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  • Official Steelers Mock Thread

    Hey, to help organize things a little better and to keep up some good discussion I figured I would start up an official Mock Draft thread where everyone can post their mocks instead of creating a bunch of seperate threads. This will make it a little easier to discuss and compare each others drafts, so post away!

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    Here's my mock with the standard trade to the jets

    Steelers Mock

    Rd 1 Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB Purdue

    Rd 2 Sidney Rice, WR South Carolina

    Rd 2 (trade w/Jets) Tony Hunt, RB Penn State

    Rd 3 Desmond Bishop, MLB Cal

    Rd 4a Jonathan Wade, CB Tennessee

    Rd 4b Samson Satele, C/G Hawaii

    Rd 5a Justin Durant, OLB Hampton

    Rd 5b Jay Alford, DE/DT PSU

    Rd 6 Brent Celek TE, Cincinatti

    Rd 7 Adam Podlesh, P Maryland


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      Stiller Strikes Again!

      NEW MOCK!

      Trade down with New York Jets, for their 1st and 2nd.
      Offseason Moves:

      Joey Porter Cut
      Chris Gardocki - Cut
      Cedrick Wilson - Cut
      Verron Haynes - Cut
      Antwan Peek Signed
      Sammy Morris Signed
      Chris Brown Signed

      1) Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB, Purdue

      Can backup Haggans for a season as we'll add Peek into Peezy's old spot, With Harrison behind him. Gives us talented depth and a solid Pass rusher for the future.

      2a) Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina

      A big bodied possession receiver. He gives Ben his big target and gives us a reliable #3. With Wilson gone, Heath Miller can start in the #3 role and slowly work Rice in. We had a bunch of #4's. Now we have a #3 that can eventually move to #1.

      2b) David Harris, MLB, Michigan

      I was against this until I heard we're staying in the 3-4. Since thats the case, this guy is the perfect 3-4 plugger. Solid Size and Power, ability to plug the hole and decent play recognition.

      3) Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee

      Track star, but has great potential in the Big game. He's got the speed and the ability to play, just needs the coaching up to be more refined player.

      4a) Manuel Ramirez, OG, Texas Tech

      Big powerful Gaurd. I have an inkling that Faneca may walk next year and look to go southwest. This way we have 2 big powerful gaurds to put on the line to protect. Kemo and Ramirez with an athletic Center would be awesome. thats nearly 700 Lbs of pure mean on each side of the Snapper.

      4b) Yamon Figurs, WR, Kansas State

      Terrific Gunner and ST player. Will push Washington and Reid. More of a safety pick, but he will upgrade one of our weakest outfits, the Special teams. Needs to add a bit of weight, but I think Felch and company will love this as it says... Bye bye Sean Morey.

      4c) Daniel Sepulveda, P, Baylor

      A booming Kicker, with a linebacker build. Played LB in high school and followed his brother's footsteps as a walk on at Baylor before being moved to kicker. Trained with an Aussie Sport Kicker and learned a few different kicking techniques. With Figurs, Sepulveda is another added boost to giving us a dangerous special Teams unit.

      5) Jay Alford, DT/DE, Penn State

      Great attitude player with a never quit motor. Comes in and lets us lose Rodney Bailey. Plays behind Aaron Smith.

      6) Daniel Coats, TE, BYU

      A solid powerful blocking Te with good hands. He'll push Tuman and who knows might even beat him out during camp. Not the fastest guy, but will find pockets and has good leaping ability and soft hands.

      7) Jacob Ford, DE/OLB, Central Arkansas

      Very Raw Prospect, but has solid size and good passrushing talent, just needs some teaching and could be a very very nice find. A diamond in the rough Perhaps.

      I wouldn't mind signing a UDFA QB..

      Luke Getsy, Steven Moffett, Toby Korrodi, Josh Swogger.

      And a FB

      Cory Anderson, Tim Castille...Nate Ilaoa?

      and a Center

      Mark Bihl.

      Brian Smith, Joe Anoai, Leonard Peters

      Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


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        Stiller, I think we are beginning to think too much alike, considering half our picks are exactly the same and the other half are the same positions in roughly the same rounds. The only thing I can say about yours is that if we dont take Tony Hunt in round 2, I'd like to see us get another runningback later on, like Kolby Smith of Louisville or Nasti Nate, especially with us cutting Haynes.

        I dont know a lot about Cris Brown, so you will have to enlighten me. I know he was with the Titans, but how old is he and how did he do there. It scares me a little that we would pick up a guy who couldn't make it with the Titans who lack a good running game outside of Vince Young.


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          You can basically forget the Chris Brown pick. I think we'll get Duckett or Resign Davenport. Along with Morris and Peek.

          Nate Ilaoa could probably be had in UDFA. There's a slew of good rb's in UDFA this year. It's not a very top heavy draft this year... there's not alot of premier talent.. per last year. Only position of Depth is WR/CB/DE. So, I think there will be good talent later.

          O love Nate Ilaoa, but like I said, we'll have Najeh who isn't that old and Sammy Morris who's got another 4-6 years.

          Also, on a side note. Morris also makes less than Haynes was making ($600K) and he is a special teams extremist along with being a solid #2 option.

          Sammy Morris the #2 is a do it all back, along with Davenport the capable #3.

          I could see us Signing a FB/RB tweener like Ovie Mughelli because we could need a Power RB with that group but there's a lot of stuff going on. I'll wait until Fa is settled down to do another mock draft.

          From an Ed Thompson article last spring:

          A selfless team player who loves playing special teams, Morris believes that successful teams are made up of players who find their niche and who strive to give their best in their respective roles.

          "I think a team is made up of a lot of individuals who play well and work well together. That goes further than X’s and O’s, forty-times and benches. It comes from the locker room and what kind of men you have – and not just in football, but in life, what kind of guys they are," he explained.

          A former starter for the Bills in his rookie season, Morris contributed over 600 yards of offense rushing and receiving. But with a coaching change in Buffalo and the arrival of Travis Henry, Morris dropped a notch on the depth chart. And in the process, he decided to focus on excelling at special teams to help his club.

          "You’ve always got an opportunity to find good in what are potentially bad situations," he said. "And to an extent I believe that’s a conscious decision to find something positive in something that you could justifiably be negative about."

          And as he became more proficient in the four areas of special teams -- punt coverage and returns, kickoff coverage and returns -- Morris learned something important that has really helped his pro career.

          "While I like playing different a role in the offense, I look at things kind of backwards compared to some other players. I really like playing special teams," he said.

          Because he has good hands coming out of the backfield, Morris can end up on the field in a variety of situations that can call for him to run for a few tough yards, or to sprint out of the backfield and use his good hands to catch a pass that will help his team move the chains. But since he's integral to Miami's special teams, he has to pay close attention to his conditioning.

          "I take pride in making sure I stay in condition so if I get the opportunity to catch a screen pass and breakaway for 40 yards for a touchdown, I'm still ready to go out and run down the field and cover the kickoff on the next play," he said.

          Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]


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            Gotcha. I personally would like a long term powerback to switch up with Willie, but I dont think its integral to the team to pick one up this year. However, Tomlin did seem to hint that they would be looking to pick up a solid number 2 guy, but where we do not know.


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              Originally posted by skarocksoi View Post
              Gotcha. I personally would like a long term powerback to switch up with Willie, but I dont think its integral to the team to pick one up this year. However, Tomlin did seem to hint that they would be looking to pick up a solid number 2 guy, but where we do not know.
              Well, There's Najeh and Speculation of Sammy Morris. Which gives us a solid rounded 3. We could always wait till 2008 and draft Jonathan Stewart who is everything Marshawn Lynch wished he was.....



              Nothing better than a 5'11, 240 lb rb with 4.33 ability that is that hard to tackle...

              Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]



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