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    first off... Walter Thomas, of Northwest Mississippi CC... 6'4 370lbs.

    Dalton Bell, QB, West Texas A&M (6'2, 210lbs, 4.75 40' but very very strong arm.)

    Eric Fowler, WR, Grand Valley State ( 6'2.5, 215lbs, 4.48 40' best D2 Receiver.)

    Renard Stevens, WR, West Liberty (6'4, 209lbs, 4.74 40', very long arms, hard to cover)

    Desmond Allison, TE, South Dakota (6'4, 243lbs, 4.68 40', Very physical even for his size)

    Jason Capizzi, OT, IUP( 6'8, 312lbs, 5.2 40', former Pitt OT, Could be a developmental RT)

    Adam Wolff, NT/MLB, North Dakota (4.68 40', 6'2 266lbs, UFA MLB?.. Bruschi?)

    Maceo Thomas, NT, Elizabeth City ( 6'2, 292lbs 5.01 40', very powerful and quick.)

    Derrick Jones, DE, Grand Valley State - 6'4 282lbs, 4.79 40' Could play 4-3 or 3-4 DE and could probably stay under a 5.0 second 40' at 300lbs. Very agile and strong.

    David Jones, CB, Wingate (6'0 195lbs, 4.42 40' Very raw, but very talented.)

    Rashod Moulton, S/CB/KR/PR, Fort Valley (5'11 192lbs, 4.44 40' Could be Chidi with Upside?)

    I'm heading to work in about 30 minutes, I'll do more research on guys later.
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