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  • I would be very happy with Jarrett as our rd 1 selection. I agree that we really need a talented big WR to take pressure of of our smaller guys. Plus, we have proven throughout Cowher's tenure to be able to find very good OL and LB after the first rd.

    The only drawback that I can find in Jarrett is a lack of elite speed. I don't think he's as slow as Mike Williams proved to be, but he's no speed demon either. However, he makes up for his average speed with good effort and solid hands, which is more than we can say of our last big WR.

    mikehop, I agree that Carter played well and after watching both he and Smith play yesterday I think we can rest assured that safety is at least one position, and maybe the only position, that doesn't need an upgrade this offseason as we appear to have quality depth.

    I also agree that we need a quality "bruiser" RB. I was hoping that Najeh could be our guy, but the more I see of him, the more I realize that he seems to think he's Willie as he tries to be more of a finesse runner than a power guy. For a guy of his size I haven't seen him really push the pile or break tackles enough. I still think he can be a very good 3rd down back and it will be tough to decide between him and Verron, though it may just come down to contracts and who's willing to take less.

    Once again I was very dissapointed in the O-line. This was not a good front seven that they were facing and we still had problems. I think Tampa's average weight on the D-line is something like 270 and we could not push them off the line to open up running lanes.

    Washington did look better yesterday. The catch I was most impressed with was the one on the play-action-fade he ran down the right side-line when we were backed up to our goal-line. Unfortunatly the refs did not agree with me that he would have come down in bounds and thusly should have been ruled a push out and a completed catch. That said, I still see Nate as more of a 3rd or 4th wr. He's just an over-acheiver with average NFL skills, but I do appreciate the fact that he gives good effort on a consistent basis. It's too bad that his hands are not as consistent as his effort.

    All in all, this was a sloppy win, but I'll take a win any way we can get one.


    • Just another example of what I was talking about as far as the excessive celebration of mediocre plays by a mediocre defense is when Townsend came completely unblocked through the line and Gradkowski just curled up in the fetal position at his feet. Deshea then proceeded to celebrate as though he'd just shed two blockers and chased Bruce across the field. If anyone deserved to celebrate a play of that nature, it's Dick Lebeau.


      • What does everyone think of us possibly trying to get Kenny Irons or Michael Bush in Round 2? or possibly Brian Leonard in Round 3?

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        • I do not think we will have a shot at Michael Bush in round 2. I would love for us to get Brian Leonard or Tony Hunt in the third, however, I see Leonard going in the late second. We may have a shot on Irons in the second, but I personally do not like him. He is not the power back we are looking for.

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          • I gotta tell ya, I am NOT a believer in Kenny Irons being a good choice for us. I feel that he's undersized and over-rated, partially because he goes to Auburn and people feel that because he plays there he must be good. And he may very well succeed with another team, but he's not at all what we're looking for.

            Bush, however, I would love. Seriously, if we got him in the 2nd rd :shock: I'd probably have to change my boxers.

            Leonard in the 3rd would be a good pickup. If Cowher is still the coach I don't think we'd use him to the fullest of his abilities, instead we'd use him as a power back only. It has been mentioned on here before that we would use him as an H-back, the only problem with that is the fact that the H-back position has been almost non-existent under Cowher and I wouldn't expect that to change just because we drafted a player who could do it.

            This goes back to me not really liking us picking Heath Miller in the 1st rtd (hold on, slow down, don't jump out of your skin, please read the rest of this before you all freak-out). My biggest worry with the pick of Miller was that we were going to do the same thing to him that we did to Mark Bruener. When Bruener came out, he too was considered one of the best pass catching TE's in the country. His best statistical season with us was his rookie year. After that we simply turned him into a blocker. Unfortunatly I am watching us do the same thing to Heath. The problem is that we just don't scheme for the TE position. I know some of you are going to throw Eric Green's name out there as an example but that just doesn't hold enough water. I mean come on, 1 TE in the history of the Steelers to have actually been used in the passing game. It's nothing against Heath, he's got great skills, but when you don't use the TE like he should be used, I just don't think it warrants using a first rd pick on the position.

            Now, having said all that, I still wouldn't mind getting Leonard because I think he could excell in the position we would use him for.


            • I've said this before, but if we go for a power back, I'd like to see us pick up Tony Hunt. Granted, if Michael Bush is there in the 2nd, that would be a great pickup, but Hunt is a more complete back than Bush in my opinion and has better skills at blocking and pass recieving. I think he could come in right away and take over for verron haynes as well as being the big guy we run up the middle. I doubt he has speed even close to Bush, but hes just as big and could probably bulk up and put on some more muscle to make him a monster up the gut. It literally takes several guys to bring him down when he runs because he is just so unrelenting, and hes got that perfect Steelers character that we admire. Either would be great, but we could probably pick up Hunt in the third, and save the second for an O lineman or something else.

              I also think that Leonard is a bit overrated and I'd have to agree that we really wouldnt use him to his full potential. I mean how often does Kreider carry or catch a ball. Maybe once or twice a game? Not really worth the pick in my opinion.


              • I would love to land Michael Bush in the 2nd round. Problem with our current runningback situation is that both Haynes and Davenport are FAs after this year. I think we'll sign Davenport back but picking up a guy like Bush or Hunt to have for depth or spot carries would be great.

                I think OL needs to be adressed in this draft somewhere. Not sure who or what position because everyone on our line has played incosistantly all year but we need at add some youth on the left side and quality on the right.

                WR is a need that should be adressed. I don't think Ward will ever return to the level he used to be with his age and his injuries. I think he will be bothered by his knees and hamstrings for the rest of his career. With that said I don't want Holmes, Washington, and Wilson to be our recievers. I wouldn't mind going after a FA our an early draft pick. The recievers in this draft are awesome so we could probably get a very good reciever in the first round.

                Linebacker needs to be adressed aswell. I don't think Porter will be traded. I think we will have the same four guys starting for us next year. We need to add some young blood before Haggans and Porter's deals are both up and we need some more help on special teams.

                I like what we have on the D-line and some of our younger D-backs looked good last night with Polamalu and Clark out. Anthony Smith filled in great and will get another shot this week. Along the D-line we have had great depth this year. Kirschke, Bailey, and Hoke have gotten alot of play time which has helped to keep the starters fresh. They liked Orien Harris and they still have him on the practice squad so I don't think we need mich if any d-line help in the draft.

                Just about the only places we don't need to look early in my mind are QB, D-line and D-backs. Going to be some tough choices in the first 3 rounds to fill needs at WR, RB, LB, and OL.

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                • Originally posted by CDub
                  Just another example of what I was talking about as far as the excessive celebration of mediocre plays by a mediocre defense is when Townsend came completely unblocked through the line and Gradkowski just curled up in the fetal position at his feet. Deshea then proceeded to celebrate as though he'd just shed two blockers and chased Bruce across the field. If anyone deserved to celebrate a play of that nature, it's Dick Lebeau.
                  The celebrations bug me aswell. At the same time you want them to play with emotion but you don't need to make yourself look like an ass when everyone there knows you have been having a bad year.

                  I don't really mind when the backups celebrate when they make a play. Its relly their only time to shine so they need to take advantage.

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                  • Nobody posted it here but I'm sure people know.

                    Duce Staley was cut today.
                    Willie Reid was put on IR.
                    Chidi Iwouma was signed.
                    Lee Mays was signed.

                    Cedric Wilson and Ryan Clark were both injured sunday and will both miss the game Thursday. Polamalu and Ward will both miss the game aswell. That makes our starting recievers Holmes and Washington and our starting safeties Anthony Smith and Ty Carter. Should be interesting to get a good look at Smith.

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                    • I saw him [Smith] play sunday and he did pretty well. He hit pretty solidly and covered pretty well. I am pretty excited about the combo of him and Polomalu in the future.

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                      • Bush isn't a power runner, he's a finese big guy who 'runs straight up' too much.

                        He's an awful choice for the Steelers.

                        Jarrett? They won't pick another WR for a good time, I don't know I wouldn't trust another big SC WR.

                        Darrell Revis? Can't see us taking a CB in the 1st.

                        OL/LB is what we need badly.

                        Hopefully we trade down.


                        • you rele think LB is that glaring of a need ?

                          OL is probabaly the most glaring
                          then CB

                          i would like 1st round leon hall and a second round tackle


                          a 1st round sam baker and second round damiyeion (s/p) Hughes

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                          • LB has been brutal this year.

                            Porter shows up once every two months. He'll be cut. Farrior seems to have lost a few steps. Haggans has been 'eh', Foote's been above average.

                            Our best pass rusher is Brett Keisel, that's a problem. If we can somehow manage an Alan Branch type, put Keisel at OLB.

                            OL is our most glaring need.

                            1st round at CB? They invested a ******** in Ike. They're talented, they just need to develop. The LB's are old.


                            • The reason our secondary play has looked really bad this year is due in large part to the lack of a pass rush. They make a direct correlation. It is simple, a better pass rush = better secondary numbers.

                              We need to get more pressure on the QB. Period.

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                              • I found some big problems in the posting.

                                No way Joey Porter gets cut. He's a Pittsburgh guy.. Anyone remember Gildon? We held on till he couldn't even pass a physical and he wasn't as dominant as Porter.

                                2) Anthony Smith was solid for his first playing time, but he needs to wrap up a bit more. He was solid. I really can't wait to see more

                                3) I think we need to infuse some Youth and our offense has to grind it out on the ground more. We're relying too much on the big play. I think if we would get Willie Parker some room to run. I love the Tony Hunt idea (Hence My draft which I'll repost), but he's not going to break 6 tackles in the backfield.. I think Our Oline (I'm pointing at everyone... Hartings is too weak in the knees... Faneca would even tell you he's not playing pro-bowl level... Marvel has been looking half the player he was last year. Starks hasn't been as dominant as this year and frankly I don't care for Kendall Simmons. He's not strong enough to move Dlineman. Then again, with our WR's being out, Ben having a rough season, Willies seen plenty of 8 in the box this season.)

                                I'll repost my draft.

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