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  • I Love You Guys!!!

    i've been a Steelers fan my whole life, we lived in The 'Burgh from '78-'83,(my mom and dad used to wait tables and bartend at the Grand Concourse, Bradshaw and Swann were regulars there!) and I've been on the west coast for the last 20 years. my dads a HUGE Steelers fan, and out here the Steelers get no coverage, especially in the off season!
    since the birth of the intranet i've been reading The Post Gazette everyday, and i thought that was the best P-town link?...untill i found you guys!!!

    nobody knows football like Steelers fans...godbless Scott W. and what you guys have done!

    lets have a good draft...and another kick ass year of Steelers football!

    this is Steeler Country!!!
    ...The Pittsburgh Steelers represent a way of life...

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    hey man glad you could join us

    i like to think we (these steeler fans) are one of the largest and most knowledgeable groups on this forum

    and i agree, we are D minus 39 hours and 15 minutes away... lets go steelers!

    thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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      I love you to brother! No ****!!! :D


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        Nice to have you on board my friend! :)


        360 GT: iiidiiiot
        Go AC Gators! 7-3 (4-2)


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          Not sure where u live on the west coast but if u r in socal there's a steelers bar right in downtown San Diego and another up in San Fran. I'll have to check w my friends and fam to get the names for ya but the fun thing about the bar in SD is that it's right down the block from an Eagles bar which results in some great 2am entertainment!



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