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    So guys, the comp picks are in, and looks like the Bolts are getting a third rounder and a fifth rounder. This is about what I expected, and I'm pretty happy about it, plus it gives us more flexibility to trade our actualy 3 and 5 picks (as comp picks cant be traded). Is there any one in particular you guys would like to see the Bolts go after with these new picks, or any plans you guys have for them?

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    We'll assume for the moment that AJ drafts a WR and S in some order in rounds one or two. I see wants at these other positions -

    OL - AJ has said he is always looking to retool the line. Our starting five is very solid, but I'm not confident in any of the reserves save for Withrow. Mruzcowski and Lekkerkerker seem just OK, but if Dielman or McNeill went down, that would be a cavernous hole to fill. You can't go wrong by drafting lineman for depth although it's more AJ's style to take them in day 2.

    RB - Turner's gone either this year or next year, and Sproles (if healthy) isn't an adequete backup running back. We need a guy who like Turner, we won't see a huge dropoff from when LT needs a blow. 3rd round is where I'm looking for alot of RB's to come off of the board.

    Corner - Jammer/Florence/Cromartie are solid but behind them is Cletis Gordon who I'm not sure is still on the team, and Steve Gregory, who I've never even heard of.

    DL - Could always use more depth here. AJ likes Bingham and Derrick Robinson seeing as they were re-signed, and Jaques Cesaire is a great backup who can fill in at all three positions. But the feeling still remains there's no true nose tackle behind Jamal.

    Punt Returner - This can't be ignored. Eric Parker is good for fair catches and that is all. Sproles is a kick returner, he hasn't proven to be reliable in the punt return game. Yamon Figures in that 3rd or 4th range is an effective punt return prospect and could be groomed as a deep threat reciever too.
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