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    Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
    you can say Gay now
    Woah...when did that happen?

    William Gay is a starting cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Edit: just checking, cool.

    Props to clover_jeez!


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      Gay is going to be a good one IMO.

      I think Davis could come in and contribute for a handful of sacks this year, but will reck havoc in the backfield at the very least.


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        Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
        Gay is going to be a good one IMO.

        I think Davis could come in and contribute for a handful of sacks this year, but will reck havoc in the backfield at the very least.

        Could Davis take Harrisons spot, when he's done? Or is Davis strictly a situational rusher?
        ...The Pittsburgh Steelers represent a way of life...


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          Killer video, interviews with Urbik and Summers! They seem like smart, solid guys! I'm hyped!...check out The Tanks trapz!
          ...The Pittsburgh Steelers represent a way of life...


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            Yay for Gay! I think Townsend will stay at nickle and a backup safety like Carter will be the dime back. Eventually though one of the rookies (probably Lewis) or maybe Ratliff if he makes the team will come in. Probably by the end of the season like how we worked in Woodley last year.

            I can see Townsend retiring after this year and one of the Rookies taking over at nickle and dime respectively. Hopefully Lewis gets the playbook down fast enough that he can come in pretty early and we dont have to have carter back there.


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              With this minicamp over, I think we release/trade Foote tomorrow. And I think it'll be release.


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                Some notes about the minicamp that I was able to gather from many sources. There isn't information about everyone though...

                Ben Roethlisberger has supposedly fully healed from every single injury he had last season, including the rib injury that he endured during the Superbowl and the shoulder injury that nagged him all season long.

                Charlie Batch was a little bit rusty, but that was from not playing at all last season (hopefully).

                Dennis Dixon looked great and, if he continues like this in training camp, could give Charlie Batch some legitimate competition for the #2 QB spot.

                Willie Parker ran for the first time since the Superbowl. He said that, unlike previous years, he didn't work out that much previous to minicamp and let his body rest and heal. He called last season a "fluke" and does not seem to be worried at all about the situation with his contract.

                Rashard Mendenhall would have been able to play last year in the post-season had he not been on the IR. He seemed to be in just as good, if not better, shape than he was at this point last year. He is eager to contribute now that he feels more comfortable with the system.

                Mewelde Moore has a sprained ankle, or something of the sort, because he was stepped on. However, Tomlin said that he should be able to resume all training by the end of next week.

                Frank Summers' power was clearly evident in the drills, even though they were non-contact drills. He also said that he once or twice felt the urge to simply run straight and through a would-be-tackler. That's how much he likes to hit.

                Hines Ward sat out through all practices due to injury, but still served as a mentor/coach to others.

                Holmes new-found maturity is apparently showing. Players have more respect towards him for his Superbowl MVP award, and many claim that, ironically, last year's marijuana blunder has set him on the right track to success. He's supposedly in great shape and is eager to demonstrate that his superb play in the post-season will carry on to the regular season.

                Sweed is also trying to improve for next season. He knows that the competition for the #3 spot will be tough, but he's confident that he'll work very hard and ultimately earn it.

                Mike Wallace showed his speed and apparently Ben loves it. He said he's never played with a guy that fast and that he could potentially add a whole new dimension to the offense, one that wasn't even there with Washington.

                Dallas Baker was spectacular. He caught everything that was thrown his way and is apparently ready to battle for, get this, the #3 spot too. Not #5, not #4, but #3! Man, he must've played well!

                Not much on McDonald, other that he's also good competition for the #3 spot.

                Martin Nance was absent for reasons that will supposedly be determined tomorrow (or today, monday).

                Heath Miller is looking forward to next season, and hopes to have a somewhat bigger impact. He also wants to start negotiating a long-term contract.

                Max Starks looked in better shape than he was during the Superbowl. He's much more confident about his role in the team, and also looks forward to getting a long-term contract done. He, as did Kemoeatu, said that with more practice, the line will be MUCH improved from last season.

                Kraig Urbik is not focused on competing for the starting RG spot, but rather at trying to succeed in any type of competition he finds himself in. He's extremely motivated to be in a run-heavy team, and is working hard at learning the playbook.

                A.Q. Shipley has coaches astounded. Not only did he ask (or is about to ask) for Mike Webster's number (52), but he's digesting the playbook at an unbelievable rate. Shipley scored a 40 in the wonderlic, which was the SECOND HIGHEST OF ALL PLAYERS IN THE DRAFT! A coach even said that if he kept on learning and playing at this level, he would not only make the team, but he'd at least dress up for games and might even be considered as legitimate competition for the center spot. Talk about a great player in the seventh round!

                Ramon Foster was apparently the best UDFA out there. Coaches are excited at his upside at the guard, and not the tackle, position, although they said that he can play both. He's a great run-blocker, and could become another versatile o-line guy that can play multiple positions. They said that his technique could definitely improve, but that he showed extreme determination to improve and battle for a roster spot.

                Aaron Smith is extremely happy that his son is winning the battle vs. leukemia. Teammates said that they hadn't seen him as excited and happy as he is right now in a couple of months.

                Casey Hampton arrived excited to play and determined to retire a Steeler. He didn't gain weight, and says that avoiding the training-camp fiasco he had last year will only help him improve his camaraderie with the guys, as well as his play on the D-Line.

                Ziggy hood showed his non-stop motor, as he gave full-out effort in many of his plays. DLine coach John Mitchell is supposedly very excited to have a talent as him to mold into the next great Steeler DE.

                Ra'Shon Harris did well, but he needs to lose some fat and gain muscle. As of now, he looks like a practice squad player, but he did show why the coaches think he has great upside.

                Larry Foote did not show up to any of the practices, but he was excused. Detroit has also hinted at the fact that they might not be interested in trading for him.

                James Farrior is a little sad that Foote is leaving, as he was a great friend and locker-room guy. But he also knows that Timmons is a force, and that "he could become one of the best in the game." He also said that Timmons is actually one of the best overall athletes in the entire team.

                James Harrison started working out two days after the Superbowl, and is as ready as every to IMPROVE upon his last season. He wants to demonstrate that he deserves the money he earned, rather than simply giving the impression that he was a two year wonder.

                LaMarr Woodley is also seeking to improve upon his past season. He wants to mantain his consistency throughout the entire season, as he had a slight drop in sacks in the final part of the regular season.

                Bruce Davis has made quite a change. He says that his speed-pass-rushing is extremely polished, and that he lost seven pounds. He's down to 255, and he says he's gained a half-step, which means he's an even better speed rusher. He also said that he did gain quite a bit of muscle, and that his bull-rushing has definitely improved. He did acknowledge that it can still be improved upon, but that it's extremely better than it was last year. He says he's not as much as a one-dimensional pass-rusher as he first was after exiting college.

                Troy Polamalu is not worried at all about the Madden Curse. He says he's not a big video game fan, and he doesn't believe in all this curse stuff. He worked in his off-season program again, saying that it was part of the reason why he was able to play in every single game last season, and play at a very, VERY, high level.

                Ryan Clark was held out of practice because he's still recovering from an injury, and also because Tomlin jokingly said that Ryan always finds a way to deliver a huge hit, even in non-contact drills.

                Neither Greg Warren nor Daniel Sepulveda are fully recovered from their injuries. Warren still walks with a limp. Sepulveda's injury is of a little more concern, as it's been almost an entire year and he still hasn't fully recovered.

                Mark Estermyer also has an uncanny amount of ST and Long-snapping knowledge. It's rumored that if Warren doesn't return to his pre-injury form (where his long-snapping was actually rated among the best in the league, although I don't really know how you mesure it), Estermyer gets the job.

                Jared Retkofsky was released because he had a motorcycle accident and injured his arm. He arrived in a sling, and was consequently released.

                And that's it! Can't wait for the next camp, and then training camp!

                Props to clover_jeez!


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                  great **** man, great ****

                  thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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                    Hly Sht, this is disgusting! Apparently Holt did it when we played the Rams back in the 07-08 season, a game where Ben had a perfect QB rating :)


                    Props to clover_jeez!


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                      I think it is weird but cool at the same time.

                      If he wants to keep it as a symbol of him playing the game, more power to him.

                      Silverback....still the best.

                      +rep to Jakey for the sig


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                        We released Foote today.


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                          Matthew 19:26
                          Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but With God ALL things are possible


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                            He's been good to us, so I wish him the best.


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                              Originally posted by Steelersfan4life View Post
                              He's been good to us, so I wish him the best.
                              Lol at your sig, although you gotta switch the 77 to a 78 because Marvel is gone and Starks is playing there.

                              Props to clover_jeez!


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                                i can see our D setting the record for the most sacks from a duo or triplet and as a team

                                Matthew 19:26
                                Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but With God ALL things are possible



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