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    This is the third straight Mock Scott has Okam going to us, does he have any chance of being a decent replacement for Jamal, those are big shoes to fill.

    I also am intrigued by Otah, we need another mauler tackle to move Olivea inside. We have one more year with Goff....which gives the rook a chance to learn for a year.

    Either way, these two options with quality BEEF seem like the order of the day. Our pick will be important as we won't have another pick until the 3rd round supplemental for Donnie.

    I know we may need Okam more, but I gotta believe some of our current problems on offense, especially running the ball stem to O Line. Otah would be an awesome fit to an already young and solid line.

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    It's just so hard to project the Chargers' draft needs. On one hand, they are drafting for depth, there aren't any glaring needs. On the other hand, the teams performance this year seems to indicate that they could stand to improve in several areas.

    My thought is to draft the BPA at a position that allows rookies to contribute right away. First two positions that came to mind are - rush OLB, and RB. We know that the Shawne and Shaun connection is deadly, but I feel that they are playing too many snaps and are getting tired at times. My evidence for this is, when Harris comes off of the bench, he usually makes a play. Remember Merriman in 05? Got to come off of the bench for the majority of the season and was really efficient at rushing the passer when he is in there. If a versatile 3-4 OLB prospect is there, like Gholston for example, I say take him.

    RB is another position. First off, I don't like how Michael Turner is an afterthought in the offense now, but that's probably a different discussion. He's gone after this year, so we need a RB anyway. Say Jonathan Stewart fell to the Chargers, he would be a great change of pace/insurance policy for LT, and extend his career.

    I think we need more OL depth, but not in the first round. I don't think that would impact the team right away. AJ has done his best OL work in the later rounds anyway.

    DT wouldn't be a bad pick, but I like Brandon McKinney. I think he's done pretty well when he's been in there.
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      Chicken, yeah but.....

      I agree with ya chicken that BPA could be our philosophy. Stewart and a Rush OLB who can give Merriman and Phillips a blow are not bad ideas....but I disagree that they should take precidence over OLine. Goff is hurting our run game.......we need a stud RT prospect to move Olivea inside. Otah and Cherilous might be available when the pick gets to us in the first. Unless AJ and Buddy think Okam can replace Jamal someday that should be our priority......I remember AJ saying "OLine always Oline" when people asked about what position(s) he looks. There seem to be alot of Tackle prospects and they may get a list of 3rd rounders they think will slip to our Donnie pick, but we need one. Goff is under contract for 2008........and we need to fix two problems with our right side when he goes.....moving Olivea's limitations inside and getting a stud road grader to upgrade our run blocking when Goff is gone.

      I am encouraged about the depth of Tackle prospects, so they may wait......and we are gonna find out in the next few weeks if Mckinney, Bingham, are legit guys agianst run D.....Jax, Balt and Tennessee will all provide stiff tests and show whether we have fixed our run D from the sad second half against Peterson and the talented Minny Oline.

      I honestly think Sproles could provide a different change of pace than Burner next year at RB........and RB is a VERY deep class, especially if a few Jr's surprise and come there will be opportunities late in day 1 and early day 2 for RB's (remember we got Burner in the 5th). Quality beef should be gone by then. Honestly I worry about Jamal, those knees are showing signs of wear and tear........we need someone sooner rather than later to keep our run D unit solid. I am excited to see how we do the next few weeks against Jax, Baltimore and Tennessee.



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