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  • Funny how we have a bad year and all of a sudden everybody wants to get rid of our players. The fact is we lost alot of chemistry with our team with the results of fumbles and int's that cost us games. When you lose games that you should win people get frustrated and lose confidence. This is basically the same team that won the superbowl last year. I get so sick of fair weather fans. Let's just dismantle the whole team and move it then also. Yes we need to address certain positions like center if Okobi isn't going to be the future, but if we would have won the 5 games we gave away nobody would be talking about starting all these young guys who are going to get thier jocks handed to them. Personally this is good for our guys to get embarassed. It will bring a fire to them next year to prove a point. Even Hines Ward was ready to throw the towel in by week 7. If that is how the whole team feels then of course they won't win. As for guys who are 30, that is when alot of them are right at thier peak. We have alot of young to go with our experienced players. Getting rid of guys live Smith and Fenaca is just plain stupid. One bad season and everybody wants to ax the team. Thank goodness most people on here are not in charge of the team. We probably wouldn't win more than 5 games a season every year. They would always want to get rid of everybody. Just suck it up and realize it's a bad season. This team will definately be back next year. As for head coach, I think Cowher will be back, but if he isn't we will stay inside the organization. We have a good core of coaches and would be really suprised if we didn't keep them. As for Carroll, that just is not going to happen. I don't think that is even a thought.


    • We dont need to dissasseble the team, but we do need to re-evaluate some of the positions on our team to see if we need a change. The age at certain positions is getting up there as well, which is why we need to use this draft to infuse the team with some good young talent to challenge some of the older guys, and ensure a good future for the team. Our front seven probably have about a 30 year old average age, and thats something that needs to change.

      I think its also important to start some younger guys and backups toward the end of the season, or at least significantly reduce the starters playing time. This will help us to evaluate the current situation at certain positions and decide whether or not we need to adress it this offseason. It will also give our starters some rest, which will hopefully help to keep them fresh for next year. A good example is Hines. He has his knee surgery, and I see no point in having him get beat up for no real reason. We should give our younger recievers (Washington, Holmes, and Reid if hes healthy) some more playing time and experience. That will help us a lot for next year.

      I look at this year as an opportunity to make this team a real super power for next year. Just look at the Patriots after their first superbowl win or even more likely, the Ravens this past year. Last year they were a good team that just killed themselves and imploded last year, but they used it to become much better and are dominating for the most part this year. If we make good moves this offseason and do some smart things, I think we could be unstoppable next year.


      • First, we need to figure out who is coaching next year.

        If Cowher stays then all we need to do is upgrade the level of play at a few positions like OT, RG, OLB, ILB, CB, WR. How this is done, whether it's done with the current players stepping up, through F/A, or through the draft, doesn't matter, just so long as it's done one way or another.

        If Cowher goes, then we may need to rethink the current roster depending on what style of play the next coach runs. If he runs a passing oriented team we need to adjust our O-line 'cause our current group is aimed at the power running game. If he wants a 4-3 D, we need to add to our D-line.

        No matter who the coach is, I think the WR group needs an upgrade. We need another big stud to take the pressure off of Hines and eventually Holmes.


        • If, if Cowher leaves, I dont see us hiring anyone who isnt going to run the schemes we already have in place. Doing that would change the entire setup of the organization and would instantly put us into a rebuilding mode, as we probably wont have the correct personnel to run the new schemes. That seems like a pretty drastic and completely unnecessary move to make for a team that won the superbowl only a year earlier. Any potential coach hire that we make will probably be from within the organization or have similar philosophies to what we already have.

          I really dont think that hes going to leave until his contract is up, but you never know. The timing just might be right for him to leave now. We'll have to wait and see.


          • I really hope the decision is made this offseason one way or the other. Either work out an extension or retire, because I don't like the idea of having a lame duck coach. Players generally do not respond to a coach who is in his last year when they know he won't be back the following year. And sure, you can always make that "audition for the next coach" argument, but that still only goes so far and players will only give enough effort to avoid looking bad (with the exception of a guy like Hines).

            One thing about a new coach is, no matter where we find one, in-house or otherwise, he will make some changes. Even if he is a run first guy, he may make some changes to how we run, blocking schemes, etc. Remember, Chuck used to run the 4-3 and Cowher switched to the 3-4. Or, a new coach may keep the 3-4, but change to a pass oriented offense.

            Another thing about IF we get a new coach is that I'm not completely sold on the fact that he'd come from the current staff. Remember there were a few good candidates on Chuck's staff that people thought would take over and instead the Rooney's found Cowher, who, by the way, was not one of the "hot/in-demand" coaches at the time. While I would prefer to have someone like Wiz who is already familiar with the current roster and schemes, I'm not ruling out the Rooney's ability to find someone somewhere else.

            While we do indeed have some questions that need to be answered about certain positions, the most important question is who's coaching.


            • I agree. The coaching question needs to be answered before anything else can really go on. If Cowher isn't going to return, it wouldn't matter if we played the young guys or not. The next coach might come in and clean house. Look at the Saints. I believe they cut 37 guys from last years team.


              • Well, if the Rooney's didn't already have enough things to worry about this offseason with the team they have on the field, I think they're going to have to do something about the field itself. It looks horrible.

                No Hines so we start Nate over Homes?!?! Well, with Cedric down we should get a good look at Nate, Santonio, and Morey. Go Heath!!!

                Kendall false starts on 4th and in., fantastic!


                Dear Joey,

                Stop celebrating!! You're having a sh!tty season and just picked up your 6th sack! SHUTUP!

                Sorry, a little venting after a bad start to the game.


                • How can you not like the fact that Washington started over Holmes. Nate has shown alot of progress and has played well. Holmes showed today why he isn't ready to be a 1 or 2 starter yet. What's the hate on Porter? The guy plays great and you rip on him. At least he shows some emotion, it's more than what most of the guys have been doing. Porter also gets double teamed alot this year, so that is what takes his production down more. I'm beginning to think we have a few fans here that would like to see the Steelers fail.


                  • I really think that Cowher is going to be back next year. I don't know why he would step down, especially after a bad season.

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                    • Alright, for starters, the last thing I want to see is my team fail, I've been one of our biggest supporters on this site.

                      The reason I'm questioning starting Nate over Santonio is because this was a great opportunity to throw Holmes, the 1st rd pick, into the starting lineup and see what he could do. Nate is a decent WR and has shown some progression, but he's dropped way to many passes this year and I don't think he's a #2 guy at this level, more like a 3 or 4.

                      The reason I was saying anything about Joey, and after watching the rest of the game I'll say it about most of the D, is because I'm dissapointed in seeing them celebrate like we're 10-2 and they've been playing great all year. I understand that they're frustrated about last week, but when you're a 5-7 team who just beat one of the only teams in the league having a worse season than you are, you don't have any reason to be doing your kick, stomp, wave, clap, fist-pump, or any other individual celebration. At this point you should be showing some humility and just go back to the huddle.

                      The only teams that Joey has done well against are Miami, Oakland, Cleveland, and now Tampa, 4 of the worst O-lines in the league. Against anyone even resembling a good team he's been completely non-existent. That's what I really like about guys like Farrior and Haggans, they're both having better years than Joey but you'll never see them acting like it because their TEAM is not having a good year.

                      The unfortunate thing for Joey is that he got shot just as he was reaching the peak of his career, and while his body may have healed, his game has never fully recovered and unfortunatly he's not getting any younger.

                      If it sounds like I'm anti-Steelers I'm not, I'm just frustrated by a bad year from a team that I had very high expectations for. If nothing else, I hope this season teaches all of these young men on this team that reputation alone will not win you any games in the NFL. We won it all last year but it was just that, last year.


                      • Who isn't frustrated? I just like seeing emotion on the field by a player. I don't like how he runs his mouth before a game. I also disagree on the Washington and Holmes situation. I like Nate better so far than Holmes. I just don't trust Holmes with the ball. Either way I really don't care who ends up being the #2 guy, I just want either one to stand up and be a great player for us. I agree with you on the winning by reputation. I was worried about this all preseason and it has come to be true. We are way to good of a team to be at 5-7. Hopefully they will look in the mirror this offseason and to some soul searching.


                        • I have to agree with CDub. Washington has dropped way too many easy passes this year to make me think that hes better than Holmes. Holmes is a better reciever and I'm not that worried about him playing in that role. I do worry when he goes back to return kicks, because it seems he can't hold onto the ball, but as a reciever hes been pretty solid.

                          I also agree about Joey Porter. I'm an old school kind of guy and I don't really like excessive celebrations by players. A little is ok but sometimes its just too much, especially for unimportant or just average plays. I hate when guys celebrate just for making a tackle or whatever. Now I never really minded Porter doing his thing because hes been able to back it up when hes playing on the field, but this year he hasn't played well at all. Even his two sacks today weren't that impressive because I'm pretty sure he came in almost unblocked. Plus the defense hasnt been playing that well and we just got thrashed in Baltimore. There's really no reason to do a little dance every time you do what you are paid millions to do. Foote made a much bigger play with his interception and he just ran off the field. There's really just no reason for it, especially with the year we're having.

                          There's also a difference between showing passion and excessive showboating. Troy plays with passion, Porter is just being a self promoting ass.


                          • I was at the game and I must say that it is awesome that there are still 60,000 crazy fans there, regardless of the teams record.

                            My thoughts on the game:

                            I don't think that Washington played badly at all, sure he has had some drop problems but no one can ever claim they don't drop balls. He held on to some tough ones yesterday, and looked solid... not great, not bad, but solid. We still need a big target guy, however, and I am not sure what happened to Wilson, but serious or not we need another reciever regardless.

                            I was pretty impressed with Anthony Smith. He got to play most of the second half as the free saftey. He seemed to be around the ball the whole game and delievered some nice shots as well. I think he had one lapse in coverage, it looked like a miscommunication when Clayton droppped that wide open pass... but no one can be sure if that was his zone or the corners.

                            Tyrone carter played an excellent game against the run I thought. He did his best Troy impression, though it was not the same as having Polomalu in there wrecking havoc.

                            The offensive line still did terrible. They couldnt open up holes. and their pass protection was adequate at best. Ben made almost every play happen by dancing around and buying time.

                            We need a powerback who doesn't go backwards after getting hit by everyone, including safties. Willie is a game changer, but he is not the type of grind-it-out player that need. We need a back that can consistently get us 3 - 4yds/carry, not 0 or 10.

                            We did get a better standard pass-rush but that seems irrelevent playing a pretty bad o-line and a rookie quarterback. We still had to blitz 6 guys a lot of times to get pressure. We should be able to rush the standard four, or five, and still be able to get pressure.

                            Overall I felt it was a solid performence, and it showed the weakness
                            that must be addressed this offseason, and I feel they should be addressed in this order:

                            Right Tackle
                            Power Back
                            A versitile interior offensive linemen
                            Big Reciever

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                            • What does everyone think of us taking Dwayne Jarrett with our first rounder?
                              O-line and CB may be a more immediate need but we have some young talent at both positions.

                              I hated the Holmes pick last year(he looks like a career number #2). Cedric Wilson is awfull. Hines can't go forever. Nate Washinton is decent. PLus we need a big WR. Jarrett is certaintly that. And he wil be the best overall talent when we pick.

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                              • I really wouldn't mind the pick. We have other needs obviously but I think this would be very beneficial for us. I hope we go BPA in WR,OL,and OLB/DE in round one.

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