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    I have to admit for a while now I thought 2009 was going to be the last hurrah for this squad of players but several things have occurred:

    1. There will be no new CBA
    2. Rivers is a golden God.

    Point 1: Vincent Jackson, Shawne Merriman, Darren Sproles, Marcus McNeill, Malcom Floyd, and several others will in fact not be free agents this year. Therefore I have changed my forecast to 2010 as the last hurrah before some rebuilding needs to get done.

    Point 2: Having an elite QB means the window is always open. Let's be real. The D is not good. Not always terrible, but not good. The running game is nonexistent. And yet, we just pulled together an incredibly convincing 13-3 season. Rivers is the reason, and the pieces around him will continue to improve.

    Therefore, I have changed my forecast to NEVER as the last hurrah before some rebuilding needs to get done. Look at the Colts...Peyton and Wayne are really the only guys to go the distance this decade, and even Reggie wasn't the #1 for most of it. They've done a complete changeover and yet will probably win the Super Bowl/almost went undefeated.

    So what are the next steps for this franchise? I am a huge proponent of sending out Cromartie for whatever the hell we can get for him. I'd like to resign Merriman but it will be nice to get another year out of him, further removed from his surgery.

    Once again I'd say Free Agency is not for us, especially with all the guys I'd like to resign but for the first time in a long while we have a complete draft! I know I'm basically talking to myself but maybe we can get some discussion up in this biotch about what this offseason should bring to the Bolts.

    Draftwise I'd love to see a DT to get into the mix with a healthy Jamal next year. RT finally seems to have solidified with the Clary/Dombrowski competition, although if a blue chipper fell I'd have no qualms, somebody like Bulaga. ILB I think is a sneaky option given our solid stable of role players at that position. If Cro is gone, I'm seriously worried AJ Smith will blow another pick on the secondary.

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    I like the idea of getting a draft pick for Cromartie.

    I would like to see us take RB Ryan Matthews with our 2nd rd pick. I am hoping we use our 1st rd pick to get an impact player on defense. Maybe:

    NT Dan Williams
    NT Terrance Cody
    ILB Brandon Spikes
    ILB Sean Weatherspoon
    S Taylor Mays (his stock has fallen some so he might be there for us)

    The problem with our defense this year was giving up too many yards to the run up the middle and no pass rush. Our defense needs to be more physical and that starts at ILB. I hope that we can get someone who can really make an impact in place of Bennet who I thought was very disappointing. The DL I know it will be better getting Jamal and Bingham back plus Martin and Nwagbuo now have a year exp. The secondary played well and if we can find a replacement for Cro will be fine.


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      I too am a proponent of the "Cro must Go" bandwagon. Hopefully we could get a solid 2nd if not a first for him.

      I'd love Jonathon Dwyer with our first pick (if not Ryan Matthews with a second), he could make us begin to forget Burner. I just like the idea of pairing him with Sproles next year, although I do still believe LT has another year left in him if he gets some better run blocking.

      As long as we keep Rivera, we will be fine on D...I really like getting Cason in as a starter, no comparison to Cro in terms of tackling.

      I would love to see us take a gamble on Myron Rolle in the 3rd or 4th round...he is much faster than Ellison and could play well alongside Weddle. I like the idea of smart players in our secondary, another reason to say goodbye to #31.

      I like the guys we have looked at in the senior bowl so far, little receivers who can play the slot and are SPEED demons...can't have enough weapons for Norv and Company, although I do believe Buster could come in and do well in that role.

      If we don't get Dwyer, I am hopeful we get a RT upgrade for our running game in round one, maybe Iupata or Ducasse. Rb and Oline need to be our day one priorities unless a gift falls...I'm still pissed we passed on Oher last year.
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        I don't see us spending our 1st rounder on a RT, the coaches seem to like Clary. What i've noticed the last years, is that AJ seem to pick guys he feels certain to get in the first round. I've only forrlowed the whole process one year, but what i've heard, is that Cason, Buster, Cro, Merriman and Castillo were expected to be around when we picked.

        That leaves me to think about a guy like Jared Odrick, but of course it is difficult to discuss our early pciks without knowing what our running back situation will be. One of them will leave, but who? Know most people think LT will be out, but after all, he is the one on a contract...

        In the end, however, I think our first rounder will be used on Odrick, and our second rounder will be either Matthews or McKnight, depending on who leaves.

        In the end i love the idea of getting Myron Rolle, for all the reasons you listed:)


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          oh hey we have a 2nd pick this year haha I will be back with my post once i do some scouting of my own!


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            Originally posted by bantx View Post
            oh hey we have a 2nd pick this year haha I will be back with my post once i do some scouting of my own!
            Isn't it weird to have a 2nd? It feels like a bonus 1st at this point. If this team manages to keep the RFAs, gets Jamal back, and then finds not one but two impact players in the draft...well I will be one happy camper.



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