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  • Offensive Offense?

    Having watched all of the Chargers-Bears game and watched enough of the Pats game until I started to throw up in my mouth, I have come to a couple of conclusions about our offensive offense. First, Phillip Rivers has little to no confidence in VJ or Buster Davis. Its hard to tell if their not making plays, or if their not getting looks. In the preseason, I saw all kinds of formations getting Buster the ball with end arounds and bubble screens, I've seen none of that. I've seen none of the expected 2RB formations that I heard all about in the offseason. I believe that Norv is the right hire because he can be creative on offense and further Phil's career, and he's trying to figure out how much to throw. He wants to go deep, but LT needs the ball. It's a fine line that needs to be quickly found.
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    I agree that our offense is offensive.. but i disagree that turner is the right coach, i may not have liked marty at the time but now that hes gone im only wishing he was still our coach he was great for us..

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