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  • AFC North Comparison

    How does everyone think our draft compared to the rest of the AFC North? I personally think we had the second best draft, only behind the Browns simply because they got both Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn. How about everyone else?

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    On paper the Brownpants had a great draft. Let's hope their top picks flop or get injured as usual. The Bengals took all the guys I wouldn't have wanted, starting with Leon hall. The RAvens, who are the only team that kicked our ass last year(twice yet) beefed up their O-line but didn't do anything spectacular. Our key this year is for our O coordinator to figure out what to do with the Ravens blitzes; maybe Spaeth is part of that answer.


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      I honestly think we had the best.

      The browns addressed two of their needs, LT and QB and not much else. I think Eric Wright has great measurable, but I don't think he ever pans out to be a good corner in the NFL. Their defense is still not good at all, and this year I don't think Quinn plays, or if he does, will be better than frye. The Browns won't have a first next year, which sucks for them because they will be picking in the top 5 again.

      Baltimore was solid, though nothing to write home about. They didn't pick up anyone that scares me. Antwan Barnes may eventually be a good LB, but not now, and not next year either.

      Cinci sucked.

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        from what it sounds like, we picked up the most guys that will get the most playing time. Sepulvda will be the starting punter and from the sounds of it Timmons, Woodley, and Spaeth will all get substantial playing time as rookies. immediate impact, it looks like we had the best overall draft, but overtime that could prove to be incorrect.....depending on how everyone ends up playing.

        Silverback....still the best.

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          I think ours is behind only Cleveland's. In the long run they might get a franchise LT and QB from this draft and that would easily make it the best.

          Our draft got us guys that will have an immediate impact. Timmons and Woodley will help our on D and Special teams and Sepuvelda should help out or punting game. Spaeth will probably see alot of time as we use more than 1 TE all ths time. Baker might even get more playing time then we expect with Arians new system.

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            yeah hopefully he makes the team... but i think he will

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              I thought you guys had a very good draft. A lot better than what most people seem to feel.

              You probably "reached" for some guys, namely Spaeth and Sepulveda, but unlike most, I don't necessarily believe in reaches. If there's a guy you want who fits what you're doing and can have an impact, then screw it...go get him. Because when they step on the field, aside from the monetary aspect, it won't matter where they went in the draft.

              Whether you run the 3-4 ot 4-3, I think Timmons and Woodley are two impact players who can fit in either scheme. As a Browns fan, the Woodley pick definitely scares the hell out of me. In that 3-4 pass rushing OLB role, I think he can be a monster.

              All in all you guys had a good draft. If I were a Steelers fan the only thing I'd be disappointed with is the fact you didn't come away with a big, young back to compliment Parker. I thought Brian Leonard was your man when he was still on the board in the 2nd. Thankfully, you passed him up...but still got the beast Woodley, so whatever.

              I feel the Browns had the best draft of the division followed by Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati.

              Hopefully with the moves we made we're setting ourselves up for some success. Nothing would please me more than to bring back the high intensity, hard hitting Browns-Steelers games of old. The rivalry has been a joke for the past several years, so maybe this is the year where we bring it back to where it should be.

              Good luck in '07. GO BROWNS.


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                prolly the best browns fan poster on this board... and i agree, i would love to see those high intensity games again, though with us winning of course :)

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                  I thought cincy and Baltimore didn't really do anything impressive this draft. Baltimore added to their line, with Grubbs I believe, who will probably be a good guard, but they really needed a tackle. Other than that, not a whole lot afterwards. Cincy got, in my opinion, the most overrated corner in the draft and not a whole lot after that either. Our first 4 rounds were guys that will come in and play right away and make a difference. The Browns got 1 or 2 guys that will come in and make an impact, but Quinn wont make much of a difference right away. Luckily for us, they had to give up a lot to get him, so if he doesn't pan out, they hurt themselves even more.


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                    Obviously at this point the Browns drafted the big names, so you tend to give them the best grade in the divison.

                    I think Pittsburgh and Baltimore were close in terms of quality players selected in this draft.

                    I think the selections of McCain, Barnes, and Burgess are solid picks (Burgess in the 7th isn't bad in my mind). I think Troy Smith may work out very well for the Steelers, and the value on him as the final pick in the 5th round seems to be very good. However, I think the selection of Marshall Yanda, who will apparently play at tackle for the Ravens, is not particularly good. He seems to be more suited to play guard, and with that in mind as well as the previous selection of Ben Grubbs, selecting Yanda doesn't make complete sense to me. Ben Grubbs makes perfect sense and should be a great guard. Yamon Figurs was probably taken entirely too early, but if he has half the production of Devin Hester in 2006, then Figurs will be worth it. That, of course, is a big if.

                    I am not in love with the Timmons pick, but I certainly like it a lot. His versatility and drive will suit him well in the pros, and he should flourish under LeBeau and Tomlin. At the time, I was very upset that Woodley was selected over Kalil, but if the coaches feel Mahan is the heir apparent at Center, then I trust them. Woodley should be a disruptive force rushing the passer, and he and Timmons should be a superb duo. Spaeth is not the pick I wanted to see, especially with the lack of depth at RB with both Tony Hunt and Michael Bush (especially Bush) still available, but if Airans does plan to employ more three TE sets, it seems to me that Spaeth was a solid option, if a bit early. I have no problem with taking Daniel Sepulveda; he represents an immediate and, in all likelihood, a significant upgrade at his position, as well as a nice reduction against the salary cap. I love the Ryan McBean selection, and I felt he would go late in the third round so the value is pretty nice to me as well. I know next to nothing about Cameron Stephenson and William..."Happy", but they represent additions at positions of need. And finally, of course I love the selection of THE TOUCHDOWN MAKER~!

                    The Bengals draft was mediocre in my mind.



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