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    Originally posted by Palmer26 View Post
    1. LB Sean Weatherspoon
    2. FS Nate Allen
    3. DE Alex Carrington

    Spoon is a vocal leader that we are sorely lacking on defense. His play is similar to that of Farrior and even Timmons. If we are going to leave Timmons at the Mack position to develop, that Spoon seems like a legitimate replacement at the Buck for Farrior.

    Other than Berry, Allen might be the best pure FS in this draft.

    I know we drafted Ziggy early last year, but DE is still a big position of need. Carrington is big and physical and would look good opposite Ziggy in the long term.
    1. LB Sean Weatherspoon
    2. FS Nate Allen
    3. DE Alex Carrington

    Weatherspoon should be there at 1.18... I'm not sure Nate Allen will last to our R2, and I'm almost sure Carrington won't be there at R3... If we came away with these three guys though I'd be very pleased.


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      I think we need to focus on self-motivated, humble, hard-working guys.

      For each of the past drafts, there was a kind of theme for the guys we picked.

      In 2007, almost all of our high picks had loaded trophy rooms. Woodley had multiple awards, including best lineman in football, Sepulveda won the Ray Guy twice, Spaeth was the best TE, and so on.

      For 2008, we took high-profile offensive players and injured ones. Mendenhall and Sweed were high-profile, and Sweed was coming of a big injury, as was Tony Hills and Dennis Dixon. Dixon was a high profile offensive player too, prior to injury.

      For 2009, we went with quiet, self motivated, and very hardworking guys. Mike Wallace had his rough past to drive him, which he shares with Keenan Lewis, Ziggy Hood had great intangibles and a great work ethic, Frank Summers wanted to be a Steeler, Shipley had his "prove everyone wrong" mentality going on, etc.

      I think the coaches and Tomlin are looking to repeat what they did in 2009 in regards to the types of players they are looking for. Self-motivated guys who are easily coached, and take coaching in with the purpose of using it. Down-to-earth guys who earn playing time, as opposed to simply receive it.

      Mendenhall and Sweed didn't really fit that profile, as evidenced by Mendy's supposed apathy and lack of effort at the beginning of last year's season. Sweed is supposedly a humble and hardworking guy, but it looks like his ego has been seriously hurt, meaning that he too was not as down to earth as others.

      Hood, Wallace, and others are the opposite of divas, and that's the type of players I'm trying to find right now.

      So far, here's who I've come up with:

      QB Tim Tebow, Florida
      Need I say why? Unparalleled intangibles and leadership. With the way things are going as of late with Roethlisberger, I have read in many places that Steeler fans want him gone and Tebow arriving. Don't see him as a franchise QB just yet, and I know we won't draft a QB before round 5, but yeah, some of Steeler Nation are already demanding him. With his attitude, I think he could definitely learn the tricks of the trade.

      S Taylor Mays, USC
      Being from USC, not many people will believe that he's not a diva. While he might have a big ego, he's as hard-working and self-motivated a player as you can find. Going into the combine, many people doubted him. Suggestions about switching to OLB, not fitting in as S, and not being as fast as he supposedly was. What did he do? He had a great combine, recording the fastest time for any DB, and bringing on a wave of controversy regarding the authenticity of his 40 yard dash, supposedly being timed .1 seconds slower than he actually ran. In an interview with Steve Wyche right after running his 40, Mays was visibly irritated with the 4.43, and his answer was that he simply wanted to prove he could run a 4.2 at the USC Pro Day. His performance at the combine showed two things: he truly is as gifted an athlete as people thought he was, and he works extremely hard when nobody is really pushing him. Look up "Nothing But Freaks" on Youtube, the ESPN special about him and 4 others. They voluntarity got together and trained on a daily basis with a special diet specifically designed to improve themselves for the combine. That shows a lot about his character. Not everybody goes into such training regimes (see Andre Smith, Terrence Cody, and countless others), and very few do so by their own decision. He also listens to coaches and does whatever is asked of him. This past year, he pretty much played deep, pretty much all season long. Not many safeties would have done this without a single complaint. Mays did. He sacrifices his personal desires for the team. In the same interview with Wyche, he said that he does what coaches ask him to do, and to the best of his abilities. He's a tough, smart, hard-working guy that doesn't need coaches riding his back all the time.

      LB Rolando McClain, Alabama
      A true leader at ILB, I think he's got potential to be as influential a leader as Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher are. Great football IQ, dedicated to the game, he follows coaches without hesitation and does what's asked of him. According to multiple sources, he spends countless hours watching film, analyzing opponents, and breaking down opponents strategies. Called by some a "second defensive coordinator," he makes great calls while on the field, indicating he's got a great ability to read plays and react accordingly. Add in the fact that he's a powerful guy, and he's as much an intimidator as Mays is. No character concerns, no off-season troubles, he consistently works to get better and is the type of player you try to build your defense around.

      DT/DE Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
      No chance we get him, but he too is a great character guy who you can build a defense around.

      RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
      One of the 4 guys who worked with Mays in the "Nothing But Freaks" program, Spiller is another great character. He too works his butt off even when coaches aren't pressing him too, and it shows. He's constantly able to conserve his game-breaking speed, and he does what coaches ask him to. This has led to his ability to be a very versatile back who can fit almost any scheme, be it pass-catching, run oriented, and whatnot. He's a smart player who knows what he brings to the table and doesn't create a big fuzz out of things. He'd be a perfect addition for our offense, as a complimentary back to Mendenhall and a threat to make a big play every time he touches the ball.

      LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
      Spoon plays with a non-stop motor and constantly gives everything he has on the field. Consistently working hard, and being a natural leader for Missouri, Spoon is another great player to have on your defense. Good football IQ, does what coaches ask him to do. There are some concerns about him off the field, though. While he never gets into trouble (quite the contrary, he's labeled a "good guy"), he is a bit goofy sometimes, and while this usually has no impact whatsoever on his game, there was at least one GM who already said he wouldn't want Spoon in his locker room. The GM, at the combine, said "He never shuts up. He was the loudest guy in the room for the bench press. He gives me a headache. I think he is full of (it). It's all about himself. I don't want him in my locker room." Another FO personnel guy had this to say about Spoon at the combine: "[He] was criticized for worrying too much about his image and post-football career aspirations before he has accomplished anything in the National Football League." While there are many contrasting reports, the majority seem to indicate that his antics are usually minor and don't have any major impact on the team (such as an American Idol interpretation in a locker room). In any case, he's a true leader on the field, works extremely hard, and is an element that everyone should want on their team. Another source compared him to Dwight Howard, saying that while off the field he's goofy and pranks other players and makes constant jokes, he completely switches when playing, leaving everything on the court, simply dominates, and is fully concentrated, not letting the silly things interfere with his performance.

      WR Andre Roberts, The Citadel
      Small school guy who's rising up draft boards as of late. No character concerns whatsoever, he's a reliable target who coaches love. He completes his assignments, does all that coaches ask him to do, and is an example for the rest of his team; a true leader. He work ethic was called "admirable" by an opponents coach, and his effort is never short of his best. He'll work as hard as he possibly could, no matter where he lands.

      C J.D. Walton, Baylor
      Another guy who consistently gives it his all. Centers have to be clever and smart, and this guy definitely fits both criteria. Add in the fact that he doesn't stop pushing and working until the play is called dead, and you have a guy who competes at a high level with a mean streak. Not intimidated by big defensive tackles, he's played against good ones in his college career. He could be the center we've lacked for a couple years now.

      So, who else do you guys have as high character, hard working, self motivated team leaders?

      Props to clover_jeez!


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        i think brandon grahm needs to be in that discussion as well, i agree with your analysis though

        thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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          Obviously Myron Rolle springs to mind. Very Tomlin-esque type of guy.


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            Okay, so I think that, all things considered, our pick will come down to one of the following five guys:

            Mike Iupati
            Earl Thomas
            Sean Weatherspoon
            C.J. Spiller
            Rolando McClain

            Haden will probably be taken by a top 10 team, don't see him falling out of there, sadly.

            Agree? Disagree?

            Props to clover_jeez!


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              I agree, but maybe add a tackle like Trent Williams or Anthony Davis.


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                i think we may take a look at Mays also....just a feeling.

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                  also add Pouncey to that list...i hope not though..

                  PRAYING FOR SPILLER!!!! :D

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                    I just hope we get OL, CB or Spiller with our first rounder.

                    Mays is interesting too... The prospect of his athleticism and hard hitting being coached up by Lebeau is very tempting.


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                      Originally posted by JonasBlane View Post
                      Mays is interesting too... The prospect of his athleticism and hard hitting being coached up by Lebeau is very tempting.
                      I'll pass on Mays.

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                        **** mays....4 year starters at usc shouldnt have to be coached up


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                          Originally posted by steel man View Post
                          i think we may take a look at Mays also....just a feeling.
                          I would pass on mays

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                            hopefully management is looking at mays the same way we are. don't care to see him in black and gold.

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                              If Pouncey, Spoon, Earl Thomas and all four of the OT's are gone, where do you see them going? I know Iupati would be an option but they did draft Kraig Urbick last year. What about Kyle Wilson or Kareem Jackson. Any input would be great.


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                                Yes, Iupati and Wilson would be good picks.



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