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My Review of our draft. (I'll update with UDFA)

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  • My Review of our draft. (I'll update with UDFA)

    1) Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State.

    At first I didn't like this pick. I thought we could have had him later and so on. But I don't blame the front office for getting their guy. I watched a lot of tape on him since then and frankly I think this kid under Tomlin, LeBeau and Mitchells tutelage that he could be an absolute monster. I think he's atleast as strong as Joey Porter is right now, and he has room to grow. His 4.64 40' may be considered slow, but frankly, Porter ran a 4.69. Haggans ran a 5.04. So he can cover the TE, which is something that really caused Troy trouble. I wonder how much Winslow and Heap will like trying to catch over this kid. I really think he could be a dynamo.

    2) LaMarr Woodley, OLB, Michigan

    I initially didn't like Woodley. I thought, he's not going to be able to be our Premier guy. But frankly, he's a huge upgrade over Haggans. He, right now, is a poor mans Dwight Freeney. He's undersized, but he's as strong as an ox. He's still pretty quick for his size.. cracking off a 4.7 and 4.77. He essentially played in the same position and defense as Michigan. With These guys they give us a hybrid opportunity. Both are undersized, but explosive and overpowering. I think these are great picks after Joe Thomas got picked and we have 3 great LT's in our division. Plus, who better than a Guy thats killed Brady Quinn plenty of times. We'll still own the browns.

    3) Matt Spaeth, TE, Minnesota

    I love this pick. I know everyone bashes the fact we didn't get an RB, but the only one here were Slow Hunt and unknown Bush. But Spaeth is a great pick. We get a cheaper #2 TE, Instantly upgrades Tuman... now we have another Red Zone threat. His vertical ability is sick. Ben can just throw the ball up and let him take care of it.

    4a) Daniel Sepulveda, P, Baylor.

    I don't have to explain this pick.

    4b) Ryan McBean, DE/DT, Oklahoma State

    Perfect Pick. I'm a small minority but I like him more than Alford. Alford is, in my opinion a 3-4 DE, period. McBean is a guy that can hold the point, stop the run and get to the passer in a 3-4.. but he's a penetrating, quick undertackle in the 4-3. Love it

    5a) Cameron Stephenson, OG, Rutgers

    I like him. I thought he was a phonebooth guy, but I think he'll be a monster backup, He's basically a bigger Willie Colon. I think he'll knock Simmons or Starks out next year.

    5b) William ***, CB, Louisville

    I scratched my head to this one, but I always liked ***. He IMO is a DeShea Townsend Clone, but with Tons of more upside. He's solid in coverage. Great in zone and Very tough against the run. He's 5'10, 178lbs. He's seen plenty of Playing time and very strong.

    7) Dallas Baker, WR, Florida

    Not a fan of any WR's from Florida.. But Baker has good size and I think he could surprise us. He's got good size at 6'3 208lbs, he's a good possession receiver, and if he can block and Play ST, he'll make a great Stiller.


    Jason Capizzi, OT, IUP

    He can eventually play LT. Love it. Huge size, very fast, very powerful. Bigger version of Joe Staley.

    Gary Russell, RB, Minnesota

    In his short career he outplayed Laurence Maroney. I think with some development, he could be the next Marion Barber. Love it.

    Darnell Stapleton, OC, Rutgers..

    Everyone was upset about our line. I think we got 2 steals in UDFA and a beast waiting to be unleashed in Stephenson. I think in all reality, Rutgers had an underrated OL and we got their best 2 interior players. Perhaps it won't make a difference.. I think they can both make the squad.

    Say bye to Okobi for sure.

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    Well hopefully we don't cut the majority of our day 2 like last year that was obsurd

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      Here are the weakness of each player.
      1. Timmons. Only 1 year as a starter. Raw needs work on his tech. Has trouble shedding blocks and doesn't use his hands well. Lacks ideal instincts and awareness. Needs to get bigger and stronger.
      2. Woodley. Tweaner, with below average height. Timed speed is only average. Can get overpowered by massive linemen. Lack of size and speed will be magnified in the NFL.
      3. Spaeth. Average athlete. lacks speed and quickness. Not a big play threat. Needs to work on leverage as a blocker. Health issues.
      4a. Sepulveda. Out kicks coverage. Spotty consistency. ACL tear in his past.
      Stephenson. Average size. Real raw. Not very strong or powerfull. Plays tall with poor leverage. Durability is a minor issue.
      McBean. On the light side. Inconsistent and doesn't play to talent. Does not use hands well. Poor instincts and recognition skills. Very raw.
      *** CB. Below average speed. Lacks bulk. Lacks recovery speed. Very little upside, no more than a backup.
      Baker WR. Lacks speed and will struggle to separate in pros. Not quick or explosive. Not very tough and plays smaller than his size. Will not work middle of the feild. Battles drops, average blocker.

      These are Scott's reports. Not mine. I checked a couple of other sites, and their reports were the same.


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        you are just a debbie downer


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          No, a realist.


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            Lack of size? lol Woodley has great size for an OLB, you're copying over negatives from someone that was reviewing him solely as a DE. Woodley is 6'2 269, Porter is 6'3 250
            How is his size even a real concern?

            I don't know if you noticed this, but every single draft prospect has some negatives written about him, even Calvin Johnson. By your standard I could go through everyones draft, just acknowledge the downfalls of each player and consider everyones draft to be crap.


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              Woodley is to small to be a DE and to slow to be a OLB. He is in the 4.77 range.


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                he ran 4.7 anda 4.77 where he slipped

                4.7 is good speed for what he'll do

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                  Originally posted by richdg View Post
                  Woodley is to small to be a DE and to slow to be a OLB. He is in the 4.77 range.
                  I remind you that Clark Haggans ran a 5.04 40'. He did pretty well.

                  I'd say Woodley was a huge upgrade and Timmons has upgrade potential if he pans out.

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                    You haven't watche Woodley every game for the last 4 years. I have. He can not cover at all. When he goes up against NFL caliber linemen, he disappeared. Go watch the OSU gam,e and the Rose Bowl. He had 1 sack and 3 tackles, combined. He disappeared in those games. Most of his numbers came against lower quality teams.


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                      Like Richdg, i've dissed Woodley about many of his deficiencies and did not see how he would fit in either as a de or weakside lb. However he seems well groomed to fit the strong side where stopping the run and blitzing are more important than pass coverage. The thing is, Hagans, both Harrisons and even Timmons are all strong side backers. I guess we are going into the year with Harrison starting at weakside with Timmons hot on his tail.. Timmons actually seems better suited for the middle; maybe as a replacement for Farrior eventually? God do I miss Porter already!!!


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                        woodley will play haggans spot in a merriman type role where he doesnt drop into coverage much but rather rushes the qb

                        timmons can play all 7 linebacker spots

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                          Originally posted by richdg View Post
                          You haven't watche Woodley every game for the last 4 years. I have. He can not cover at all. When he goes up against NFL caliber linemen, he disappeared. Go watch the OSU gam,e and the Rose Bowl. He had 1 sack and 3 tackles, combined. He disappeared in those games. Most of his numbers came against lower quality teams.
                          Except for the Texas game when he had like 11 tackles and like 4 TFL's. But honestly, I wouldn't disagree with your analysis. In order for him to do well in your defense, he'll need to play mainly a DE/rush backer role ala Merriman. If he's asked to do too much in coverage, he'll likely be a pretty big liability.

                          EDIT: Ok, I went back and looked. In '04, Woodley had 12 tackles, 2 TFL's, and 2 PBU's against OSU, and 11 tackles with 4 TFL's against Texas. So in the 2 games that he probably faced the best competition of the year, he totalled 23 tackles and 6 TFL's. That's pretty good production IMO.

                          As for this season. I agree he somewhat disappeared against OSU and USC, although he actually had 7 tackles and 1 sack between those 2 games. However, to say he disappeared against NFL quality lineman is a little off IMO. He played against 3 guys that were drafted in the first round this year.

                          vs Central Michigan(Joe Staley)-4 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR

                          vs Wisconsin(Joe Thomas)-1 tackles, 1 sack(not very good)

                          vs Penn State(Levi Brown)-5 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF

                          So in games versus first round guys this season, he totalled 10 tackles, 5 sacks, 2 FF, and 1 FR in 3 games. Add in the games against OSU and USC and you get 17 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 FF, 1 FR in 5 games. Not terrible production IMO.
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                          Originally posted by Jakey

                          i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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                            he wont be asked to do hardly anything in coverage

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                              Well the entire coaching staff and front office seems to think he can do it, and I'm sure they would know. Colbert has been doing a great job getting defensive players in his time here, and both Tomlin and LeBeau (LeBeau especially) are good defensive minds who know whether or not a player can cut it in our system. This isn't a late round project player, its someone they expect to come in and compete.



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