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Which Rookie will be the Biggest contributer?

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  • Which Rookie will be the Biggest contributer?

    Louis Vasquez may get the most snaps, but Vasquez and Vaughn Martin should contribute as well. With Tyrone Green an important backup to Hardwick, and the Guard spots, he could contribute as well.

    Obviously English can help as well, but with Merriman and Phillips ahead of him, learning a new position...he may not contribute like a first rounder until 2010.

    I am still super bummed we didn't take Oher.....he would have upgraded our right side to Pro Bowl potential.

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    I'd have to say Vasquez, I was very high on this guy. I wish the Packers would have taken him :(


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      Vaughn Martin


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        all depends on merrimans health


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          If Vasquez starts and our running game returns from its sabbatical, it's got to be him. Otherwise I'm going with English because I think he'll pick up at least 6 sacks and some good pressures, with Merriman and Phillips drawing most of the attention.


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            Vasquez for me.


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              It would also be sweet if Ellison would finally be the guy who helps us forget about losing #37 so long ago. Harrison was also a guy who was slow.

              If he can prove to be in better position than Hart, He and Vasquez have the best shots at PT.

              Beating out Forney and Hart are the only thing keeping AJ from looking like a genius again!
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                This basically comes down to Vasquez v. Ellison. Vasquez missed a bunch of blocks against the Jets which kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth, plus Hart solidified the SS position after Hart got the boot. However Vasquez probably still gets the nod just because he was there doing his job the whole season and Ellison was still part of a rotation.


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                  Ellison against the Jets

                  How did he do in the game? I was hoping he would come up big stopping the run and thought he woulda wrapped up Shonn Greene on that TD that lost us the game.

                  I wouldn't mind if AJ went to the well with Myron Rolle at SS, he is alot faster than Ellison and with better pass defending skills. He is obviously as smart as they come, so that is a plus as well.



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