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  • Is it just me...

    ...or are the Chargers being suspiciously low-key regarding their pick. I think analysts are not considering the fact that Tampa Bay needs a QB also and they are below the Jets. Freeman will NOT drop below the Jets. This seems like a perfect opportunity to trade down get and get that second rounder back.

    As a side note, I'm on the Tyson Jackson band wagon. We are dental floss thin at that position and Jackson is a perfect 3-4 end.
    IN AJ WE TRUST.......

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    1. Im on the Tyson Jackson bandwagon with ya

    2. The chargers are always low key in the free agency process and the draft process.


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      Yeah, we've definitely been flying under the radar. Last year we barely had any contact with Cason before we selected him.

      Jackson has grown on me too, but it doesn't look like he'll fall to us. I still think safety is our biggest need and a trade down to pick up a 2nd would be perfect to get one of the top guys.


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        I've been a proponent of the trade down for awhile now; although, I was thinking about RT, but if someone slides we might be able to pick up a first next year to trade out of the first to get Delmas or Moore. Although, I believe S may not be top-heavy, but there are some good guys to be had in the middle rounds. I live in SC and saw Michael Hamlin from Clemson develop. He's a great leader, BIG hitter, and ran very well for someone his size (6-2 218).

        In terms of OT, there are some great middle round talents to replace Jeromey Clarey. I think G is a possibility also (Herman "the House" Johnson or maybe Duke Robinson if he falls.)
        IN AJ WE TRUST.......


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          The trade down looks very unlikely now. The top qb's are gonna be gone, which will make it tougher. Let's just hope for Oher. I just have this feeling that AJ promised Tomlinson that he would get help on the front line and that he will deliver if possible. Now, if Oher is gone, then who knows?



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