor. Good size/speed, good on coverage and can return kicks/punts. Not game breaker, but solid.

    I hope you guys find this worthwhile.

    Whiy I liked those Bolded Names:

    Watching that game, JT Mapu was completely unblockable. As was Rob Jackson. I understand the Level of Competition.. but J.T. Mapu was doubled a large portion of the second half and was unstoppable. He has an extremly high motor, even in playing the majority of the game he didn't seem winded at all. 6'3 295lbs legit is prototype size for a 3-4 DE. He caused 2 fumbles, 3 Sacks, pushed the pocket and stopped a bunch of running plays before they got any gain. I think he could be a guy that could get an outside shot as a backup as a UDFA Rookie, and if not Would make very good PS material.

    Haruki Nakamura is the definition of Ballhawk. Even though his frame is only 5'10 190lbs, he plays like a 6'2 220lb LB. He tackles reliably in the open field. His reaction to plays are otherwordly. He reacts to the plays so quickly, and rarely makes a mistake in doing so. Great hands. He's also a PR/KR guy. I didn't realize it was him. He looked like a quick twitch small slot WR. He can run full speed and change direction without losing speed. He's got that fliud hips.

    Rob Jackson looks like a very solid Backup LOLB. Better as a Passrusher as he can get the edge and has lanky build that keeps OT's out of his body. He may not have great straightline speed, but he explodes off the snap and can really get around the RT quickly.

    Dominick Patrick looks like a solid FS Project. Excellent size, strength and speed. He's a great ST coverage guy as well. I don't think he'd be more than a St contributor without a good bit of work.

    Brian Johnston I think can play Jumbo OLB or looks like he could add another 20-30lbs. He's a legit 275-280lbs and looked like he was 250lbs. At 6'5 he looked extremely agile as he played some standup DE. He has a quick burst and can get around the edge. Looked to have extremely long arms. Showed quite a few different passrushing moves. He can bullrush, get to the edge. I think he could make an excellent OLB. If the FO doesn't like it, I think with 2 years as a backup, he could bulk up to play 3-4 WDE.

    Jabari Arthur is a guy that should get drafted IMO. I don't have access to his Akron games, but this guy caught everything, ran great routes, easily beat the jam, was extremely physical as a blocker. I think he could possibly contribute as a rookie and take Wilsons spot. He's reliable. He's not afraid to take a hit. Uses his body amazingly and is hard to tackle. 6'4 225lbs. His timed speed is questionable.. but it shouldn't be any worse than Limas Sweed who is a 2nd round consideration. I think he has potential to be a starter in the league.

    James Blair is a physical lineman. He's 6'4 337lbs. He showed some quickness in the game. Everything I read said he doesn't have the lateral speed to play RT in the pro's. I don't know about that. The LOC was low. He did struggle every now and again with a quick around the edge rusher. But no one got a sack on him. However when he locked on, there was no chance in beating them.

    Bruce Hocker is a guy that has a lot of raw potential. He's got good speed, good body control and hands. He has bouts of inconsistency with his hands and route running, but those can be fixed. A year or 2 on the PS and this kid could be a very solid addition to our receiving core.

    Bernard Morris is a talented QB. He's got quite a few desireable attributes. He's a pass first QB, but he's very elusive and hard to tackle. He's very accurate and has good zip on his passes, even on the run. His knock is Level of competition and needs to refine his mechanics a bit as he has a tad longer windup than necessary and a semi-low release. Would be an excellent pick if we decide to grab a QB in this draft to be a future replacement for Batch.

    Anthony Hoke is a very solid WLB. He's at 6'1 234lbs running in the 4.5's. He's very fast and instinctual OLB. He's a great St's guy as well. He could play Gunner on punt unit and was always near the play. I think he could play Nickel LB. Giving us Mack depth and sliding Foote to Backup Farrior at Buck.


    Jalen Parmele is a solid RB. He's 6'1 220lbs. He plays with his pads low, and he's quick and agile. He danced through a hole Darren Sproles would struggle through. He cut 4 times, and exploded 13 yards to the 1 yard line. I also thought he would struggle getting outside, thinking he was stricly a North South runner, I was extremely impressed with his ability to get to the edge and turn it up. He doesn't waltz out of bounds. If you're coming up to hit him, he's going to smack you in the mouth first. I wish they would've passed to him out of the backfield, so I didn't get to see that, but he did a very impressive job. I think he has a true breakaway gear, and is extremely shifty for is size.

    Criticize Freely.
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