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  • Week 1 Chargers vs Raiders Discussion

    What I'm going to be looking for is how LT does in a full game, it doesn't hurt when we're playing Oakland who he has a great track record against and I want to see how Merriman plays after his situation, and also see how the defense plays as a whole with Merriman back in the line up.

    I'm also interested how we will involve English into the line up, what kind of rotation we will see and how we will use him. Also I didn't catch many pre season chargers game but will Hart be our starting Safety the season opener?

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    Looking like we need English to step up big time with Merriman hobbling around.

    I'm an LT supporter til I die but ultimately we are going to have to get Sproles involved early and often every game this season.

    Where is Chambers?

    Naanee consumed his soul, that's where.

    Very worried about our O-line but Bromdowski? I should known this name, it's escaping at the moment. Thought he was impressive and would like to see more of him. May not have a choice. Sad about Hardwick but always thought he was a little overrated.

    I think we're going to be really good this year. Raiders have been building for a while and played us tough. Hart needs to GTFO and I'd love to see Clary upgraded but meanwhile the pieces are there, and Rivers is God.



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