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  • 3 round mock

    1) D. Robinson o.g. oklahoma
    extremely physical o.g. with better feet than you would think...struggled in the national champioship game but that was literaly his only bad game of the season...finally and truely fills the void left by fannaca.

    2) K. Lewis c.b./f.s. oregon state
    physical corner and great athlete would give you guys some much needed depth at c.b. and f.s. before becoming the eventual starting c.b. or f.s..

    3) C. Irvin d.t./d.e.
    penetrating college d.t. that should make a great 3-4 d.e. in the pros...can play n.t. in nickel and dime packages and fills a need at great value here.

    complete mock here


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    Well since you went through the trouble of posting one of these on every team board I guess I'll comment.

    Duke Robinson seems to be a popular pick for the steelers in the first round but it is one I don't like. A lot of people assume we want big mauling guards but we actually ask for a lot of mobility which is something Duke doesn't have. He wouldn't be a horrid pick but I don't think we would go that way. I think a better pick here would be Eben Britton, Darius Butler or Alex Mack.

    I do like Keenan Lewis as a prospect and think he would fit our system very well. It may be a bit of a reach but if we don't resign McFadden or sign a FA like Chris Carr we will need to take a DB early.

    If we didn't go tackle in the first round we could also go Feniki Tupou, Troy Kropog or another corner I like, Victor Harris

    I don't think Corey Irvin is a third round prospect at all, and I don't think he has the strength or anchor necessary to play our type of DE. Depending on what we pick before I think Jason Watkins or Antoine Caldwell would be a better pick. We don't reach often for a need.


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      **** no to puke in the first

      i like lewis... idk about the 2nd though

      and i dont know of your 3rd rounder

      thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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        I'm not big on Duke in the 1st either. It's possible he got overanalyzed as a senior, would be an immediate upgrade over Stapleton and I'd give the Steelers the benefit of the doubt if they took him, but I really just don't like him.

        Lewis seems fine but nothing stands out about him to me personally.

        Irvin seems solid and you never know when a guy will get drafted, but that seems early for him.



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