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If there was any doubt about Mike Tomlin and Max Starks tonight proved it

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    Originally posted by steelcrew43 View Post
    McFadden signed with the cards because of Whisenhunt... the coach that we should've nabbed in the first place.. tomlin won with cowher's team
    I don't think he signed with the Cards just because of Whisenhunt. He wanted top-notch money and didn't get it. The deal they offered him was pretty similar to ours, but he said no to us to get more money, and never got it.

    As for Tomlin having Cowher's team and whatnot, that's might be true, but Tomlin is still building his team. He's only been here 3 years. With him, we've gotten Woodley, Timmons, Mendenhall, Wallace, Sepulveda, Mewelde, Keyaron, and Ziggy, all of whom are solid players.

    And you could say that Whisenhunt took Dennis Green's team (or whoever was there before him) to the Superbowl. Warner was already there, as was Fitzgerald, Boldin, James, Dansby, Dockett, Wilson, and others, all of whom were major contributors in their Superbowl run.

    We've been a defense-first team for a long while, so it would have been surprising to see an offensive-minded guy as our HC. Plus, Ben didn't get along with him, so what's the point of having an offensive-oriented team when the franchise QB doesn't like the coach?

    We don't need Whiz as head coach. We just have to replace Arians (or hope he gets his stuff straight).

    Props to clover_jeez!


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      This Tomlin hate is absurd. This guy wins the Super Bowl in his 2nd season, and people are calling for his head because he had one bad season, but even then they still had a winning record. I love Cowher like the next guy and would kill to have him back in our organization, but the guy was a choke artist and only won ONE championship in 15 years. He had a bunch of talented teams, but always blew it in the AFCCG or the Super Bowl. His conservative style was limiting a lot of the players.

      What people fail to know is that Tomlin is also 37 and still very young in the NFL. He only had a high labled job in the NFL for one season, and that was when he was a DC.

      Tomlin was the right man for the job. He is defensive minded, young, and firey(although he failed to show that sometimes this season).

      The whole team got complacant. It would not surprise me to see them very, VERY hungry this season and contend for the championship again.



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