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  • Scott's Grade

    English, Vasquez, Martin, Green, Johnson, Hughes, Ellison and Byrd will show this draft to be no lower than a solid B, and if Martin develops and English becomes a legit NFL pass rusher it may become a B+ or A-.

    That the Patriots were calling Vaughn Martin while the Bolts were picking him up was all I need to know about what he could be. AJ has a track record of 6 Pro Bowlers, about one per year he has drafted for us.

    Which guy has the best chance to be our Pro Bowler from this class?

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    I think traditionally Scott scores us a bit low with always with the caveat that Charger draft picks tend to work out pretty well. It's all good, he can't see the future, he has to work from the charts and grades that he has spent his time creating, and I don't think he and AJ have the same system.

    If anyone has a shot at the pro bowl out of this group I would have to say English or Ellison...someday. English because he's a terrific talent, and Ellison because the SS position in the AFC is not a bastion of talent so who the heck knows.


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      I personally loved your draft. You guys address key positions in the trenches, got a great potential player in English and I like Ellison too. I even think he could play some nickel LB.



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