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Kevan Barlow visits Steelers

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  • Kevan Barlow visits Steelers

    Free-agent running back Kevan Barlow visited the Steelers at their South Side headquarters yesterday.

    Barlow, who played for Pitt and Peabody High School, has played with the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Jets in six NFL seasons. His best season was 2003 with the 49ers, when he rushed for 1,024 yards on 201 carries, a 5.1-yard average. Last year for the Jets, he gained 370 yards on 131 carries, an average of 2.8 yards. The Jets cut him in February.

    Barlow is seventh on Pitt's career rushing list with 2,438 yards. He scored the final touchdown at Pitt Stadium Nov. 13, 1999, when the Panthers upset Notre Dame, 37-27.

    The Steelers have said they need more depth at running back. They did not select one in the draft, but signed two rookie free-agent running backs.

    I would not feel much better about the Steelers' RB situation if Barlow was signed.

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    barlow is still pretty good
    the reason y he crashed as a jet was because of injuries
    but he was pretty solid with the niners
    i wouldnt par say agree that it would be the best move and we would have the best rushing attack but it will help


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      i want to see Mosley and Russell in mini-camp before I say we need another guy this year.

      Don't forget .. Dominick Williams (Davis) is out there and some teams will be having to cut RB's..

      Minnesota, Houston.. off the top of my head..


      Ahman Green, Wali Lundy, Ron Dayne, Samkon Gado, Chris Taylor


      Kenny Irons, Rudi Johnson, Chris Perry, Terrence Whitehead, Kenny Watson


      Fred Taylor, Mo-Drew, Greg Jones, Doug Wimbish, LeBrandon Toefield


      Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, Derrick Blaylock, Cedric Houston

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        I'll take Barlow over Chris Taylor or Terrence Whitehead, lol.

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          Barlow could be Deuce 2.0.

          Greg Jones would be sick but he is injury prone as well

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            Barlow is a terrible player. He sucks bad. Why would we even think about him? He averages like 2.8 yards per carry for his career! He can't catch, nor will he block. Please do not sign this bum!


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              Originally posted by richdg View Post
              Barlow is a terrible player. He sucks bad. Why would we even think about him? He averages like 2.8 yards per carry for his career! He can't catch, nor will he block. Please do not sign this bum!
              I don't know if I agree. I worry about his attitude off the field. But frankly, he's a power runner, we have a power line. NYJ and SF both had horrid lines when he was running behind them. NYJ's line was built for a quick cutter and Barlow is not that. He is a slow pile mover, and thats what we got.

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                Steelers | Barlow expected to sign
                Tue, 8 May 2007 14:53:40 -0700

                John Clayton, of ESPN, reports the Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to sign unrestricted free-agent RB Kevan Barlow (Jets) Wednesday, May 9.


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                  via pft we got barlow

                  thanks to steel man for the fresh sig


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                    Define Irony.

                    Many people are bitching about Barlow.

                    Lets see this..

                    We have a running back controversy (Virtually)...

                    I'm thinking logically.

                    We wanted Tony Hunt in round 3. Most people thought this draft was a failure for not drafting Tony Hunt.

                    So Lets analyze this.

                    We wanted a power back in round 3.. We just signed a Powerback that was a 3rd round pick. Ironic.

                    We wanted a Power back from our back yard.. PSU... well Pitt is right next door. Ironic

                    Their Size at the combine.

                    6'1 234lbs. Both of them.

                    Kevan Barlows NFL YPC Avg (Career): 3.86
                    Tony Hunts NCAA YPC Avg (Career): 5.076

                    Keep in mind, both played behind ****** O-lines in their career. I couldn't find Barlows College Stats, and Hunt hasn't played in the NFL yet.

                    The difference is, Barlow is faster and was a better receiver coming out of College. Not to mention Barlow ran a 4.55 and Hunt Ran a 4.66.. which is supposed to mean about 4 rounds difference.

                    Here's something to think about.. Barlow has never started on a team or in a season with any real talent around him. He was a reserve back and ran over 1024 yards in 2003. So they give him the starting job in 2004... But Wait.. they sent away Jeff Garcia (Pro-Bowl) for Tim Rattay. Terrell Owens (Pro-Bowler). Who was the next best WR? Tai Streets. Ced Wilson left the year after. Oh add the fact they got rid of their 2 best starting run blockers on the OL... they basically screwed Barlow. There was no respect for the Passing game (No receivers, and Rattay Sucked), the OL was depleted.

                    Then add the fact that Nolan came in and cleaned house.

                    So where does he go...

                    NY Jets. Who was frankly so bad on the oline, they had two 1st round draft picks and used them BOTH on the OL. Dbrick who has amazing potential but isn't a great RUn blocker.

                    Our OL Is built for Power Running, Barlow will fit in perfectly IMO.

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                      is it official? did we get him?

                      Thank you Jimmy for the sig.


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                        Originally posted by glennjamen3 View Post
                        is it official? did we get him?
                        PFW is reporting it... Clayton has been reporting it since this previous weekend.. and Schefter is reporting it as well, they just did an around the league on NFLN and he mentioned it.

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                          We needed some more competition at rb and Barlow is a good fit with no downside. If he isn't up to snuff he gets cut in training camp and if he shows what he had earlier he is a steal. I remember when we acquired Bettis, he was coming off a bad situation with the rams where they didn't seem to know how to use his talents. That turned out ok. why bash Barlow by only looking at his ypg with the jets?


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                            Barlow sucks, that is why. If SF line was so bad, then why was Gore able to succeed with the same 5 starters? Saem with the Jets. I know terrible line, yet Martin was able to go over 1000 yards rushing every year. But Barlow gets beat out in NY after Martin is gone. He is not the answer.


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                              larry allen was a new player for SF last year

                              jonas jennings was hurt for most of '05, last year being his first real year with san fran

                              thats two different linemen that gore ran with last year that barlow didnt in '05 when he split carries with gore

                              thanks to steel man for the fresh sig



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