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  • Faneca Trade Rumor

    Supposedly the draft day trade (If true) would be #5 & #37 for Faneca, #15 and our 4th.

    Which leaves us with:


    On day 1.

    I doubt we draft someone top 10, So I suggest this. Trade down with Atlanta at #8 (They want Adrian Peterson to bolster a power Run game) for #8 & #40.


    Now Call up Buffalo. They need Patrick Willis bad. So at #8, before Miami/Houston can get a chance and if Minnesota left him around... Trade down 4 spots for a 3rd and 4th.

    After all that, Call up NE, they need a Playmaking Corner like Darrelle Revis.
    #24, #28, their 3rd for #12 & our 5th + 6th rounder (Because you can only have 12 draft picks)

    giving us inevitably:


    Day 2:
    and so on.

    Now for our Draft..

    #24 - Justin Blalock, OG/OC - Texas (We're supposedly looking heavily at him for C)
    Positives: Has a very thick frame, especially in his hips and bubble...Shows good initial quickness and lower body strength to clear the rush lanes blocking in-line at guard... Plays with very good balance, agility and foot quickness...Has good knee bend and kick slide to mirror and does a nice job of adjusting and taking proper angles on pulls and traps...Maintains body control when changing direction and has quick hands to lock on and sustain...Comes out of his stance at a proper pad level and is quick to recover working in-line...Seemed to be more effective as a drive blocker working inside, taking advantage of his power and hand punch to clear the rush lanes...Self-starter who is usually the first in and the last one to leave the weight room...Does a great job of surprising the defender with his quick burst off the snap...Stays low in his pads with arms properly extended to gain advantage and comes off the line with strong leg drive...The thing you notice on film is his nimble feet and stride to gain position and get to his reach point in pass protection...Has the lateral range to slide down the line and the change of direction agility to get out in front on pulls and traps...Stays square in his base and moves from side to side with very good footwork and agility...Has the upper body strength, hand placement and punch to lock on and control the defender...Shows good retreat-and-slide agility to mirror edge rushers and gets his mitts on his man with force to jolt or drag down...One advantage of him moving to guard in 2006 was that he demonstrated that he has the ability to unlock his hips and explode into the defender more often than he did at tackle...Generates very good hip roll coming off the snap...Uses his leg drive and strong hands to push the pile and has that sudden first step to gain control of his opponent...Comes off the snap with his pads down and arms active to lock on and control...Has the power and leg drive to gain leverage and uses his huge mass to gain movement on drive blocks...Moves his feet well to sustain, demonstrating proper knee bend to mirror and is quick in his kick slide to neutralize backside pursuit...Has quick moves to the outside and shows flexibility and body control in his anchor...Extends his arms and keeps his hands active to gain proper placement in attempts to lock on and steer...Can stab and punch with force, using his hands effectively to gain inside position...Has the lateral movement and agility to slide and recover when changing direction.

    Negatives: Has a soft midsection, adequate muscle definition and high-cut calves...Lacks the ideal arm reach for an offensive tackle...Plays with very good field awareness on the edge, but seemed to struggle some locating schemes when blocking in-line at guard... When he gets high in his stance, he can be walked back into the pocket, but that only happens when his feet cross over...After a few games at guard in 2006, Blalock settled down and showed better movement coming out of his stance to work down the line... Will sometimes over-extend working towards the edge as a guard (did not do this at tackle)... Had better success getting into the second level to neutralize the linebackers when he lined up at tackle rather than guard, as he struggled a bit to get through trash past the line of scrimmage when working in-line.

    Compares To: JAMMAL BROWN-New Orleans...Brown is taller than Blalock, but both combine nimble feet, great lateral range and excellent upper body power to generate consistent movement off the snap. Blalock has the loose hips and leg drive to flush the defender out of the rush lanes and shows a quick kick slide and hand placement to mirror in pass protection.

    #28 - Anthony Spencer, OLB/DE, Purdue
    • Positives: Has a developing frame with good upper body muscle tone, tight waist and hips, good bubble, thick arms and room to add at least another 10 pounds of bulk with no loss in quickness...Has outstanding straight-line quickness, moving with an explosive burst coming off the edge...Has the quick change of direction agility to work down the line and his speed and range dropping back in pass coverage could see him develop into a 3-4 outside linebacker (best when having a free lane to pressure the pocket rather than bull rushing inside as a down lineman)...Really improved his ball recognition skills in 2006 and is no longer fooled by misdirection...With his better recognition skills, he vastly improved his backside pursuit skills, evident by the 21 third-down stops and five fourth-down tackles he executed in 2006...Has the upper body strength to consistently get leverage coming off the snap...Gets instant penetration as a pass rusher, showing proper hand technique, combined with an array of rip-and-swim moves to explosively close on the quarterback... Shows the hand delivery and punch-out ability coming off the ball, guarding his legs vs. the chop block while maintaining angle to close on the ball...Has his best production when he beats the offensive tackle with his quickness and has the lateral range to slip in-line...Contributes on the move and has the speed needed to chase long distances and make plays along the perimeter...Relentless in his straight-ahead charge to the ball...Has that rare speed to catch plays from behind...Locks out well, delivering a powerful hand swipe to get blockers off-balance...Has improved his anchor vs. the double team (still a work in progress)...His improved hand placement in 2006 saw him no longer struggle vs. face-up blockers...Has the lateral agility to flatten down the line of scrimmage and get outside...Has the athletic agility to fit in space, using his long arms to wrap and secure...Has the functional strength to get a push on the bull rush...Shows the speed and body control to get up field and shows a good feel to work back to the ball...Will play through pain, evident by his 15-tackle performance vs. Notre Dame in 2006 despite playing with a hyper-extended knee.
    • Negatives: Plays with good functional strength, but relies on his speed too much...Lacks the size to gain leverage vs. double teams...When he fails to use his hands to fend off blocks, he gets covered up by offensive tackles defending the run, as he generally will lose containment...Needs to add more lower body strength, as he lacks the leg drive to split or play off the combo blocks...Sometimes gets a little reckless in his pursuit and this results in him getting taken out of the play...When he fails to keep his pads down, he tends to lead with his shoulder before making the hit, rather than extending and securing with his arms...Lacks the ideal size to run over offensive tackles and will get engulfed and struggle to disengage when the opponent gets into his chest...Has good backpedal skills, but is a bit stiff in his hips trying to turn...Lack of size could see him as a better fit for a 3-4 alignment as a linebacker (has the speed to make plays in front of him)...Will play through pain, but missed action in several games with nagging leg cramps in 2006.
    • Compares To: SHAUN PHILLIPS-San Diego...Both players were developed in the Joe Tiller system at Purdue to attack the quarterback with quickness. Both lack the ideal size you look for in a defensive end, but Phillips proved that he was capable of competing in a stand-up position. Spencer was a better prospect than Phillips coming out of college. If used in a similar system, Spencer will have just as much success in the pro ranks that Phillips has shown.

    #37 - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC
    Positives: Has long arms and legs with a frame that can carry at least another 10 pounds of bulk...Plays with only adequate quickness, but shows very good ball concentration and aggressiveness going after the ball...Has very good timing and leaping ability to get to the ball at its high point...Needs to add more bulk and upper body power to run through the press, but once he gets into his route, he is able to build his acceleration nicely...Has quick hands and the ability to uncover working underneath...Very consistent extending for the ball and builds to top acceleration nicely if he is able to beat the press...Has only adequate timed speed, but does a fine job of tracking the ball in flight and has outstanding ball adjustment skills...Uses his tall frame to create mismatches vs. the smaller defenders competing for the jump balls and is never affected by traffic in his quest to get under the pass...Not the fastest you will find on linear routes, but shows good cutting agility to separate after the catch...It is rare to see Jarrett glide out of his breaks like most bigger receivers tend to do...With Jarrett's low pad level and ability to open his hips, he is very effective at getting in and out of his breaks without having to throttle down...Does a good job going deep and is alert to pocket pressure, making a conscious effort to come back for the ball. Quite effective at keeping his feet in bounds along the sidelines...Excels at making the tough catch inside the red zone, especially on corner and fade routes...Might not be able to overpower a defender going through the seams, but he has the flexibility to turn to the off-target balls and catch outside his frame...Finds the path of the ball quickly to settle underneath it, compensating for a lack of timed speed...The thing you see on film is his ability to reach and snatch the ball over a defender's head...Has only adequate speed and acceleration, but he has the loose hips to avoid tackles and maintain balance through his running stride...Good at taking a shallow crossing pass into big yardage when he makes a conscious effort to escape rather than try to run over the defender...Uses his hands well to shade, mirror and control edge rushers on contact and won't hesitate to get physical... Good position blocker in attempts to seal off and takes good angles to deliver a solid cut block vs. second level defenders.

    Negatives: Lacks the timed speed to get down field in a hurry, but has the body control and ability to catch outside his frame to adjust and compete for the ball in flight...Has adequate ability to retain plays, but does need several reps...Alert to coverages, but will get a little sloppy and run right into spots at times...Consistently works back to the ball and while he can adjust on the move, he is not going to be the type who can handle multiple position assignments...Was almost ruled ineligible in June for violating NCAA rules by not paying enough rent for the apartment he shared with former Trojans quarterback Matt Leinart...There is a lot of the brash Keyshawn Johnson and the flippant Mike Williams attitude in this kid...Plays hard until the whistle, but will look lackadaisical at times and goes through the motions in practice and needs some structure there...While he will compete for the ball in a crowd, he will struggle vs. strong press coverage and gets frustrated at times when he can't separate from the speedier cornerbacks...Lacks the overall strength to defeat a strong jam and doesn't demonstrate the blazing speed or suddenness getting into his routes...Looks sluggish with his burst off the snap and relies more on his size mismatches than speed to get under the ball...A long strider rather than a receiver who takes short, quick steps...When he tries to lower his shoulder to run over a defensive back, that is when he gets into trouble, as he doesn't have the brute strength to break tackles.

    Compares To: KEYSHAWN JOHNSON-Carolina...While his work ethic and lack of speed remind some of Detroit's Mike Williams, Jarrett's ability on fade and corner routes and timing on his leaps for the jump ball rival that of another former USC receiver. Jarrett is much better at keeping his feet in bounds than Johnson, and he has some of the more natural hands you will find out there. However, he needs to show that he is maturing off the field and must improve his overall strength and hand usage, as he will struggle vs. physical press coverage.

    #40 - Brian Leonard, FB/RB, Rutgers
    Positives: Solidly built with above-average strength, thick thighs and calves, good bubble, tight waist, broad shoulders and good arm-muscle definition...Has excellent speed for his position, showing the upper-body strength and leg drive to create and maintain a rush lane as a lead blocker...Has a good short area burst through the creases and the change-of-direction agility to make the initial tackler miss...Shows the plant-and-drive agility to make precise cuts...Has very good balance and body control throughout his stride, demonstrating fluid flexibility and quickness getting to top acceleration...Has good vision to locate and neutralize the blitz and an excellent feel for the soft spots in the zone, consistently getting there, to make the underneath catch...Comes out of his stance quickly and with good urgency, running at the proper pad level with legs churning to push the pile...Has the quickness to explode through the holes and the cutback agility to make the initial tackler miss...Generates the speed to pull away from linebackers and safeties after the catch and is quick enough in his stride to be a valid deep threat...Has the loose hips to elude and makes sharp cuts to separate in his patterns...Displays good field vision, showing patience setting up his blocks when carrying the ball...Alert to stunts and blitzes, showing good slide to neutralize edge rushers...Has the strong base and balance to bounce off of tacklers and maintain his stride...Bruising runner between the tackles with the loose hips to change direction quickly...Picks up his feet nicely to get through traffic and is nimble enough to redirect and cut back outside when the inside hole is clogged...With his sharp cutting agility and burst, Leonard has had good success separating after the catch...Holds the ball secure to his chest when running inside and in the outside hand when turning the corner...Shows very good hands on toss plays and, even when he gets erect in his stance, he is conscious of protecting the ball...Has the speed to separate after the catch and the power to obliterate the smaller defender that tries to get in his path...Is especially effective on swing and middle screens, flat and wheel routes...Has good hip snap maintaining blocking position to protect the pocket and shows urgency facing up...Good cut blocker who shows alertness picking up the blitz.

    Negatives: When he gets too erect in his stance, he will lose some base and get pushed back through the rush lane...While Leonard has had success bouncing outside to gain yardage in the past, he was used mostly on runs between the tackles as a senior...Seems to have the speed to get outside, make the cut and turn it up the field, but he tends to lose his body lean and get too high in his stance, leaving his feet exposed for shoestring tackles...Runs with good forward lean between tackles, but must learn to keep the same pad level on cuts to the perimeter...Effective lead blocker, but despite his strength as a runner, he fails to generate much pop on contact with his hands...Flashes good speed cutting on the edge, but must generate a stronger kick-out and hand technique in attempts to sustain.

    Compares To: JUSTIN GRIFFITH, Atlanta Falcons (Mississippi State)...Leonard is not the physically imposing blocker Tampa Bay's Mike Alstott is but, like Griffith, he generates excellent quickness out of his stance, precise cutback agility and natural hands to be a legitimate receiving threat. He made strides as a lead blocker, but might be best utilized as a halfback in a one-back offense.

    #44 - Stewart Bradley, ILB/SLB, Nebraska
    Positives: Has a developing frame that could add another 20 pounds for a possible move to rush end, with no loss in quickness...Has an athletic, big physique for a linebacker, with good upper body muscle definition, tight waist and hips, good bubble, strong lower body frame and only 10 percent body fat...Has adequate timed speed, but keeps plays in front of him and has a good short-area closing burst...Works well in space, showing fluid change of direction agility...Has the balance and body control to stay on the hips of the tight ends and backs in the short-area passing game...Uses his hands effectively to press and reroute...Chases hard and shows good urgency getting to the ball...Hits with pop on contact and has the strong hands and technique to jar the ball loose from the ball carrier (four fumble recoveries, three forced fumbles in 2006)...Smart, instinctive player who reads schemes well and is alert to play-action and misdirection...Explodes behind his hits and uses his strength in attempts to wrap...Has the body control to break down in the open field and improved his ability to take angles when making plays in space (did not overrun the play as much in 2006 than he did in the past)...Will face up and wrap with intent to punish...Has a good work ethic who puts in extra hours in the weight and film rooms...Has good vision to quickly locate and close on the ball...Makes good body adjustments on the run and is quick to react to misdirection...Plays the run with good stoutness at the point of attack, using his hands and upper body strength to stack and control...Has enough upper body strength to split double teams and clog the inside rush lanes...Holds his ground firmly at the point of attack and is active with his hands in attempts to shed...While he won't hesitate to take on blockers, his instincts lets him make plays when unblocked due to his quick read-and-react ability, compensating for a lack of blazing speed...Won't blow up ball carriers in his tackles, but will secure and drag down...Can throw and jerk blockers, if needed, but prefers to fend off, play off and close in on the ball rather than stay and offer combat...Has the functional burst to close on running plays along the edge and has the range to string plays out and take away the cutback lanes...Will get a little out of control in his pursuit at times, but has the athletic agility to recover...Keeps his pad level down to make plays down the line of scrimmage and move through traffic (makes a lot of east/west plays)...Knows how to pick up his feet to avoid trash...Has the loose hips to get depth in his pass drops, but is better playing in the zone than in man coverage...Understands zone concepts and is alert to switch-offs, but needs to continue working on taking better angles...Very effective on stunts, especially when unblocked and uses his hands effectively to squeeze through the rush lanes...Shows good anticipation and explosiveness on the blitz (can dog inside or off the edge)...Has the speed to flush the quarterback out of the pocket.

    Negatives: Durability is a slight concern due to his 2005 and prep school injuries...Has adequate timed speed and a decent straight-line burst, but lacks suddenness moving from sideline-to-sideline...Lacks natural hands and fails to extend for the ball outside his frame (several pass deflections could have been interceptions, but he bobbled and double-caught the ball)...Can keep relationship with the tight ends and backs in the short area, but loses sight of the ball in flight and doesn't have the timed speed to mirror receivers past the second level...Has good strength, but doesn't always deliver crunching hits to drive back the ball carrier (more of a wrap-up type)...Has improved in this area, but still takes some poor angles in pursuit, causing him to out-run the plays at times...Eyeballs the quarterback too long working in the deep secondary, allowing the receiver to get behind him (struggles to recover when beaten)...Better making plays in backside pursuit or on the edge, as he will get a little reckless closing in space.

    Compares To: SCOTT FUJITA-New Orleans...Bradley has a well-built frame with valid read-and-react instincts. He is very effective in backside pursuit or making plays in front of him, but will struggle in man coverage, as he peeks into the backfield too long, letting the receiver get behind him. He has some durability issues, but played pain-free in 2006. He hits with good pop on contact and is very effective pressuring the pocket when unblocked. With more teams emphasizing the edge rush, Bradley has room on his frame to add more bulk if a team wants to utilize him as a situational rusher. He plays with a high motor and can also contribute as a gunner on special teams. For teams looking for consistent, steady play, Bradley is a nice fit. He is just not going to punish people on a consistent basis, but will make his fair share on non-flashy plays.

    #74 - Brian Robison, DE/OLB, Texas
    Positives: Has adequate upper body muscle tone, but displays a thick lower torso, with strong, well-developed thighs and calves and has room on his frame to add at least another 10 pounds of bulk without it affecting his quickness...Has good knee bend and flexibility working down the line...Is a quick study with the playbook and has a good feel for blocking schemes...Active with his hands, getting them up quickly coming out of his stance to get into the blocker's chest...Plays with awareness and has no problems locating the ball in a crowd, despite his lack of ideal height...Lacks explosion coming off the ball, but will attack with a consistent tempo...Has good bend and sinks his pads well in attempt to avoid blocks working through trash...Effective at holding his ground vs. double teams due to his lower body power and strong anchor...When he keeps his hands active, he is effective at controlling blockers with good lock-out and extension...Struggles some to disengage, but when he does, he has adequate lateral quickness to make plays on the move...Closes from the backside with good urgency and has the sustained speed to take a long route to the ball (just lacks suddenness)...Gets better success when he slants or takes angles, but when he faces up to the blocker head-on, he is ineffective at getting a push to rock the linemen back on their heels...Shows good hand strength when he wraps and secures the ball carrier...Compensates for a lack of blazing speed by reading the play quickly to get into proper position to make the tackle (good at neutralizing the cutback lanes)...Has good swim and rip moves coming off the edge on the pass rush and uses his hands well to sidestep low blocks, keeping his balance when playing in space...Has great timing on his leaps and excels as a kick blocker on special teams...With his linebacker experience dropping back into pass coverage, he could provide value standing up in a 3-4 alignment...Might not win all of his battles, but he has a hard charge chasing from the back-side, displaying proper body lean off the corner...Adequate at flushing the quarterback out of the pocket and showed improvement in 2006 using his hands to control and adjust off blocks.

    Negatives: Has natural strength, but needs to add upper body bulk, as his lack of ideal size hurts him at times when combating double teams (can stack when he keeps his hands active, but lacks consistency pushing the blocker back)...Needs to come off the ball with a quicker burst (tends to take a rolling start, but the tempo is consistent)...Susceptible to reach and cut blocks, as he lacks the long arms to keep blockers from engulfing him... Tends to lose leverage when taking a blocker head-on...Gets most of his sacks on effort, lacking the suddenness to close...Not a viable option as a full-time linebacker, as he doesn't show the range to change direction and an instant and chase down plays along the sidelines...Durability issues in 2006 limited his effectiveness (right knee and leg might need further medical evaluation).

    Compares To: BRYCE FISHER-Seattle...Robison is a blue-collar type who lacks quick-twitch moves coming off the snap, is a bit undersized and needs to improve his upper body strength. Despite his size issues, he finds ways to get to the ball and has the lower body strength to hold his position at the point of attack. He excels as a kick blocker and plays with good discipline, as he always seems to be in position to make the play. While he might not be starting material, he has enough assets to contribute in a line rotation.
    #77 - Manuel Ramirez, OG, Texas Tech
    Positives: Has a thick frame with a barrel chest, broad shoulders, wide waist and hips, big midsection, long arms, large hands and very thick legs and calves, yet he still has room for at least another 10 pounds of additional growth...Dominant pass protector with a very strong hand punch to shock and jolt...Has good short-area foot speed and balance, as it is hard for a defender to take him off his feet...Has the kick slide to mirror and works hard to finish once he latches on to an opponent...Very alert on the field and calls all blocking schemes up front...Puts in the extra hours watching game films and shows a good work ethic, especially in the training room...Vocal team leader who will not hesitate to take a teammate to task if he feels they are not performing to the best of their ability...Despite his girth, he works hard to keep his pad level down, and when he does so he is much more effective with his initial burst off the snap to gain advantage...Works well in tight areas to gain position in-line and will generally maintain position vs. stunts and the bull rush...Has the hand strength and leg drive to generate leverage and pushes with force to drive the defender out of the rush lanes...Flashes good hand placement on down blocks and uses that strength to maul and move people off the line of scrimmage, even though he is not an explosive hip roller...Shows patience waiting for the defender to come to him, using his footwork to cut off the backside pursuit...When he gets his hands on a defender, he is quick to lock on and control...Adequate drive blocker with good recovery, but will lose balance when he waist bends...Comes out of his stance with legs churning to create a rush lane and has enough functional quickness on pulls and traps in the short area (lacks speed to get out on the long pull, though)...Latches on to the defender well, thanks to his upper body strength...Can locate targets in the second level, but is not used often there...Communicates well with the center and tackle on double teams and uses his size well to occupy space and anchor, dominating in the short area as a pass protector...Sometimes get high in his stance, but has good reach block ability and a strong anchor...Has excellent power behind his hand punch and is able to gain control with his violent jab into the defender's chest...Even when he is late shooting his hands, he works to get them into the opponent's chest...Showed marked improvement in 2006 in attempts to punch and replace his hands in pass protection...Alert to stunts and twists...Has good retreat agility to protect the pocket, playing with a wide base working in-line.

    Negatives: Needs to improve his stamina, as he generally runs out of gas late in games... Lacks good drive blocking technique, preferring to maul the defender when he should be walling off (gets over-extended and loses balance at times, as he will bend at the waist and lose balance moving up field)...Struggles to locate and neutralize linebackers in the second level due to poor angle technique...Not good working on the edge, as he is too stiff to easily redirect and while he has a strong punch, his hands are not quick enough to counter double moves...Has the reach to extend into a defender, but will short-arm firing off the ball and needs to uses his hands more effectively to keep defenders off his legs...Has a tendency to lunge and fall off blocks in space when he loses mirror on the defender...Best working at the line of scrimmage, as he fails to keep his feet under him when having to move long distances (not nimble).

    Compares To: EDWIN Mulitalo-Baltimore...Like Mulitalo and fellow Ravens guard Keydrick Vincent, Ramirez is a classic mauler who wins most battles with strength. He is very alert to stunts and twists and excels at protecting the pocket. He works well with his tackle and center on double teams and shows good snap quickness to lock on and control his man. He uses his frame to gain advantage coming off the ball, but lacks the sustained speed to get out and neutralize second level defenders. He is a pile mover who works best when he widens his base to anchor. On the move, he gets too narrow and crosses his feet and lacks a feel for taking proper angles in space. Few guards possess the raw strength that Ramirez has, but with his girth he is not going to be able to mirror defenders on the edge.
    #92 - Mike Otto, LT, Purdue
    Positives: Big-boned athlete with broad shoulders, long arms and thick thighs and calves...Has the frame to carry at least another 20-25 pounds of bulk with no loss in quickness...Shows quick feet and good hip flexibility, moving well in the open to make the cut blocks at the second level...Displays very good balance, doing a nice job retreating in pass protection...Competitive athlete with a mean streak and looks to finish off his opponent on every play...Garnered academic honors during his career and has no problem taking the play from the board to the field...Has good functional strength and an explosive hand punch that could be even more effective with more bulk and muscle tone...Shows good quickness off the ball to gain advantage, especially when reaching and sealing seven-techs...Seldom beaten off the edge due to his long reach and balance...His quickness is evident when working in space, as he shows good urgency on pulls and traps...Effective generating the foot speed on the backside to scoop and cut off the edge rushers...When he brings his hands up, he shows good weight distribution to put good force behind his punch, consistently shocking the defender with his initial blow...Has the ability to get under the pads and dominate on drive blocks...Flashes the hip movement to make the down blocks, as he moves his feet and swings his hips to wall off and sustain. Plays with good balance, as his base allows him to easily defeat twists and stunts...Has a wide base and knows how to keep his feet under him on the move...Takes good angles, showing ease with cut blocks in the second level...As a drive blocker, he generates enough functional strength to move the pile and can drive back with leverage, despite lacking ideal bulk...Gets a good, consistent push at the point of attack and has enough power to maul when working in-line...Shows above average leg drive and a good pad level on incline blocks and has the hand power to move out level-one defenders...Effective at keeping his shoulders square with base blocks and also blocks with a good flat back...Effective when trying to punch and recoil. He keeps his base wide vs. the hard charge so he can anchor and redirect as needed. He might get a little straight-legged, but his base and anchor help him compensate. His balance and knee bend are effective weapons vs. a strong club move...Can generate above average pop and explosion and has the ability to get under the defender's pads and jolt the opponent with his hand punch...Has the ability to consistently sustain and despite lacking ideal bulk, he sinks his hips and bends his knees properly to move the pile and drive block with good leverage (could be exceptional with added bulk)...Looks fluid with his feet on the move and makes solid contact in the open...Does a good job of smothering linebackers when working in the second level, then moving off that defender to attack another opponent.

    Negatives: Will need more bulk to anchor in pass protection at the next level, but he has the feet, balance and control to run over the defender...Will sometimes over-set, but he has the knee bend and mirroring skills to quickly recover...Has good bone structure, but needs to dedicate time in the weight room to improve his strength and add needed bulk to his frame...Consistent getting a functional push at the point of attack, but could be dominant if he is able to add another 20 pounds...Gets a little straight-legged at times, but is athletic enough to land and sustain...Shows good awareness reacting to stunts and blitzes, but needs to combo quicker at times.

    Compares To: MATT LIGHT-New England...Like Light, Otto is a very alert blocker who uses his quickness to mirror and his hand punch to shock and jolt with very good consistency. He will need to add more bulk for the next level, but he has the frame to carry at least 20 more pounds without it affecting his foot speed. He might not dominate and explode through blocks like you'd want from a left tackle, but he is mistake-free and it is rare to see him give up the sack.
    #104 - Jay Alford, DT, PSU
    Positives: Has adequate upper body development with a thick chest, thighs and calves and the frame that can add at least 15 pounds with no loss of quickness...Combative type with a quick initial step in attempts to gain advantage...Has very good mobility and range for an interior lineman and could be utilized as a 3-4 defensive end due to his quick first step...Product of the training room, having added 40 pounds of muscle to his frame since arriving on campus as a freshman...Compensates for a lack of strength with a sudden burst that generally puts offensive linemen on their heels coming off the snap...His consistency in getting a jump off the ball and taking good angles let him apply steady pocket pressure...Flashes suddenness to gain advantage and has a good feel for blocking schemes and screens...Active moving down the line and has the closing speed to make plays on ball carriers along the perimeter...One-gap type who flows and fights to get to the ball...Uses his hands effectively to defeat blocks and uses his lateral agility to avoid the opponent on the move...Frees himself well with his feet to close on the ball when engaging single blocks...Routinely chases down plays outside the block, making him a better end candidate than tackle...Quick-twitch player with the ability to quickly diagnose the plays...Active in pursuit, showing a fluid lateral slide and is an effective wrap-up tackler when he stays low in his pads...Intense pass rusher with an array of moves to go along with his mobility in attempts to shoot the inside gaps...When sinking his pads, he is much more effective at gaining leverage on the bull rush...Good second effort type of pass rusher with quick change of direction agility on the move...Shows improvement in keeping his hands active to prevent blockers from latching on...Works hard to replace his hands when engaging blockers...Will close and deliver the big hit flushing out the quarterback (very quick over five yards), flashing that extra surge to seal the deal...Quick reader who won't bite on misdirection or play-action.

    Negatives: Gets too high in his stance at times, losing balance and leverage when trying to anchor...Tends to get over-aggressive at times as he tries to out-muscle rather than using his array of spin moves. That causes him to get washed out on the play, as he has marginal strength to anchor or split double teams...Lacks the wide, natural base to play in a two-gap system...Will over-pursue, losing leverage in the process, as he needs to restart to get back into the play rather than flow to the ball...Needs to wrap securely as a tackler, as he lacks explosion behind his hits (does not follow through when delivering a hit)...Lacks the bulk to stack and control playing the interior, but has just short-area quickness, lacking the sustained speed to be effective rushing off the edge...Better when on the move, as his lack of bulk causes him to struggle trying to disengage from multiple blocks...Gets frustrated when his initial move fails and will then throttle down...Good wrap-up tackler when he gets into position to make the play, but more often than not he will get his hands outside his frame, swing wildly, whiff or make arm tackles rather than securing the ball carrier.

    Compares To: CLAUDE WROTEN-St. Louis...Alford is a classic overachiever, but lacks the bulk and overall strength to face up and split double teams. He is a move-oriented pass rusher who compensates for a lack of raw power with a quick initial burst to shock offensive linemen and rock his opponents back on their heels. Like Wroten, he might lack the sand in his pants to play regularly in a base defense, but while he is a good interior pass rusher, he lacks the sustained speed to be utilized as a full-time defensive end.
    #132 - Daniel Sepulveda, P, Baylor
    Positives: Former linebacker, and looks the part with good chest thickness, muscular arms, tight waist, tapered thighs and calves...Has excellent leg strength to kick the ball for good distance...Good coverage support specialist who has excellent quickness to get down field ands prevent the long return...Shows very good leg extension and overall body flexibility...Has large, soft and natural hands, making proper adjustments to the off-target snap...Holds for placements and field goals...Adjusts to pressure well and can improvise when his protection breaks down...Three-step kicker with an average of 1.21 in his touch-to-toe mechanics...Gets very good rise and turnover behind his kicks...Strikes the ball with power, but needs to improve the height on his kicks (prone to long drives)...Has solid control with good hang time (4.2 second average) and is efficient at getting the ball to bounce right in order for the coverage team to get down field and keep the ball inside the 20-yard line...Shows accuracy placing his attempts near the sticks and is a mentally tough sort who is not afraid to run with the ball...Shows functional aggression getting downfield to lend support for the coverage unit...Has good lower body flexibility and hip rotation with flexibility in his ball release...Well-coordinated and shows solid control and mechanics in attempts to angle his kicks...Shows good hand mechanics fielding the ball and getting it ready for the place-kicker while serving as a holder.

    Negatives: Has all the intangibles, but will on occasion kick across his body, causing his ball position to be off a little bit...Tends to rush his kicks at times when pressured, losing his adequate height and causing the coverage unit to not be in position to prevent the return...Relies too much on his leg strength and will punish the ball, causing him to out-kick his coverage unit...Needs to show better leg extension and toe direction in his kicks (sometimes goes off the side of the foot)...Hang times are just adequate, as he has the leg strength, but fails to generate consistent trajectory.

    Compares To: DAVE ZASTUDIL-Cleveland...Sepulveda is a fine athlete who just happens to have a strong kicking leg. He is a former linebacker who should do well on the coverage unit at the next level. He has the leg strength to launch rockets off his leg, but needs to improve the trajectory on some of his kicks, as he will hit line drives on more than a few occasions, resulting in the coverage team not being set up to prevent the long return. You can teach a player how to angle his punts, and with a little technique refinement he should replace a veteran punter in the NFL next year.
    #170 - Jeff Newton, TE, Oregon State

    Positives: Has that rare-sized frame teams look for in a tight end; with exceptional arm length and big hands, thick thighs and calves, solid overall muscle tone and room on his frame to carry even more bulk with no loss in quickness...Fluid open-field runner who is a valid threat to stretch the field or out-muscle defenders to get to the ball in a crowd... Shows above average balance, change of direction agility and body control extending for the ball at its high point...Has the hand/eye coordination to look the ball in over his outside shoulder and shows keen vision to locate the soft spots in the zone...Maintains concentration on the ball in flight and will sacrifice his body to make the play...Comes off the line with good hand usage to prevent from being jammed...Physical presence inside the red zone due to his frame size, using his change of direction agility effectively to escape...You can see his swim over move that he uses well to defeat the press and the weave in his stride through under-coverage...Builds to top speed nicely and shows the loose hips to glide in his routes and the hip snap to easily change direction...Dangerous target inside the red zone, as he will generally win most jump ball challenges...Long strider who doesn't have the explosive burst to fly past defenders working down field, but he has the ability to stretch the field...Works back to the quarterback well and has a knack for finding the seam on deep routes...Has the hip snap to slide and find holes or bounce off defenders to get open...Makes precise cuts and knows how to use his frame to leverage vs. the smaller defensive backs...Uses his hands well to keep separation vs. linebackers and safeties when working underneath...Has the ability to bend and weave through his patterns, using his big body well to push and leverage defenders...Shows a good feel for coverages and is able to jab one direction and break off a route square...With his long arms, he is learning to use them more effectively in attempts to push and shove off when trying to separate...Uses his body well to shield defenders from the ball and will extend for the ball in traffic with no regard for his body...Looks very fluid going vertical for the pass and has the body control to maintain balance and the hand/eye coordination to secure the pass over his outside shoulder without breaking stride...Catches the pass well outside his body's framework and is an athletic jumper (36-inch vertical jump) who can frame all kinds of off-target throws...Almost never body catches and has the pluck-and-snatch agility to get to almost any pass thrown his way...When he climbs into the second level, he is very good at making the cut-off block and keeps his head on a swivel looking for moving targets.

    Negatives: Some scouts might want to see him develop more of an inherent mean streak, but ask any defender that he's faced up against and they will tell you that Newton will not hesitate to mix it up when needed...Has the loose hips to separate after the catch, but sometimes runs right into coverage and has to rely on his leg drive to break tackles... Earlier in his career, he did not extend his arms properly to prevent from getting rerouted and needs to keep his hands active to prevent from getting stalled in his route progression...While he has good strength, it sometimes is not shown when the bigger defenders lock on to his body and he needs to remain consistent with his power in order to beat the jam, but he will generally release off the line with smoothness and quickness...Because he lacks a sudden burst, he seems to create better separation down field than in short routes, but he demonstrates the body lean and weight transfer to snap off his breaks and create space off his cuts...Only adequate in attempts to anchor or get movement at the point of attack and needs to follow up quicker with strength and leverage, but has active feet and works hard to sustain...Shows a solid base, good knee bend and desire to face up, but tends to be more finesse than power-oriented in his in-line blocking technique.

    Compares To: WESLEY WALLS-ex-Carolina Panther-Newton is more bulkier than Walls, but both are among the elite when it comes to making the big plays in the red zone. He is a vastly underrated up-field blocker and few tight ends at any level display the natural hands that Newton has.
    #226 - Jeff Rowe, QB, Nevada
    Positives: Has excellent height and a lanky, raw-boned build that can add more bulk without losing his agility...Possesses a strong lower body that allows him to break tackles and the upper body muscle definition to put good power behind his throws...Needs to work on driving back from center (used mostly in a shotgun), but has the nimble feet to get to his pass set point when operating in standard formation...Has a bit of a circle in his over-the-top delivery (little like Kerry Collins), but shows a fluid release with decent quickness...Possesses a strong lower body that allows him to break tackles and the upper body muscle definition to put good power behind his throws...Has smooth feet getting to his pass drop point...Moves back with good quickness and balance to get into throwing position...Demonstrates active footwork, whether in a three- or five-step drop...Will never be confused for being Dan Marino "cat-quick" with his release, but when he gets rid of the ball, it comes off his hand with a tight, circular motion that is fairly smooth, showing consistency in generating a tight spiral...Can zip the short-to-intermediate passes with good velocity when needed and also knows when to take a bit off his throws...His long passes hang a bit at times, but when firing underneath, he puts good zip and touch on his tosses...Conscious of placing his long throws on the outside shoulder of his target and does a good job of anticipating the receivers coming out of their breaks...Doesn't throw deep as often as he should, but knows how to put touch on his throws to keep it away from the defender...On intermediate routes, he shows good location and touch and is also pretty accurate on fades in the 25-30-yard range...Has much better touch in the short-to-intermediate areas than when going long, but when given time to plant his feet and step into the throw, he can hit the wide open target in stride...Developed a better feel and timing on crossing routes, matching his anticipation skills when working underneath...When he gets a hot read, he is better at anticipating the receiver's break...Will move out of the pocket if it means completing the pass and is also quite effective rolling out to throw from the right hash...Has that uncanny feel for pocket pressure, getting the ball off quickly on timing routes...Has the leg strength to gain valid yardage on the naked bootleg and has continued to improve his feel for stepping up in the pocket...Will never be a dangerous threat to pull it down and run with the ball, but based on 13 touchdowns rushing, he certainly has the leg power to break tackles.

    Negatives: Not a threat to hurt a defense with his feet, but can gain valid yardage if given a free lane to run...Shows enough nimbleness in the pocket to elude the bull rush, but lacks second-level quickness to take the ball to the house...Needs to build to top acceleration on the move and is best served staying in the pocket rather than try and create with his feet...Shows decent football intelligence, but is prone to costly mistakes... Needs to be coached on the field in order to get the best out of his ability and lacks creativity in the pocket...Must show better ability to call audibles and adjust to the coverage, along with doing a better job of being aware of ball security...Could be more vocal, but that is not his nature...While he is not careless, he does tend to hold on to the ball too long at times trying to make the play rather than throwing the ball away...Prone to that bad decision throwing into coverage...When Rowe reverts to a somewhat sidearm delivery with a low release, he will generally throw into a crowd or have his passes batted down...When trying to go long, he shows a bit of a windup and that results in him taking longer than necessary in attempts to get the ball away...His long tosses just lack consistent touch, but it is more due to a lack of control, resulting from the long arc in his windup...Gets inconsistent when pressured out of the pocket, but is more effective throwing from the right hash than the left...It sometimes looks as if he does not see the entire field, especially when he locks on to his primary target...Will have to work on his footwork driving back from center (good, just lacks reps), as the team utilized a shallow shotgun formation.

    Compares To: JON KITNA-Detroit...Rowe flew under the radar screen and might still be on the draft board late in the second day, but there is something about his continued progress that really warrants further evaluation. If the Wolf Pack would only have let him air out the ball more often, teams might be better able to see that he has the ability to make all the throws. He will need a bit of time to adjust to playing under center (team used a shallow shotgun), but he has the athletic ability to be a productive player with patient coaching.

    </pipe dream>

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    Way too much time on your hands... but that's ok... this time of year, draft ideas usually get as extravagant as these.


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      Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
      Way too much time on your hands... but that's ok... this time of year, draft ideas usually get as extravagant as these.
      Like I said, A pipe dream.

      Although the Faneca rumor is seemingly getting more and more likely as he wants to play for Whis/Grimm.

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        Nice work, even if it is an extravagant dream.

        The only thing I would have changed is using one of those 2nd-rounders on a corner like Wright or McCauley, if they would be on the board.

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          This would indeed be godly

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            all the draft trades would be godly but i don't want to draft that many O-linemen. and of course, as everyone knows, jarret could not be associated with the steelers ever and i would be happy. unless of course mcfadden shuts him down. :) other than those two things, i like it. and would be totally stoked if we had that many day one picks.

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              Those kinds of trades should never even be imagined.
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                The Steelers would make history with all those trades and it aint gonna happen.


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                  ppl didn't think that a sixth seed could go through all 3 away games and make it to the superbowl and win either did they??

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                    I hope we do trade him and stay put at #5 to draft Levi Brown, then we'll also be in perfect position to land Anthony Spencer in the 2nd.


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                      if we draft levi brown at #5 id have a fit

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                        You don't like Levi?


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                          not at five. i believe there are like 3-5 ppl that should be drafted in the top 10. CJ, AD, JR, LL, JT. everyone else will be taken higher than they should or would in a stronger class. granted that five has phenomenal talent. Staley will be a better LT than Brown and he could prolly be had at the end of one. i actually wouldn't be surprised if Staley ended up being better than JT.

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                            Yeah, I see where your coming from, the thing about Levi that really has me sold was his performance at the Senior bowl, I think that was the icing on the cake for him. When asked who was the best Olineman at the Senior Bowl every single DE said Levi Brown without hesitation, I think that says a lot about him.


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                              it's a good point but doesn't change my opinion. but i hope you agree that he shouldn't be grabbed at five though.

                              another note:when does everyone think Tomlin will get his 1 tie??

                              and if you have when Noll's was and what team it was against, that would be awesome. i don't feel like searching the internet for it.

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