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    "The Redskins are reportedly "actively shopping" CB Shawn Springs.
    Getting Springs off the roster would save $6 million in cap space. The Skins obviously would prefer to get a pick for him rather than cut Springs outright after a solid season, but shouldn't expect more than a fourth-rounder."

    Ive been thinking about moving Cro to safety and bringing in Springs. Cromartie was very disappointing this year ever since he made that stupid mark for interceptions last year hes been playing for ints all year. I can see him at safety and playing it pretty well.

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    Cro isn't a safety

    He won't hit a guy if his life depended on it. We need an enforcer back there with Weddle who is too small to be an enforcer.


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      Ya I would love to get Springs, but I cant see Cromartie at safety. He isnt physical enough...


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        If DFlo comes back to the fold, Cason or Florence may move to safety....and both Cason and Florence aren't afraid to mix it up and hit someone. As much as Florence's stupidity cost us against New England, he had a HUGE hit on Reggie Wayne to help us beat Indy the next year in the playoffs. I also remember him lining up someone on Detroit earlier in 2007 with a SMACKDOWN.

        The only problem with the scenario, is it keeps Oliver on the bench....I would like to see him in the mix to win the SS job next to Weddle as well.

        Shawn Springs...........we have to many good young pups in our secondary to even give him a sniff.



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