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Chances of Jamal Anderson...being the pick

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    Anderson had a good interview on NFL Network today, he seems like a great guy. I'm still not completely on this bandwagon yet, but if it went down I wouldn't complain about it because he does seem like a "Steeler guy".


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      honestly i really really want willis to be our pick. idk y but i really really like him. and im also jumpin on the ben grubbs bandwagon and hopefully we could move up in the second and pick him up.

      i wont be mad with anderson but i really like willis and i know he coudl come in and make an impact. also i woul dlike timmons as well.


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        Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
        honestly i really really want willis to be our pick. idk y but i really really like him. and im also jumpin on the ben grubbs bandwagon and hopefully we could move up in the second and pick him up.

        i wont be mad with anderson but i really like willis and i know he coudl come in and make an impact. also i woul dlike timmons as well.
        IMO, there's 2 types of MLB's. The chaser and the stuffer. Willis is a chaser. He did ok, but he's going to see Brian Leonards in the NFL and Leonard absolutely abused him in the Senior bowl.

        If we go full-time 4-3, I want Willis. He's the perfect 4-3 MLB as he can do the deep middle coverage in a cover 2. However outside of that he doesn't provide me with anything exciting other than a 4.3 40.

        I would love to get Grubbs, but I think there's not an ice cubes chance in hell we get him AND Anderson. IMO.

        If I have to do it this way...

        If I get my draft.. My initial outlook in 2008 would be ( A little preliminary but this is what I'm looking at). It may seem asinine as we see the Quentin Moses effect. But I do like looking a bit in the future and making sure that we're not going to screw up by really overdrafting when we can set ourselves up a bit. Now Assuming our 2007 draft is:

        1) Jamaal Anderson
        2) Justin Blalock
        3) Jason Hill
        4a) Zak DeOssie
        4b) Antwan Barnes
        5a) Jackie Battle
        5b) Xzavie Jackson
        6) Larry Anam
        7) Jason Capizzi

        My 2008 dream picks to add to this would be:

        Round 1: Jasper Brinkley, MLB, South Carolina

        We got DeOssie, but Brinkley has the potential to be ALL-PRO. He's a complete MLB. 4.5 speed at 6'2 258 lbs. I see him as possibly a better version of Ray Lewis. By next season he could be 6'2 260lbs and run a sub 4.5. He'll be the perfect replacement for Farrior. At that Time, You'd have:

        Barnes, Anderson, Harrison, DeOssie -> Outside
        Foote, Wallace, Brinkley, DeOssie -> Inside

        With that I'd put Anderson at ROLB, DeOssie/Barnes/Harrison at LOLB, Foote at LILB, and Brinkley/DeOssie(For Brinkley's Rookie year) at RILB. That way Brinkley/DeOssie could help out Anderson (Better than Foote) and in obvious 3-4 Passing situations I'd have Brinkley/DeOssie at ILB.

        Round 2: Andrew Crummey, OG, Maryland (Assuming Capizzi is deemed to have upside to LT.... Otherwise: Kirk Barton, LT, OSU)

        Crummey is a tough as nails SOB. He's constantly adding Weight, still getting faster and has perfect size. 6'5 305lbs as of now, he hasn't missed a game since he first broke the starting lineup. He can play LG whereas, as much as I like both Blalock and Sears, I think they're career RG's.

        In 2 years time... LT -> LG -> C -> RG -> RT

        Jason Capizzi -> Andrew Crummey -> Sean Mahan -> Justin Blalock -> Willie Colon/Max Starks

        Round 3: John Sullivan, OC, Notre Dame

        I normally HATE ND players, but I love Sullivan. He reminds me of Dermontti Dawson so much. With most of our Defensive needs addressed in the 07 draft. We can look to add youth and talent to our Line (Where we need it). Sullivan is a natural center. He has solid size, is a very good lateral mover, and is very smart. Adding him and Crummey give us a young duo of interior lineman to go with the LT and RG/RT we drafted in 2007. It's nice to not have that many holes to fill. Again adding Youth and Talent to our oline will keep us from staying in the top 15 for the draft.

        Round 4: Keilen Dykes, DT/DE, West Virginia

        Here's another guy I've been following. Dykes is an extremely athletic DT. He's a penetrating type, but he's big/strong enough to hold the point. Perfect 3-4 DE prospect. At 6'4 297 lbs he is reported to be running in the 4.97 range. Bolsters a bit of depth and knocks Travis Kirschke off the roster.

        Round 5: Owen Schmidt, FB, West Virginia

        Ranked as the #2 FB right now (Don't know how) He doesn't have blazing speed, but he does have plenty experience blocking. Leading the way for the non-stop rushing of Steve Slaton and Pat White. He's a devoted player, quiet and I don't think you'd mistake him for Kreider, but you get a similar player (Who may even be stronger/faster than Kreider).

        Round 6: Joey Haynos, TE, Maryland

        This is his stock now, but he could really rise. He has incredible bulk/size 6'7 265 lbs. Why Haynos you ask? We want rid of Tuman and his hideous contract. Who better to take his blocking assignments than the TE that totally shut down Anthony Spencer 1-on-1 in his bowl game. This kid has solid size, speed and amazing power. You'll never mistake him for Vernon Davis, but Other teams Passrushers will despise this kid.

        Round 7: Jameel McClain, DE/OLB, Syracuse

        I watched Syracuse a lot this past season (for Tanard Jackson) and this kid is who stuck out. Because of his lack of size and Opponent Talent level he's ranked as a 7th rounder. IMO he's perfect for us. We too long ignored depth at OLB in the 3-4 and look at 2007, how it his us. Well adding a project every year or so from then on should save that blunder. He's 6'1 252lbs, and has a non-stop motor. In his Jr. season he had 69 Tackles, 14.5 TFL, 9.5 Sacks... he led the big east in sacks, and was ranked 11th in the nation with Sacks per game. I hoped he'd come out early in 07 for a steal, but I think he'll fly under the radar. He's not Dwight Freeney, but has reported a 4.70 40' and I know the passrushing presence he brings.

        I think that would set us up for a hell of a few seasons under Tomlin.

        If I was looking UDFA:

        Casper Brinkley.. Jaspers brother.. 6'3 255lbs 4.68 40' could be a OLB project...
        JoLonn Dunbar.. MLB but the dude has a no quit motor and just doesn't stop.
        Alley Broussard.. could be the second coming of Jamal Anderson, size/power and speed.
        Eugene Bright... another FA 34 OLB
        Fred Bledsoe ... Possibly Uproot Hoke for backup NT.
        Matt Castelo... Monster WLB for SJSU, but I'm looking at him as a backup SS.
        Roland Minor ... UDFA CB to be a ST ace with upside to #2 at best.
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