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Agree with Scott Wrights New Mock Draft?

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  • Agree with Scott Wrights New Mock Draft?

    do you agree with his new mock draft...? I think the picks could happen but im not sold on Bowe i would rather see us get a safety griffin if Meachem or Ginn arent available...Not sure about mcbride in second round if we dont get a Safety in first round Eric Weddle would be a good pick in the 2nd but Mcbride is a good pick and has value...Rouse is a good pick in round 3 but i dont see why we need to get another DT with our second pick in the 3rd round but depth is always good with Williams getting old...overall i like Scotts Mock Draft and are impressed:)

    Scotts Picks:
    Round 1: Dwayne Bowe WR
    Round 2: Turk Mcbride DT
    Round 3(a): Aaron Rouse S
    Round 3(b): Ryan Mcbean DT

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    Ya I definetely would rather see Griffen in that situation but Overall I can't complain. Mcbeam is an excellent prospect with enormous potential. Rouse would be a steal at the end of the third.

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      yeah bowe is fine but ill stick to my first choice in 1st round..safty


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        Yeah like the two repliers said, I would rather see a safety like Griffin picked if he is on the board. My response to Bowe is something like "eh" as in, he could be a great WR, but he wasn't the best pick. But overall not a bad draft.


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          Griffin is hard to pass up at #30, and I still think the Pats will take him. Safety is definately our biggest need, so it would be interesting to see if AJ passed on the likes of Bowe or Jarrett to get a safety at #30.

          The Dline would be nice, but I think AJ will go OLine even with Dielman signing, at least once on day 1 and another on day 2........Goff is leaving next year, and we still could improve our Oline if we found a prospect that could move Olivea inside for Goff next year. Blalock is an intriguing guy at #30 if the WR and safety AJ would want isn't there. Also look for ILB prospects like Waters, Buster Davis at one of those #3 picks.


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            I personally dont like it. I don't think we need two DT's in day one. That just doesn't mke sense to me. Thats like stating that we need to re-vamp our who D-Line. Just doesn't register with me. I would rather see WR in round one, which Bowe is a good pick, and then safety and then maybe a DT. But ILB is a far mroe pressing need.



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