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  • Originally posted by K Train View Post
    i always thought pouncey would be a first rounder, not so much a top 15 consideration but the man can ball. im saying pouncey > mack/wood/unger. just a notch below mangold and a notch below mangold=pro bowl center

    i dont know how ben isnt terrified to take snaps from hartwig. imo pouncey is a much more refined player than iupati but both have elite potential.

    on a side note....draft is getting ******* close lol
    Yeah, that's true, Pouncey is ready to play at a higher level than Iupati right now.

    Props to clover_jeez!


    • Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn View Post
      With McClain, Spiller, Haden, ET, and Dez off the board, I think the pick is between Iupati and Pouncey, Graham also just because we all really want him, lol.

      I'd like Iupati, and have no issues taking him at 18 with those guys off the board. While it is hard to justify a guard at 18, it's just as hard do to so for a center, so if someone says we shouldn't go guard at 18 because they shouldn't go that high but still want a center there, they've got a very questionable argument.

      The highest centers have gone recently are Jeff Faine and Alex Mack at 21 each, with guards being somewhere around those picks too.

      Iupati's still a great pick at 18 for us, no matter if guards shouldn't go that high. We need help all across the line, and while center is also a big need for us, tackle not so much. As nice as it'd be to get a franchise tackle, the top 4 guys will be gone and we're not taking Bruce Campbell. Plus, the coaching staff really like Starks and Colon as the starters, much to our frustration. They played well at time last year, but we could do better.

      And for the record, I don't know why Pouncey's stock soared from a mid second rounder to a mid first rounder. The guy didn't do that much IMO to warrant such an increase, but that's the way these things happen, I suppose. People all of a sudden started lauding him and he rose. A mid-first center should be the next Dermontti Dawson.

      Plus, we always go BPA in the first two rounds. Usually if it meets an area of need, we go there, like Hood last year. So I think Iupati could be near the top of the list with the way your draft went.

      And for the second pick, trade up for Tate or Benn. If not, I'd go Best, just to have another RB. We have Mendenhall, Mewelde Moore, and three guys with a whopping 3 games of experience from all three combined.

      Hope this helps.
      Thanks a lot, and IMO A combo of Best and Mendenhall would be sick.
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      • That draft didn't end up too bad.
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