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  • My mocks, thoughts?

    My mock:

    Rd. 1: Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
    We all saw how our defense fell apart when Smith got injured. With Smith getting on in years and Brett Keisel not being anything spectacular, I think taking Balmer the first round and sliding him over to DE could both give us good depth and take less pressure off of Smith.

    Rd. 2: Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska
    Can initially replace Colon on the right side and slide Colon over to LG to replace Faneca and perhaps be groomed for the LT position in order to eventually shift Smith over to RT.

    Rd. 3: Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas St.
    We can give Big Ben the big receiver he wants to initially start at the #3 spot and then work his way up.

    Rd. 4: Chevis Jackson, CB, LSU
    I initially liked Orlando Scandrick in this spot, but I figured he would be gone by the time the Steelers chose. Looks like a guy that is faster than his timed speed would indicate. Could contribute immediately as a nickel back and then replace Deshea.

    Rd. 5: Jacob Hester, FB, LSU
    I think Hester would be the big back complement that Willie Parker needs. I like both Peyton Hillis and Owen Schmitt more, but I dont see either of them being available here.

    Rd. 6: Maurice Murray, DT, New Mexico St.
    A big stuffer that looks like he could be NT in the Steelers 3-4 scheme.

    What do you guys think?
    EDIT: Meant to say "mock" in the title
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    It seems most Steelers fans are pretty much split on how they view the o-line. Based on your reasoning, I like the Nicks pick (if he's there). You hit all the other needs besides OLB, which is probably a bigger need than NT, but it's solid overall.


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      i think it's a decent mock.
      it's just that all the others have Nicks gone by the time we pick in the 2nd, and i really want a faster corner then Jackson; what "my research" has told me is that he doesn't have the skills for the next level?
      i would love to have Nicks, though!
      i would also love to see Hester and Nelson in Black and Gold!

      welcome, by the way!
      more Steelers fans!!!!!!!!
      ...The Pittsburgh Steelers represent a way of life...



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