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  • Two Mocks

    This first one is a real boom or bust mock,

    1st. Vonte davis CB, Illinois
    All the measurables, you look for, but work ethic issues make him fall. Tomlin will make this kid a star.

    2nd. eric wood C/G
    I think unger and mack will fall to the 2nd round pushing wood into our laps, a proper blue collar OL, will be a steeler for years.

    3rd. Troy Kropog T, Tulane
    Best tackle available at this point, good feet and under rated in the run game, has LT potential

    4th. Ricky Jean-Francois, DE, LSU
    Explosive De who has a lot of potential, limited starts in collegde, but when he did play he looked good

    5th. Austin Collie, WR BYU
    Overage possession WR, run some of the best routs in the draft, solid hands.

    5th. Vaughn Martin DT Western Ontario
    Canadian DT, will sit in the practice squad for a year, till we decide to keep either Hampton or Hoke

    6th. Nick Reed ILB , Oregon
    Not ideal size, but this guy is a baller loads of production, a real sunday player.

    this is what I'd like to see happen

    1st. Jaron gilbert

    Awesome size and athleticism, good production in college, will need a year to iron out the kinks but could see some situational downs this year.

    2nd.Trade up in 2nd dj moore
    We trade our forth to move up a few spots to get one of the best CB's in the draft, slightly undersized, but his film doesn't lie, great production in college plus elite return skills.

    3rd.TJ Lang G/T Eastern Michigan
    Projects to either tackle or guard, think of willie colon only 5 times better


    5th. Joel Bell, ot Furman
    Massive tackle, good in the run game, surprisingly nimble feet, will take at least 2 years till he's ready to start

    5th. Brandon Tate, WR, North Carolina
    Mashed up knee, but so did Hines, great opposite nicks at usc, imo will be a better pro.

    6th.Zach Potter DE Nebraska
    Good size, decent production will sit for a while, but could be solid down the road.

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    Much happier with your first option, but let me "edit" it for you.

    1. Vontae Davis, CB
    2. Eric Wood, C
    3. Troy Kropog, OT
    4. Terrance Taylor, NT
    5. Austin Collie, WR
    5. Will Johnson, 3-4 DE
    6. Zach Potter, 3-4 DE


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      I like Collie, but is he thought to be available near the end of the 5th? I've heard 3rd round on him, or 4th.



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