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  • Goodell sux mock

    I have been an avid Steeler and draft fan for a while, I never really cared too much for actual posting but...........this whole 5th round comp thing is horrid. This commie commish is ruining the NFL. Here is a stab at a mock with our accurate compensation for the loss of Alan Faneca.

    1.- Ron Brace (6'3 330lb) NT, BC- Casey is awesome, but is getting old, gets injured a few games the last couple years, and not taking care of himself real well the past off seasons. Brace can take a few snaps for the vet and learn and take over when Hamp becomes a FA next year. For those reasons I believe he will not be retained, so I believe a succesor is needed in this draft.

    2.- Kraig Urbick (6'5 325lb) OG, Wisc- I feel he could come in right away and battle Stapleton, who IMO is the worst of our OL. Played RT but will be a big strong Guard. He is used to a power run game and his strength and length inside can mask his lack of athleticism in the pass game.

    3.- AQ Shipley (6'1 308lb) OC, PSU- I Gotta admit his short arm lenth scares me quite a bit. He does block like he wants to eat peoples faces though. Which is what I think the Steelers are most interested in. He is a glass eater.
    Also Hartwig is a FA next year as well.

    4.- Joe Burnett (5'10 190lb) CB, UCF- A solid built CB with good cover skills and good speed. Has a private work out with Steelers April 1. Can provide CB depth and is a dynamic returner.

    5.- Deon Butler (5'10 185lb) WR, PSU- A WR that can give us a deep threat option and provide WR depth.

    5.- Zach Potter (6'6 282 lb) DE, Neb- 34 DE prototype provides depth along an aging front. Looked alot better in games this year than in T vs N game I thought. Also Keisel is a FA next year.

    6.- Quinn Johnson (6'1 246lb) FB, LSU- I know McHugh is basically our FB but Carey Davis can definitely be upgraded. It seems like a lose-lose if Mchugh is in the backfield, we are running and teams know that. If Davis is back there and we run he can only really block DB's. Johnson will help upgrade our run game.

    7.- Whichever DL the Steelers like

    7.- Camp body WR

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    I don't like Brace. I'd rather address 3-4 DE. Not awful. I loved AQ at PSU, but as a pro idk and 3rd round is a reach. I LOVE butler in the 4th. He is a true deep threat and a solid route runner.

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      This "commie commish" has nothing to do with our comp pick. A 5th was the highest we could get for Faneca. Comp picks are decided by a set of rules.

      But to the mock, I love Urbick, Shippley, and Butler. I'm not sure what to think about Brace as I havn't seen much of him, but the position is definately a need.

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        I like this mock.

        Brace seems like the clear cut 2nd best NT prospect in the draft. So it seems like wishful thinking for him to be there in the 2nd round. A NT of the future is a big need. It's been argued on here before how important that position is, but I love having a stud there and would like to keep that going. In addition, Brace played some 5 technique at BC and could be in the DE rotation as a rookie and stay there until Hampton or Hoke leave.

        After going DL in the 1st then you hit the OL with the next 2. Big fan of that. I like Urbik I echo your statement exactly about him. I'd love to come away from this draft with a Center. You went elsewhere in the first 2 rounds for quality players and then I think the 3rd is where to take Shipley. Anytime someone is projected as a 3rd/4th, it seems almost unreasonable to simply expect him to fall into our laps with the last regular pick of the 4th round.

        Then I love the CB and WR combo in the 4th and 5th. This is the time frame I'm also thinking for these positions. I really like what I read about Burnett. I think we can get a CB like Burnett in the 4th round to fit our system and be a quality player. Similarly, I like a WR in this area, too. Nate Washington caught 2.5 balls a game. Our WR core isn't amazing but I think a guy taken higher would be wasted. Or Sweed would be wasted. Butler would be a nice guy to compete for the 4th and 5th WR spots to add depth.

        Love Potter. If we can really get him at the end of the 5th it'd be great. We need some young bodies on the DL. I love that you've taken Brace, Potter and a 7th rounder.

        I'm all up for trying to improve our FB position



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